Report: Up to 24 killed in Iran clashes
News agencies
Published: 16.06.09, 08:06
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1. off with Ahmadinajad head ....
ghostq   (06.16.09)
wonder how you say guillotine in Persian, Ahmadinajad and Rob r buddies.
2. Ahmadinejad has escaped to Russia and will stay there.......
Asher ,   NY, USA   (06.16.09)
3. Yes, AhmednoNut has escaped
Zohan ,   Tel Aviv   (06.16.09)
Iranians got screwed by a monkey. They have waited long for this moment and they got screwed. My heart goes out to them.
4. Ahmadinejad has no problem killing Muslims
Cynthia ,   USA   (06.16.09)
And like a true coward, he slithers away to Russia while his country faces a crisis he created.
MAHMOOD ,   LONDON, UK   (06.16.09)
As you know the media is responsible for this. Iran is a peaceful country with a great government and lovely theocracy. Please stop the lies.
6. I hope the Coup D'etat works.
Feng Shui ,   Atlanta   (06.16.09)
7. Democracy in Israel
In Israel, the party that won the most votes in the election doesn't have a single representative in the government. This is sad fact makes mockery of Israeli criticism of Iran's democracy.
8. #7 make me laugh moron..yeah we're still counting the bodies
Cia Mossad ,   ACTIVATE!   (06.16.09)
What an inane comment. Have a nice day in the, hypocritical, undemocratic West...where freedom is just a buzz word...IDIOT!
9. to #7 yeah but Israel like true democracy got
ghostq   (06.16.09)
self criticizm, Iran simply makes riots and kill civilians.
10. SORRY,CYNTHIA.................#4
MAHMOOD ,   LONDON-UK   (06.16.09)
President Ahmednejad did not proceed to Russia to get away from the skirmishes.Whilst any country would want to avoid after election violence and we find it a bit unfortunate to witness these demonstrations,life does not come to an end,Cynthia.The able candidate Mr.Mousavi has every right to protest for what he thinks was an unfair count,this also reflects what Iran is.It is NOT a dictatorship,yah?The Coun cil of Guardians have agreed to address the grieviances of Mr.Mousavi and there is nothing untowards about it.
MAHMOOD ,   LONDON-UK   (06.16.09)
Written by someone using my name.Unfortunate but at the same time it shows open hatredness on the part of the writer.Lives have been lost in the upheaval caused in Iran and we all regret it of course.
12. Across Iran?
Dovy   (06.16.09)
Where? Tabriz? Isfahan? Meshad? Shiraz? Kermanshah? Qom? WHERE?!
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