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A perfect place for gays?
Stacey Maltin
Published: 16.06.09, 08:51
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1. her again, she is anoying, bla bla bla
ghostq   (06.16.09)
not just Gays, the recognition and tolerence, toward minorities should be practiced by all people not just jews. to all minorities among others people with disabilities. to my town long time ago came American youth to learn about my cultur, in the movie theater the usher had hearing problems, they started to make fun of him in the most disgusting way, I was completly stupefied, didn't know what to do. Americans r not tolerante people as they consider to be.
2. Go back to San Francisco
Everyone has the right to be a pervert, but they don't have to show it off in public.
UZI ,   BEIT SHEMESH   (06.16.09)
Look girl, you need to do better than this, first of all, We are Jews because the bible says so and we live according to what the bible says, whether you like or not, and I'm not talking about being charedi (G-d Forbid) but just regular Torah observant Jew, and to put down the Torah or bible as you called it shows the ignorant that you are. Whoever wants to be gay or lez , do it in the privacy of your bedroom, We don't need to see you and there you can have all the rights that you want but don't try to shove your lifestyle in my face. Enough said...........
4. blah blah blah...
shadoil ,   Israel   (06.16.09)
trying to find meaning in a social issue like this by comparing 6 million to 10,000 is a cheap shot.
5. When the next Scud clobbers Tel Aviv...
Reuven Brauner ,   Raanana, Israel   (06.16.09)
it will be because of its tolerance to immorality. Flaunting homosexuality will not go unpunished.
6. It is an absolute abomination that any Jew ???
trumpeldor ,   eurabyiah   (06.16.09)
Young lady,do not push our tolerance beyond limits It is israel here ,not SF
7. Must Ynet have an article on gays everyday???
Judah ,   Golan Heights,ISRAEL   (06.16.09)
8. Where is the line drawn?
Gershon Reed ,   Be'er Sheva, Israel   (06.16.09)
After securing gay rights, what is next? NAMBLA? People who want to marry animals? Comparing gay rights to blacks and women is just wrong.
Talula ,   Israel   (06.16.09)
Well said, well written.
10. #4 you are a positively vile excuse for Jjew
Talula ,   Israel   (06.16.09)
Aren't you suppose to respect every single life? let alone 10,000. You are a typical brainwashed loser of a 'human being' why don't you just crawl back to where you came from......and stay there. You are truly disgusting.
11. don't try to shove your lifestyle...
Marc   (06.16.09)
well spoken, UZI. Of course that goes for all: gays, seculars, orthodox and fanatic movements of any kind. The keyword is T o l e r a n c e. it is all about live and let live- you do it your way- and other people live their lives their way- if all people would mind their own business and did not stick their noses in everything- the world would be a better place. You don't sound like you are too tolerant- this might surprise you: we don't all care about your way of life, nobody is telling you how to live your life- you live according to your believes and books- so can't you at least be tolerant enough and leave gays in peace? They are not hurting you- . They have enough problems without narrow minded people adding to their five cents worth. Who elected you to judge people and condemn them?
12. #5 Reuven your ignorance knows no limits
Avi ,   Rannana   (06.16.09)
There you go again using the bible as an exscuse to vent hatred on people that are different than you. Being gay is not a disease, not a disability and not an alterantive life style to annoy religious people it is someones genetic makeup. I as a gay man have the right to live with the partner of my choice , yet you as a religious man decide that is a reason to judge and slander others who may or may not have the same religious belifs as you. In Europe i was attacked by nazi skinheads for being a jew yet here in Israel i am attacked by religious jews for being gay. Im sure even you can see the similarities. It seems we have learnt nothing from the holocaust and you my friend are carrying on the Nazi idiology. For someone that claims to be a religious man you seem very bitter and full of hatred.
13. Gays right od return
Rod ,   Fargo N.Dakota   (06.16.09)
In any Anti Zionist protest you will see Gays not Arab gays but gays of the host nation taking part.Take Ken Loach a very anti Israel producer in the U.K. he headed a boycott of Israeli films.Gays in the U.S. are also leading pro Arab advocates.Hee is a link to Ken Loach read the part that says politics you will see many of gay groups that are anti Israel
14. Stacey Maltin, I'll stick the the Word of God
Chaim ,   Arad   (06.16.09)
It has been around longer than you and your opinions or anyone else for that matter and it does not change. Wasted space on Ynet
15. oh shut up talula. with your warped immoral view.just ......
ari   (06.16.09)
SHUT UP!!!!!
16. Sexually repressed people
Talula ,   Israel   (06.16.09)
Those of you who are so utterly against gays, must be sexually repressed. Why else would you choose to focus just on their sexual preference instead of their achievements and contributions? FYI, there are hundreds of gay people in high positions who have worked hard to achieve their goals, who they sleep with and their sexual preference did not play a part while they studied to become doctors, surgeons, diplomats and the like. They are as much a part of this country as anyone. Why can't you Losers look at that? Why focus on what they do in the bedroom? It's either because you are so utterly sexually repressed yourself, or extremely sexually frustrated or an in the closet gay. Get a friggin life!
