Netanyahu backs creation of Palestinian state
Roni Sofer
Published: 14.06.09, 21:24
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1. PM would accept demilitarised Palestian State
Marion Genes ,   London England   (06.14.09)
Even if that would be possible , which by the speech regarding 'if Israel doesn't comply with the Arab world view that Israel has to agree to give up its right to be on the land and its Sovereignty ( my paraphrase) then there will be all out war within 18 months' He , the Prime Minister, would be wise to not give in and to trust in the God of Israel who has clearly stated that Israel is not to be divided and to divide the land incurs His divine wrath.. Trust in Him Mr Prime Minister who has promised to uphold Israel with His right hand , do not give into those whospeak peace but are for war.
2. demilitarized state lol
chilem ,   Arlington, usa   (06.14.09)
a demilitarized state is what happens to states that oppress and enslave people like japan and germany and israel should be on that list too. This is the ignorance and arrogance of the zionist that maybe you good jews dont see or just want to not see. How can a state which couldnt even gain independence on its on tell another people that they just took land from that they cant have a state with a military. lol you zionist have put the nail in your own coffin with that idea. Every human alive knows that every state has the right to defend itself. israel demilitarize yourself and then talk, but while you got a military capacity to fight even the usa you should not act like you a weak nation and act like you need protection. no the zionist dont need protection they have a military to protect them, but the pals need protection from the f-16 and apaches and even the nukes. so netenyadolf you already know where you can put that idea, oh and netenyadolf the PA are not the democratic choice of the the people hamas is or do you not respect the people's vote. its no wonder hamas wont talk to you savages, what self respecting person would give up their god given right to be free like any other nation, you know what israel the golden rule is do unto others as you would want them to do to you, so if you get to have nukes then the pals should too, if the robber gets to have a gun then the family protecting its land should have a gun too, oh and for those zionist who claim israel you should read your torah abraham was not born in historical israel, he's from iraq, which if you guys are honest makes you at the least arabs. and your claim to the land based on god is funny, maybe tommorrow god will tell us that tel aviv is not yours anymore and give it to another people, quiet did you hear god speak.
3. I didn't hear the speech,but...
Keren ,   Israel-SP   (06.14.09) seems Netanyahu has put some firm parameters. That seems good,at least apparently.
4. War is sooner than I thought
Paul   (06.14.09)
5. But he never said where it will be.
Reuven Brauner ,   Raanana, Israel   (06.14.09)
and he never said that Jews can't live therein and build cities and thrive and be citizens there, too. And he never said when this will happen. Hey. If Arabs can live in the Jewish state, then Jews can live in the Arab state. Right, Mr. Obama?
6. Stop the Expansion
Newlyweds can live with their parents, like jews make evryone else do! Nosettlements, and no illegal outposts!
7. The title of this piece is correct.
Steve   (06.14.09)
Prime Minister Netanyahu, in his foreign-policy address at Bar-Ilan University this evening, endorsed a "demilitarized" (good luck with that) Muslim-terror state in Israel's historic and Biblical heartland, with Jerusalem as Israel's undivided capital. All President Hussein needs to do is convince Netanyahu that the division of Jerusalem is "in Israel's interest, Palestine's interest, America's interest, and The world's interest...."
8. Accept palestinian demiliterization only if...
ArabiyunAna ,   Canada   (06.14.09)
The Isrealis are demiliterized first!
9. Israeli-left position not much different
Sam ,   Canada   (06.14.09)
The Israeli left might allow a small number of refugees into Israel. The left might give up some Jerusalem Arab communities. Other than that Netanyahu probably expresses the Jewish consensus. The Netanyahu speech should leave the Palestinians without any illusions or delusions as to where most Jews stand. The same is true for the Israeli far left and far right.
10. Peace When?, When Hell Freezes Over
J. Abramoff ,   Zion   (06.14.09)
Peace and zionism can not coexist. The racist colonialist apartheid entity will be dismantled, one way, or another.
