Likud members say PM gave in to US pressure
Published: 14.06.09, 21:52
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1. Netanyahu Knows the Arabs won't accept it
Ezra ,   Florida   (06.14.09)
when he asks for a demilitarized palestine. This shows the trouble-makers only want the destruction of Israel, and they don't really care about having their own welfare state to call their own. Israel is the homeland for Jews; this will never change.
2. Better than I hoped for. Good Job Beebster
Gideon Reader   (06.14.09)
What BEE ESS! Does anyone actually expect Abu Boo Boo to agree to any one of Bibi's prerequsite demands, no less being able to tame Hamas(which is NOT a separate part of the deal)? Four elements that are no go deal breakers. 1-No right of 88 billion refugees return. 2-Jerusalem is UN-divided capitol of Israel. 3-Demilitarised & diplomatic restrictions. 4-Natural expansion OK. 5-Recognize Jewish character of Israel. pals/Arabs cannot bring theirselves to accept any of these. Back to Status Quo Ante
3. However One Sugar Coats It
Lawrence ,   Safed Israel   (06.14.09)
Bibi does what the Pharoah Obama tells him to.
4. He did not clarify what security gurantees mean
usa   (06.15.09)
Since America has a hard on for a Palestinian state it's only fair to ask them to commit troops to secure it. Perhaps president Change will be willing to divert some US troops from Iraq into "Palestine"
5. Support and Pressure
Goliath   (06.15.09)
If the US can support Israel militarily, economically, and politically, then she can also press Israel to do what she thinks Israel should do.
6. perhaps demilitarized state was mistake
ari   (06.15.09)
should have just offered 'state' with condition of recognition of israel as jewish state. it would have been rejected, and the world would really have seen who doesn't want peace (as they did in oslo, camp david, taba, etc etc etc...aren't we getting tired of this?)
7. End of Israel speech by the guy
Jim ,   Chicago   (06.15.09)
Stae is a State, and nobody will tell the State what kind of missles they can have. Bibi will be removed soon - he is not a leadership dude, just they guy to keep Labor in his government. He looked like he is on some kind of medication?!
8. Good: The arabs wont agree Bad: Now Bibi is a 2 stater
Mr Lincoln ,   usa   (06.15.09)
It sets a very bad precedence and now the arabs will say.....even Bibi does not acknowlege rights to Judea (Jew-day-ah) and Samaria. It is inconcieveable that Bibi will help to make Jewish land...judenrein. G-d forbid. A very sad day.
9. Promise them anything, yet give them nothing. Masterful.
Stewart ,   U.S.A   (06.15.09)
GOOD JOB BIBI! I think Obama fell for this one.
10. Bibi's Speech
Jack Shattuck ,   Claymont, DE USA   (06.15.09)
The PM went as far as he could, yet upheld basic principles of Zionist pride, He didn't specify whether Jews would be able to live in greater Yesha like Arabs live in Israel - why should parts of Eretz Yisrael be Judenrein? Although he didn't cite the League of Nations vote, he did go back to 3,500 years of indwelling. Overall, I'm proud of the man, and I can breathe easier.
11. #4 be careful what you ask for
shmulke ,   w. coast USA   (06.15.09)
barack hussein will more likely send US troops into Israel to keep the IDF from retaliating against the Palestinian terror attacks that are certain to ensue in this process..
12. Speech
mike ,   usa   (06.15.09)
Good speech, pals can't accept because peace is not their intention. King Obama, wont be happy because his Muslim brothers don't get to destroy Israel
13. Why?
Jonathan ,   Los Angeles, USA   (06.15.09)
Why does YNet include photos of the deeply misguided Code Pink next to this article? I'm so confused.
14. #4 are you ready to sacrifice them for nothing? Think twice
israel   (06.15.09)
15. Anyone Remember King Shlomo?
Brana Lobel ,   Israel   (06.15.09)
Remember his test of wisdom where the two mothers were put in front of him, each claiming that the baby left alive was hers? And the real mother said don't divide the baby, but the other said divide it? Netanyahu gave a masterful speech but at its core was an unacceptable statement...division of our own land for an illusive goal. I hope only in this case that he is being canny like Queen Elizabeth I, who entered into marriage negotiations but never married. I wish him well and hope that this speech serves as a deterrent to the Fakistinians and Obama. Further, his vision of Israel as a tourist center is kind of depressing and somewhat unimaginative. However I think that he did his best and needs to be backed, not backstabbed.
