Male Palestinian singles? Not at this beach
Daniel Edelson
Published: 16.06.09, 00:48
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1. Whack you in the forhead with a frisbee maybe
Ypip ,   Canada   (06.16.09)
2. What an honor for the families of those palis
Matityahu ,   Slovenia   (06.16.09)
Their mothers must be ashamed that their children are playing with themselves rather then becoming shahids to bring honor to their families.
3. Racism?
Ethan ,   Eilat   (06.16.09)
I don't think I am racist, but, as long as Arab women do not come to the clubs, Arab men should also be excluded. It's only fair and it is up to them.
4. this is not racism
israel's tourism business benefits us arab christians and muslims as it benefits the jews here. there is no way i would let unruly youth that masturbate in my stores and there is no way i would let in gangs of palestinian youth who do not respect rules and their conduct is perverted. i know israeli jews would like to accept everyone the same, but if these palestinians do not conduct themselves ok and do not respect the privacy of the tourists, the tourists would not come back and it would hurt our arab and the jewish business the same way. palestinians that are not citizens of our country, if they behave fine, let them in. but if they disturb tourism and behave like animals, don't let them in. i am ashamed by the masturbation incidence. really embarassing and i do not blame the management at all. learn to behave before you sat racism here please. if jews did this in arab villages, we arabs will not like it at all and won't accept them next time. so, please wake up. if you misbehave, you are not allowed in. simple! sameer ali masoud haifa, israel
5. i am a german woman
and two years ago i was in the hotel in dead sea. in come many arab youngters and start to create very big trouble for the bar people. they get drunk and i know islam not allow drinking,. they start to swear in arabic and show tonges to us and sit near us and start to talk about sex and german ok for sex with them. i was ashamed and said to go away but they refused. we called the manager and complained. the arab population in sweden has the highest rape conviction of white women. they think that all non arab woman is ok to sex with. shame! my friend in germany was harased by two arab from palestin and when she said no they slap her. the police are afraid to do something. it always like this in europe especially sweden and norway. i am not shocked by this news. it is no news to us women in europe. beatrice vengenthauer
6. What's a Young hormonal Pal supposed to do?
William ,   Israel   (06.16.09)
Hit on girls at home, they get attacked. Can't get into Israel to hit on girls in Tel Aviv where Leftists girls love them. It's not popular to blow yourselves up these days to get to 72 virgins. Guess the only solution is masturbating in front of tourists on a beach. Anyone who continues to think rigid controls on teenagers through violence on the basis of distorted religious ideals is truly in the dark.
7. They harass Jewish women. Keep them away!
Avraham ,   NYC   (06.16.09)
8. Sounds like a very legitimate policy. No racism here.
Tahl ,   Ashdod, Israel   (06.16.09)
There is nothing racist or anti-Arab in this screening policy. As mentioned in this piece - Israeli Arabs are able to enter the beach without any problems, as well as Palestinian families. The screening policy is directed specifically against single Palestinian men, who have proven to be trouble makers, and a nuisence to the female tourists on the spot. Apologies to the decent single Palestinian men, but your friends blew it for you guys... And just as when Israeli youths are barred from entering certain nightclubs and hotels in Cyprus, due to their track-record of rowdy and destructive behavior, and I don't yell out antisemitism - in this case Palestinians cannot scream racism.
9. It's a form of racism
Talula ,   Israel   (06.16.09)
because the article refers to the men as Palestinian men, however, it's a fact, they ARE Palestinian. I'm sure there are also Israeli men who get a kick out of flashing their weener at women as well. These Palestinians probably choose shy women tourists because they know they would get more than they bargained for if they flashed an Israeli woman – LOL! And what possess these Losers to behave in this way? Could it be to ruin someone’s business? Because it won’t. All it does is give them an even worse name than they already have. I can’t blame these places for not letting them in, especially when there are families with children there there, Israeli and Arab. Let them run around their own villages flashing Palestinian women, see how long they do it for before ending up battered and bruised, or even dead in some dark alley.