11. But..
USA   (06.14.09)
Israel needs to be de militarized too then. that is only fair. can u imgaine living by israel if you were Palestinian. they need to protect themselves some how too. a stalemate situation would work. by sitting on a good military to protect their citizens. that way.
12. Very clever speech
Chaiya Eitan ,   Israel   (06.14.09)
He knows very well that the 'pals' won't accept any of those conditions. It's as if he said that there will be a 'palestinian state' 'when pigs fly!'
13. He threw it back...
Steve ,   NYC   (06.14.09)
Hey good speech PM And to all Jew haters all that is left for you guys is to pressure the Muslims to agree to piece first - which of course will never happen So Bibi threw the dirt back at them, And now Obama has no choice but to SHUT UP!
14. Marion, #1, the problem is no one can agree on what God said
vered ,   israel   (06.14.09)
So therefore we have to deal with concrete man-made rules and agreements. Fact is promises were made to both the Arabs and Jews by the British and the French regarding this land and therein lies all the misunderstandings. We can continue to fight one another or we can confront those misunderstandings and correct them. Frankly I think Netanyhou is very right wing, but that is how negotations are approached. Little, by little, each side compromises, but nobody compromises all at once.
15. Trust in Hashem
Lioness ,   Israel   (06.14.09)
If we do what we are commanded to do we will succeed. B"H
16. A brave speech. Natanyahu said what needed to be said!
redbourn ,   tel aviv   (06.14.09)
Netanyahu said what the whole knows but was afraid to say. It was always understand that a Palestinian state would have to be dimilitarized, and Obama knew that. It was always understood that Palestinians would live in the West Bank or Jordan and not in Israel. It was known that Abbas was showing a map of Palestine just a few weeks ago that covered the whole of Israel. It is known that the PA and Gaza refuse to accept the State of Israel. There is scant connection to Islam and Jerusalem and it's not even mentioned in the Koran but it is mentioned in the old testament 622 times. Offering Palestinians full access to Jerusalem is very generous considering that Jews were not allowed back into it until 1967. All in all, and excellent speech that goes to the heart of problem. Mike
17. NOTHING new from Nothingyahu
Mandela   (06.14.09)
It's the well known Apartheid plan that is supposed to leave the Palestinians without rights.
18. Good speech!!
Alex ,   UK   (06.14.09)
Bibi explained everything from position of strength and generously, bringing a whole bunch of proverbal "spades". But also concisely, - only a proposal "to choose between way of peace and way of Hamas" worth many other words.
19. speech
Ilana   (06.14.09)
excellent speech. I am glad that he emphasized points that Obama conveniently omitted. It was way deeper and more intellectual than obama's shallow understanding of Israel to the Jews.
20. An undivided Israel......
The 11th Man ,   London   (06.14.09)
With Jerusalem as the Eternal Capital. A fountain opened to the House of David and to the inhabitants of Jerusalem for sin and for uncleanness. The Nations going up to pray to the G-d of Israel and Messiah reigning on Mount Zion. Ah. May it be soon. P.S. Pray for Binyamin Netanyahu.
21. Israel is finished
Disgusted ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (06.14.09)
Very, very sad day for people who believed in (were fooled by) Netenyahu
22. if bibi agrees to obamas condisions
he will end up like rabin , sharon, and arafat . he is dealing with a bunch of murderer settlers....
23. Mr. Netanyahu! was that really ur best shot?
where has your magic silver tongue gone...has it turned to clay? where are the ready gestures of our favorite orator? The elephant labored mightly and brought forth a pea!
DAVID ,   JUDEA   (06.14.09)
Knowing Slick Willy's track record, I did not even waste time to listen to his speech. Living in a media controlled dictatorship, our succession of governments are just an illusion off sovereignty. Of course he will bow down to Pharaoh Hussein Obama and will sell us out, with nothing in return. Secular Zionism lost its claim on this land a long time ago, due to their failed G’d hating principles. Maybe Pharaoh Hussein can do us a favor and offer these haters of Israel a American citizenship, so they can assimilate themselves into oblivion. Only a true ben Torah would have been able to show the world that this land is our divinely ordained inheritance and that this claim started more then 3000 years ago, with the first ever recorded real estate deal , by Abraham in buying the Machpelah cave were all our patriarchs and matriarchs are buried.
