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Our self-serving execs
Rabbi Levi Brackman
Published: 14.06.09, 11:22
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1. Salary Levels
Dan ,   Jerusalem   (06.14.09)
While the author may have a point in Talmud, he is completely ignorant of the realities of the 21st Century. And while I do not sympathize with Howard Reiger, I wonder why the author didn't single out Richard Joel. After all, why isn't YU setting the example.
2. Rabbi Brackman, You Are Naive And Inexperienced
Brana Lobel ,   Israel   (06.14.09)
Jewish charities do not make a lot of money when compared with either Christian charities or profitmaking ventures. Jews would do well to actually hire the best money makers even if they are not Jewish. It is amazing how limited Jews' funds really are compared to other groups and how naive Jews are about the billionaires in the US not to mention elsewhere. It does not take rocket science to make this kind of money, merely cleverness and determination. None of this has anything to do with Jewish tzedakah whose principles are entirely different. It is one thing to use modern techniques to implement age old teachings, but quite another to use age old teachings as a front for what are at the best nonJewish activities (even if they are run by Jews) and at the worst, scams.
3. Jewish ethics?!?!?
ari   (06.14.09)
they havent existed in 2000 years. why do you think we are in the situations we are in now?
4. I refuse to support most so called Jewish Org
Al   (06.15.09)
If I need a Rabbi to make a bris, marry me, divorce me or help bury a dead relative I hire him and pay him a wage. Jewish Orgs are useless in the extreme and dangerous at best. Our history tells us they were the first to work with our enemies in getting the Jews to walk in the ovens. If you need a Rabbi, Shochet, Teacher..hire him and forget it. As for the professional schnorrers keep them away from you. Last week, a mooch of a Rabbi called upon me with some lame ass story about this or that looking for a handout. I told him in very simple terms. schnorrer day is Sunday between brunch and lunch. I speak for many who will say they are sick and tired of being hit upon by these sheisters. To al these crackers I have one thing to say... GET A JOB G-D DAMN IT!
5. Al 4 , i hope
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (06.15.09)
that you never will need MDA , Ezer Mitzyion, Yad Sarah to name only a few of the Israeli Jewish organisations . It's important to know the % of the expenses for the beneficiaries of those organisations . It's wrong when "general" expenses are to high .
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