16. "Historical event"? But Nothingyahu said NOTHING
JJ   (06.15.09)
17. It was a clever & tactically minded speech
zionist forever   (06.15.09)
He didn't promise anything to left wing which should keep the rightists in the cabinet content. He didn't sound to right win so he has kept Labour content. so his coalition is relatively stable but if he had been to far left or right the coalition would have collapsed. He has also shut Livni up because most of Kadima voters will be satisfied with these promises. Saying the palestinians must recognise Israel as a jewish state he has put the ball in their court. The insistence its a demilerterised he hopes will get some sympathy in the US because everybody has seen the terror going on & say its a reasonable demand. This will anger Hamas & infighting between Fatah & Hamas and the more infighting the better for Israel. He tried to make the settlement construction based on natural growth seem not so unreasonable. He insisted on Jerusalem being undivided which will upset Obama & the palestinians but he is telling the world where he stands if he is going to support a palestinian state. The Sadat gimik of saying he will meet any arab government anyplace it makes him look like the peacemaker but meeting doesn't mean he is locked into anything. He is hoping this attempt to sound more moderate will buy support from the Obama loving jews & also the senators who like obamas get tough policies. They know that they have elctions in March 2010 so they can't be seen as being to tough on Israel so close to an election. So he is looking to buy support and hopefully the Democrats in Congress are going to start saying to Obama you got to ease off on Israel a little and start putting the heat on the arabs. In general I think this speech was a pretty smart move on Bibis part he is trying to buy friends in the US, get Obama to ease up a little bit and keep his coalition together. I don't trust or like Bibi but saw him as the best of the bad bunch but it looks like he might just be the man we need to counter Obama.
18. Livni copied her reaction...
Takan ,   Elat   (06.15.09)
-Livni said Netanyahu's speech was "a step in the right direction, however his test will be in action and not in words- This is the exact reaction the Arabs gave to Obama's speech. Couldn't she be a little bit original? Bibi Kol Hakavod. You have send the peace thingy back at the Arab world by inviting them to discuss peace. You were right to condition any deal to progress in releasing Gilad Shalit.
19. hahahha "Beebster" ? lol
ben Ish   (06.15.09)
20. Distressed by Obama?
doesn't matter ,   who cares?   (06.15.09)
There is lots of evidence BHO ain't who he says he is! Join 400,000 plus people demanding he prove, once and for all, he really is eligible to be the President of the USA! Sign the petition at :
21. So, did you think Bibi would tell Obama to go to hell?
David ,   Karmiel, Israel   (06.15.09)
Be realistic! Every PM since Ben Gurion has bowed to Yank pressure so why would Netanyahu be any different? Even Shamir went to Madrid although he did say "NO!" Bibi knows that the US "UN Veto" is critical to Israel. Without it there could be sanctions. No US investment. No European Investment and total disaster for our economy and security. Not very nice but we have to live with it! If the right wing has an alternative, well, let's here from them! The basic fact is that Bibi knew that the Palestinians would never accept anything close to recognizing Israel's right to exist. What they really want is our country so that they can destroy it in the same way they destroy everything.
22. First Lieberman, now Netenyah got shapened!
Tayfun_Turkey ,   Istanbul   (06.15.09)
First started with Lieberman who escaped from Knessnet to vote for Civil marriage which they championed to be elected, now Netenyahu and Lieberman both got shapened to yielded and later who knows... I can simply guess a progress in their shape, now they accept palestinian state with conditions next they will accept with less conditions like recognizing Israel, and then with no condition even they will accept Palestinian state without recognizing israel, so on... You mentioned begining of end? Israeli government reached its end from very beginning!
23. to #5 If US can support Israel ....
Common sense ,   Israel   (06.15.09)
Following the same logic: If Israel supports US (and it does military, economically and politically) then she can also press US to do what she thinks US should do. The truth is that both US and Israel are following their own interest including supporting strategic partners (each other).
24. To #22 you are correct
yehudi ,   Jerusalem   (06.15.09)
Bibi's speech is the first stage in yielding to all of the Palestinian demands. In the end Bibi will even give up Jerusalem. He is a politician not a statesman.
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