10. Arab men have no respect for women,
ghostq   (06.16.09)
they think that can mess with Israely women and forign women just because they don't cover themselves like mummies, it's not isolated incidents. in Australia they made trobles in some beaches.
11. sorry to say but harrassing females in Arab cultures....
uli ,   jerusalem   (06.16.09)
....seems to be very much frequent and it is disgusting.
12. Keep the muslimes off the beach, and away from Jewish women
Hymie Zoltsveis ,   NYC, USA   (06.16.09)
Let these dirtballs socialize with other muslimes. Jewish men and women deserve to be left alone. Let Jewish women find niced Jewish men, and marry only Jews.
13. #4 You rock!!! : )
Talula ,   Israel   (06.16.09)
14. sameer ali masoud
Gil ,   Tel Aviv   (06.16.09)
Well said and thanks for the input. I feel like you're a true Israeli! ;-)
15. Not politically correct
Hezi ,   Israel   (06.16.09)
I can here it now. Racisim. Is it more politically correct to let women be harassed? Where are these "youths" families? Would they act like this in their neighborhoods with their neighbors daughter and wives? Islam has a lot of soul-searching to do.
16. to #4 you poor thing, I hear you.
ghostq   (06.16.09)
17. This video sums it all
18. to #17 good to know,
ghostq   (06.16.09)
I hope she will get harrased.
19. #17
She's one hell of a sick woman!!!
20. arabs on the beach
sophia ,   israel   (06.16.09)
sorry to say,but it happens in each place in israel including parks in carmiel and beach in bat yam from wich i came back to england right now(i needed to give a call to police that they will take care of masturbating arab sitting next to me)
21. #17 Unbelievable.
Tahl ,   Ashdod, Israel   (06.16.09)
I'm all out of words...
22. laugh
Steph   (06.16.09)
girls-laugh and point and yell-"look at their small $(^(*%$#%!!!" Then all the women should gather around point and giggle. That'll teach them.
23. #5 - Beatrice - This is a growing trend
William ,   Israel   (06.16.09)
Your words have reminded me of several conversations I had with frank Arabs and a couple women who dated them. In the Arab world, it is almost openly accepted that a male can go nuts and have sex with whom ever they want - as long as they are NOT Arab women. To them, non-Muslims are play thing, less than honorable, and expendable. But they must return to marry a good, wholesome Arab girl who remains pure for him. This is not a new trend, but a growing one. PS. this trend is not as acute in the Israeli Arab villages as it is in homogeneous Arab countries. Israeli Arabs are a bit more mature.
24. #17 - well, now we understand the basis of Arab depravity
William ,   Israel   (06.16.09)
I guess it shouldn't be surprising to anyone about this beach incident when the video (#17) places the so-called "rape of land" as one of the gravest incidents ever. When one focuses on the land only, it's easy to justify and ignore acts like real rape of women, public masturbation, and suicide bombings of women and children. Her statement is nothing more than a green light to perverts among them under the banner "resistance". Definitely CANNOT make peace with these people and their mentality, and I DEFINITELY do NOT want this scum in MY country.
25. #17 - I HOPE Arab men try this
William ,   Israel   (06.16.09)
Anyone who knows Israeli women know they are tough and assertive. I dare Arab men to try and sexually assault them. They will rip his ***k off and shove it down his throat...just for starters. A good answer to the racist, male-centric "resistance" movement.
26. Simple Answer
Yaron ,   USA   (06.16.09)
to both this trend and the sick YouTube video. Start breaking bones for any of these acts. The Arabs of the PA will never be peaceful and will never live in peace with Israel. No to letting them on the beaches and Yes to breaking their arms and legs should they plan to attempt to sexually harrass Israeli women. Unfortunately these "peace loving folks" can not get out of their own way.
27. #17 Imagine having this as your mother!
The 11th Man ,   London   (06.17.09)
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