17. #4 cheap shot- shadoil
Lisa   (06.16.09)
cheap shot alright: you are saying it is alright to kill 10'000 people for their sexual orientation because you don't agree with them? You have to start to realize and acknowledge that it is not just the numbers- it is the whole mindset of persecuting people for religion, sexual orientation, political affiliations- . It is NOT OK to kill people- one person, 10 people, 1000 or one million- it is still murder. The human mind is warped and many people are not getting more tolerant, unfortunately. Nobody is belittling the 6 million Jews murdered in the Holocaust. The number could have been higher if Hitler had not been stopped, the number of gay victims could have been higher as well. It was mass murder no matter how you look at it. There is nothing cheap about it: a life is a life- it is precious, God given and taken away by murderers.
18. Excuse me, who exactly is this Stacey Martin?
Tahl ,   Ashdod, Israel   (06.16.09)
What are her credentials for having a column here? What exactly is she an expert on? In what ways, is her opinion more deserving to have a column in ynetnews, than my own opinion? Such a simplistic and one-sided analysis anyone can write. The wisdom of a good essay is to acknowledge the other side's claims and then alleviate them, or offer some sort of respectful reconciliation. Also, her comparison of the Jewish Holocaust to the gay holocaust, while touching, is not entirely valid. 6,000,000 Jews, about a third of the world Jewish population, is not the same as 10,000 gays, a miniscule part of the world's gay population. European Jews, for the most part, could not escape their death, gays apparently could.
19. This article
Proud Israeli Jew ,   Israel   (06.16.09)
Don't bring San Francisco to Israel. We have enough problems here as it is. If I had wanted to live in San Francisco, I would have moved there instead of making aliyah.
20. #15 You know they say the truth hurts.
Talula ,   Israel   (06.16.09)
You must be in such pain now. I'll send over my gay doctor to help you.
21. Repressed homosexuals
Bruce ,   beer sheva   (06.16.09)
Generally people who have the strongest anti-gay reactions (like the people reacting here) are repressed homosexuals.
22. Question to Stacey Maltin.
Nour ,   Palestine   (06.16.09)
Who your liberal buddies in Israel still consider me an equal, if you add a little detail: Palestinian... ? Thought so ! No pride in occupation. But I'll give it to you, it'll be a grand day when Jews and Israelis in particular consider their Palestinian Arab neighbors as equals as well.
23. Pride Parade
Moshe ,   jerusalem   (06.16.09)
How about a heterosexusal pride parade? Or would that be offensive to the gays? The torah says its wrong! We are the people of the book and so we are expected to live by the book! The same goes for shabbat and bread on passover etc. in public. The world sees us as the people of the book and we claim our right to be here on the fact that g-d gave us this land in the torah etc. but if we disreagard what it says, is it any wonder they want to take it away. Be gay in your home, on a park bench or in a club, people treat you differently because they are scared of what they dont understand, but shoving it, 'in your face' style does not lead to more rights only more animosity. Sure lobby in the kenesset for your 'equal' rights and use activisim to further your cause. but, also find a healthier form of attention, or soon we will want a "heterosexual pride parade".
24. God is dead according to Stacey
mic ,   Judea   (06.16.09)
Stacey said;"It is an absolute abomination that any Jew would dare to deny a gay person’s right to equality, regardless of what the Bible may preach" You got the word right. God said it was an "abomination for 2 men to lay together". So either the JAP Stacey is right or the God that created her is dead. Or she thinks she is smarter or better than God or she secretly is not Jewish? You gotto be real brave to go with Stacey...
25. It is the right of every Jew to deny them this equality
Baruch   (06.16.09)
How can you spin this into some kind of pro gay Jewish morality rubbish. This article itself is not only un-Jewish, but anti-Jewish. Israel is a Holy Land with all the far reaching implications. As long as these mentally ill people insist on marching through the streets of Eretz Yisrael, preaching the destruction of Hashem, they must be accountable to the Higher law.
26. #23
jj   (06.16.09)
no gay person would care if there was a "heterosexual pride parade".they are not bigoted and filled with hatred, you see. so organise a heterosexual pride parade if you want. you're free to do it.
27. #22
Talula ,   Israel   (06.16.09)
I'm sure a gay Palestinian's mind is OCCUPIED with thoughts on how to hide his sexuality for fear of his life. Why don't you run along and help them first. Infact, why don't you get your own house straightened out before coming here and mouthing off.
28. #24 But God created man
Talula ,   Israel   (06.16.09)
how did he know they would start to fancy each other?
29. liberalism is a religion
izzy d   (06.16.09)
why are we all"equal"? why should we be "tolerant". who decided that these are actual values? liberalism is a religion with a code of moral just like the bible. at least the bible tells me that a 'god" created me and therfore i owe myself to him. but liberalism simply demands that we conform to its belief. it has the same siren call of every religion, promising a delightfull afterworld. thsi afterworld consists of "world peace" and universal equality". These values are the new gods. just like any religion, liberalism blinds the faithfull to reality. there is no universal brotherhood. we are the same species but thats all.
30. Gay females Yes, Gay males Never!!
Àbe ,   Los Angeles, CA.   (06.16.09)
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