25. i'm sure my fans are waiting, so here goes
oferdesade ,   israel   (06.14.09)
really well written speech, but it would fail politics 101. it said nothing. the result - now it's up to deeds. netanyahu has not delivered a product through words; now he's going to have to do so through deeds. if he expects any kind of american help with the iranian threat, if he expects our economy not to now (of all times) have to face sanctions, he needs to give the man something. obama is beleaguered by big business who want him to denounce keynes, by the vatican and the religious right in the USA to denounce stem-cells & abortion, by the eu who are fighting to stay above economic water, by china, which is buying up the entire capitalist world. we are but a small dot. but oh such a troublesome one. we are a problem vis-a-vis the vatican, the eu, a new dialogue with the moslem world, what arrogant hubris to think we can face them down and still get the protection we want... or exist without it. better not to have concocted such a media circus than to go on record as saying nothing. now we're going to have to do something. something to put smiles on faces not our own... what an idiot!!!
26. Netanyahu's speech
Gary Glaser ,   Hutchinson, MN, USA   (06.14.09)
A very excelant speech. It should satisfy Obama by mentioning accepance of a two-state solution, but, whether the Arab's can accept anything short of total acquiescence is another question. I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for this two state solution to occur.
27. Fools on the right and Fools on the left
Ben ,   Chutzlaaretz   (06.14.09)
Bibi did well for change. I know that because he has pissed off the Palis and their far left waco firends and the far right idiots. For those who think this is Natanyahoo giving up the ranch.. read the speech.. Palis have to recognize Israel as a Jewish State and forget about the right of return. This is simply not going to happen! Now the Palis are the ones marked as uncompromising while Israel looks good. The ball is in their court and Frankly, if they agree to those conditions and to complete demilitarization... than it might just be worth it. Not bad Bibi! Not too bad at all!
28. US taxpayers should not pay for occupation
Peter Young ,   Los Angeles, CA   (06.14.09)
US taxpayers should stop suporting the continued hard-line policies of Netanyahu. Israel does not fool the world by declaring it is for a Palestinian state, but imposing conditions that prevent any pease solutions. Netanyahu endorses the criminal settles, who have stolen other people's land--a serious crime under international law. Obama should immdeiately cut off all aid to Israel, and American Jews should also stop giving donations to Israel, which is endangering their lives by giving more rise to anti-semitism.
29. Let The Man Be PM
Brana Lobel ,   Israel   (06.14.09)
Mr Sofer (not), you know as well as I do and every person with a working brain in Israel--admittedly a limited number--knows that the Fakistinians will never agree to either condition, not to no military and not to recognizing Israel. So leave B Netanyahu alone for working out at least something to say to the world and Obama until hopefully the winds of change will blow Obama out of office and back to Chicago or Kenya or wherever. The Israelis of note who comment basically sound like rabid dogs and I pity anyone who even attempts to govern this angry and divisive mob. It was too much for Moshe and it seems to just go on and on. Do we have to have a comment from the holocaust denier Abbas (otherwise known as Abu Mazen) ; so let's see...a criminal who directs people to throw a man in a wheelchair to his death (Abbas); a man who refuses to provide a genuine birth certificate and basic information to shown that he is legally president of the US (Obama); a man married to a woman who parades naked with her photos selling for big bucks(Sarkozy) this a collection of schmutz or what??? Appreciate that Netanyahu has at least said something rational to these specimens of d***k. I know that rationality is not prized among Israelis, but give it a chance. It might grow on you.
30. He is lying!
Sayid ,   Sweden   (06.14.09)
like all other Israeli leaders before him.
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