Carter in Gaza: I must hold back my tears
Published: 16.06.09, 11:14
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1. Lock the gates and throw away the keys
Arthur ,   SF, CA   (06.16.09)
Let this antisemite rot in Azza
2. "Violently Siezed Power" the scribe has a vivid immagination
RJBH ,   Methil   (06.16.09)
But otherwise... Well Done Peanut Jim.
3. Mohd. Carter: The Grinning Moron with a rotten peanut brain
Zohan ,   Tel Aviv   (06.16.09)
4. Carter please stay home....
Psalms 83 ,   Selah   (06.16.09)
5. I'll give you a kleenex: promise you'll go home & not return
Rami   (06.16.09)
boo hoo hoo, Jimmuh's weepin' for the poor, poor terrorists.
6. Carter is antisemite for sure!
Tshvekes Klapper ,   Baltimore   (06.16.09)
Failed president. Total joke.
7. Carter's lost the plot
Steve   (06.16.09)
He complains that Israel bombed a school. These 'schools' were taken over by Hamas, and turned into terrorist bases. Missiles were being fired from the grounds of many of these schools. Hamas is using the civilian population of Gaza as human shields, and Jimmy's inability to see this shows how badly he has lost the plot.
8. If they behave like that
Jackie ,   Florida   (06.16.09)
I notice he has not visited Sderot or any of the cities in Israel struck by rockets from Gaza. If they behave like savages, they will be treated as such. I imagine Jimmuh would have condemned the British and Americans from bombing Berlin as well.
9. After reading
Chaim ,   Israel   (06.16.09)
I was going to comment on this but please excuse me I have to go and barf.
10. Here's a tissue for your issue
Talula ,   Israel   (06.16.09)
Flight GET THE HELL OUT OF ISRAEL is now boarding.
"They all come here and look at us like we're animals and then they go home," said Majid Athamna. "We're not animals, we're human beings." IS SHOOTING ROCKETS AT ISRAELI CIVILIANS A HUMAN BEHAVIOR OF HUMAN BEINGS ??? Israel launched a war on the Hamas rulers of Gaza on December 27 in response to rocket fire, Carter in Gaza: I must hold back my tears TYPICAL LEFTIST SELFDECEPTIVE SENTIMENTALITY. THE LEFTIST ALWAYS TAKE SIDE WITH THE WRONGDOERS IF THEY ARE WEAKER. THERE IS NO TIMESPACE IN JEHOVAH, BUT THE HISTORY OF THE JEWS THIS CARTER HAS NO SYMPHATY FOR. WHAT AN FOOL AND IDIOT THIS IS. Orao.
12. The Gazans Were Warned...
Reuven Brauner ,   Raanana, Israel   (06.16.09)
that they would get clobbered if they continued to fire missiles on the innocent Jews of Sderot and the south. Therefore, they have nothing to complain about. President Carter should show no sympathy for those who harm us and are intent on destroying us. Israel (foolishly) pulled out of Gush Katif and the Gazan settlements erroneously believing it would be an act of courageous goodwill which would bring about peace. It hasn't.
13. Dhimmi Carter's at it again
Tahl ,   Ashdod, Israel   (06.16.09)
...doing what he does best: fully buying into Palestinian propaganda and manipulations, while completely ignoring the full picture of things. Mr. Peanut Brain has long since become politically irrelevant.
14. A beautiful person said once, (and bears repeating)
Ypip ,   Canada   (06.16.09)
“That is the culture you're raising your kids in. Don't be surprised if it blows up in your face.”
15. please people Carter is in suffering
ghostq   (06.16.09)
he forgot he is no longer president, it happens in dementia. don't be so crull.
16. Peanut power!
zznhl   (06.16.09)
I'm sure he'd rather be standing in Gaza saying such stupid things than standing in the ruins of Tel aviv if the situation was in any way different!
17. Jimmy boy!
mark ,   canada   (06.16.09)
He was a failure as a president, and he is still an addled peanut. He should have stuck(Ha HA ) to peanut farming. And an American School was used to be used by Ham-asses?? Pity! Vote for Ham fisted lulus, and you will see starvation. It breeds more Terrs-they have time for that now- under the starry sky!
18. Pass Me The Sick-bag,I Need To Puke
Lawrence ,   Safed Israel   (06.16.09)
Make your mind up Jimmah.One day you support jews,another day the Gazans.Gazans are ,at least to some degree,architects of their own misfortune.Throw a Kassam at me and you will regret it.
19. Cry Me a River, was better by Julie London
Gideon Reader   (06.16.09)
The ignorant putz, i.e. Jimmy Carter, IS responsible for the destruction in Gaza. If he would had exercised whatever poor powers of morality, he would have given those Gazastan residents a blast of truth about their wishes of a disappearing Israel, and how they should perform and act amoun the civilized peoples of the earth. But no. He sheds tears. Not only a putz, but a stupid one. May I soon read his obituary. Do not delay Jimmah, your rewards awaits you. Oh. And dont take the parka. Not suitable for the weather.
Republican   (06.16.09)
21. JIMMAH,I'm Also Holding Back Tears
Lawrence ,   Safed Israel   (06.16.09)
Tears of laughter each time you make your ridiculous statements.
22. Losing his mind in old age
Steve   (06.16.09)
People please, we should go easy or ol' Jim. He's become senile. Doesn't know what hes saying anymore. Perhaps he should consider a nice comfortable retirement home? Gaza is no place to be for an elderly man who is obviously very confused. After all, Gaza doesn't have proper health facilities - remember, the geniuses at Hamas HQ decided to use their aid money to buy weapons instead of fixing their health system.
23. Such empathy but none for the many missles of EIGHT years
Jo   (06.16.09)
and no real understanding. Does Carter know that Hamas suppresses it 's own people, established itself by a coup, murdered the opposition brutally, and cheered at the eight years of missles fired upon civilians, not to mention - sent suicide bombers that killed children and families, blew buses up, indeed, taught it's own children the glory of death and martyrdom? Is Carter really that stupid and naive? Where is his balance, what about what you reap you sown and the democractic values of Hamas? Glad I did not even notice he was in the country.
stude ham   (06.16.09)
and thanks for the ayatollah you imbecile!
25. Tears
Israel Israeli ,   Tel Aviv   (06.16.09)
Funny how Jimmy Carter did not cry when heard of his responsibility for the murder of 1 million Iranians because he deposed the Shah at the Saudi's command.
26. What a clown
Ariel ,   Spain   (06.16.09)
No doubt he's on Hamas payroll.
27. Stuck in the default to stupid detent.
Gideon Reader   (06.16.09)
Steve#22 Nah! He was that way from his earliest forays into the lives of us all. A pee poor president(very much like the current idion savant(without the savant part) and as offensive as anyone individual not named Letterman can be. He is not any more stupid and offensive now than he was in the '70's, '80's. '90's or,...oh well. You get the idea.
29. As ridiculous as Siniora!
Joe ,   Paris   (06.16.09)
30. How to spell hypocricy
Joel ,   Herzliya Israel   (06.16.09)
President Carter Ignored the 7 years Shelling on and bombardment on Israeli innocent people Ignore that the Palestinian used civilian Building like the school he visited as a Base for lunching missiles and mortars. In order to cause the Israelis to bomb them and than to Deceive innocent naïve people like Mr Carter to blame Israel. Mr Carter didn't shade a tear over the Palestinians continuing shalling us and deplore our self defence actions. Mr Carter is a very good Christian following the infamous christian tredition to balme the Jews Its make me remember the old proverb " the way to hell paved with good intention"
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