Tehran youth: I'll never vote in Iran again
Dudi Cohen
Published: 14.06.09, 08:43
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1. don't give up, you need to fight for your rights.
ghostq   (06.14.09)
other wise you will suffer even worse fate, call for Freedom to the people!!!!!!!!!
2. I agree with #1 never give up!
S.   (06.14.09)
3. Where was jimmy carter to monitor the elections?
jason white ,   afula,israel   (06.14.09)
I guess peanut brain was too afraid to do this. Seems like he has a bit of history with these bums.
4. to #3 shhhhhhh the human rights orgs might here you.
ghostq   (06.14.09)
5. THEY NEED YOUR HELP..................#1
MAHMOOD ,   LONDON-UK   (06.14.09)
Why don't you join them?
MAHMOOD ,   LONDON-UK   (06.14.09)
Of Iran's population with one view,how would you expect 70million people to have one expectation.Skirmishes are part of any society and for record purposes nothing untowards.The elections were held,majority supported President Mahmoud Ahmednejad and that is it.By your report on daily basis is NOT going to change anything.Iran will forge ahead with more might.
7. 5 + 6 : We suffer for people like you
Russel ,   Dhaka, Bangladesh   (06.14.09)
It is ok to have 70 million different views - as long as you dont enforce/impose your view on others. Besides, the clerics today have lost all ground by using fraud/deception and supporting a - (cant decide whether psycho or clown is more appropriate) who never made any sense. It is insulting to hear these crazy lunatics/extremists use the pretense of Religion to retain/exercise/abuse Power. The world should condemn. The 'muslim world' in particular...but oh wait, the arabs are in the same boat right...same everywhere.
8. YOU DIDN'T GET IT RIGHT..........#7
MAHMOOD ,   LONDON-UK   (06.14.09)
Nothing in Iran has been imposed.Four candidates were selected by the Council.They represented diverse views on the country's day to day running and having spent quite a substantial amount of money,the Mr.Mousavi made a big mistake in ignoring the rural areas altogether.He concentrated in the cities and took it for granted of the outcome.It back fired and with obvious reasons,feels that the counting has been manipulated.You are too far from the truth but I don't care what YOU think.The world acknowledged smooth run up to the elections and the vested interest had much more in plan to disrupt the elections in the first place.Nothing seems to have worked and therefore whatever little opportunity that the Mousavi's allegation offered,these vested inrterest have joined the bandwagon to tarnish the Islamic Republic.
9. #8
Monkeydinejad ,   Iran   (06.19.09)
Those 4 candidates you speak of were selected from the inside anyway. The people just want to have their voices heard, which is normal. Regimes like Iran's are destined to fail. Islam has tarnished Persian pride for too long.
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