Carter in Gaza: I must hold back my tears
Published: 16.06.09, 11:14
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31. He Speaks the Truth; the Bitter Truth
Vincent Walkenhorst ,   Peth, Australia   (06.16.09)
Although now in Australia, I grew up in South Africa and remember very well the way we treated the black Africans. We never did it with such impunity like Israel uses against its colonies in Gaza and the West Bank. Carter speaks the truth. ..and it hurts that it's our people doing this to others, most of whom are innocent.
32. yo carter! we regret that you are an american!
an israeli american ,   Petak Tikvah   (06.16.09)
so I guess we are even... ps, you are more than invited to live in sderot for a while, and see what your poor pathetic friends are inflicting on us.... oh wait, you wouldnt want to live where it is unsafe.
33. Jimmy Carter is senile
Jimmy Abdalllala Car   (06.16.09)
He cannot live without having an opportunity of political publicity- but unfortunately he is an old used match
34. 1.5 million aid-dependent people
Bobbie   (06.16.09)
Good thing they have a government in place to care for and provide for them. Good thing they elected them into power to build infrastructure and create meaningful employment. Why is Egypt's border crossing closed? Why cant they go to work down south? Why cant they get their building supplies from their loving Egyptian neighbors? Ah yes; and Carter. Didn't the entire Iran fiasco start on his watch.
35. Well done Mr Carter
Mike Van Harris ,   Antwerp Belgium   (06.16.09)
Keep the good job.
36. What would we do if the Mexicans or Canadiens fired their
Carter was the worst ,   Los Angeles   (06.16.09)
missiles at us?
37. Carter in Gaza
David Glina ,   Kenmore USA   (06.16.09)
Americans should be ashamed that this Anti-Semite was once President. But our shame has no bounds with the election of Obama.
38. and well he should feel partly responsible
tas   (06.16.09)
america selling its death machines to israel so it can "purify" the land.slow ethnic cleansing by a cruel and heartless people.may you all reap what you sow, tenfold.
39. Jimmy's tears
myron ernst ,   USA   (06.16.09)
Hey, Jimmy, how about a few tears for the people of ZIMBANWE--you are probably too senile to recall that it was YOU who pressured the international community to put your Frankenstein, MUGABE in power, the Mugabe supported by another one of your favorite dictatorships, North Korea. You are a sick joke, Jimmah.
40. Carter Responsible
newyorkone   (06.16.09)
Jimmy Carter is partly responsible, but not as he thinks. He is responsible because, as president, and later, he did not explain to the Arabs that the refugees, and their descendents, are NOT ever going back to a land that was never their's, and that it is time to make peace with Israel and, instead of trying to destroy Israel, to get on with the business of creating their own state. He also failed to explain that there is no room for the shelling of innocent people in Sderot, or the kidnapping of Gilad Shalit, and the subsequent failure to release him.
41. Wonder if Carter quizzed Hamas on aid
William ,   Israel   (06.16.09)
He had plenty of words for Israel and the US, especially about the blockade, but did he ask Hamas where the humanitarian aid is and why do they keep stealing it from the UN to re-sell to the Gazan citizens?
42. Carter is naive
Brod ,   USA   (06.16.09)
to be traveling to such dangerous places as Gaza. It seems that his family must have lost touch with him. If they care for him, they should prevent him from traveling to the Middle East and meddling in the Middle East cauldron. Doesn't he have anything better to do at home?
43. #31 did you really live in South Africa?
Israel Israeli ,   Tel Aviv   (06.16.09)
You are not telling the truth. You did not lve in South Africa because you do not know what apartheid is. In areas under Jewish control in Israel, Arabs can live, work and shop, exactly like Jews. On the other hand, in areas under Arab control are ruled by apartheid: Jews may not live, work or even visit. It is legal to murder them.
44. #31 Your post makes no sense
Tahl ,   Ashdod, Israel   (06.16.09)
Your recollection on the racist Apartheid regime in South Africa, of which you were a part, has nothing in common with situation in Israel, where obviously you've never been. The blacks in South Africa did not fire rockets at the you, nor have they sent suicide bomber to your restaurants, buses and markets. You pillaged the blacks' country and made them your servants. Israel, on the other hand, tried to cooperate with the Palestinian authority, trying to employ more Palestinians in joint projects, so that they would not be poor and desparate to resort to terror. In response, we got several bombings in the Erez crossing. And, the beautiful greenhouses we left for them after the disengagement, were razed in less than a day. You made the blacks ride in separate buses, work separately, eat separately, and restricted them to live in their sealed ghettos. In Israel, Arab-Israelis can go freely everywhere. While Palestinians live freely in their own territories, yet terrorized by their own police forces. You denied the blacks basic human freedoms, while Israel's Arab population can freely vote and elect their own representatives, and freely criticize the establishment and even identify with our enemies. You had freaking RACE LAWS! Obviously, your mind is as demented and clueless as Dhimmi Carter's. He is senile though, what's your excuse?
David P. ,   Capitola, CA   (06.16.09)
I'm ashamed that movements in my country have painted Hamas terrorists as 'resistance fighters' rather then cold blooded murderers of the Jewish people.
46. Lusty Jimmy the father of Islamic Iran, Hizbollah & Hamas
big moe ,   Sderot   (06.16.09)
47. how is it that this POS is still alive?
ari   (06.16.09)
48. Carter is not "honest broker" so goodbye Jimmy!
redbourn ,   tel aviv   (06.16.09)
49. carter
helena ,   ashdod, israel   (06.16.09)
he should be returned to his peanut farm in chains - what a disgrace this man is to the US - I am not surprised to see that he does not mention the conditions under which Galit is held - while the fatah and hamas prisoners enjoy a life style to envy... any mention of rockets still pouring in Israel ---
50. Carter is a fraud. He never spoke up for the Kurds.
Ken Jurist   (06.16.09)
Not one time has Carter has told Assad to stop with Syrian fascism against the Kurds. Campaign for the international recognition of human rights of half a million Kurds “Buried Alive” in Syria 10/13/08
51. Dhymmie Carter is responsible!!!
Marsha Lipetz ,   NY, USA   (06.16.09)
He advocates jihadism & pan-arab nationalism that incites violence & caused that destruction!!!
52. Jimmy the Dhimmi lusts in his heart
Billy Bob ,   Stone Mountain GA   (06.16.09)
for them women of Gaza, he sho nuff loves them more'n Rosalyn I am sure he feels at home there, they live just like rednecks, afterall Mohammad hisself done went and married a 9 year old and theys always going barfoot, tapin them thar missiles to their cars with duct tape. Maybe old Jimmah can send them sum peauts and build them some habitat housin
53. Carter
schneck ,   new york city,usa   (06.16.09)
Carter is an insult to his own faith.Why doesn't he convert?
54. To: Carter
Sarah ,   New York City, USA   (06.16.09)
Go ahead, hold back your crocodile tears and your sanctimonious pronouncements. When Gazans stop acting like savages, they will no longer be treated as such. Pretty simple concept, don't you think? But what can you say about people who embrace the concept of suicide bombing and sell their children to be suicide bombers? Pretty savage behavior, I'd say.
55. They do not love you, Carter
Sarah ,   New York City, USA   (06.16.09)
From today's Stratfor Intelligencer: "Israeli authorities closed the Erez crossing into Gaza June 16 after explosives were found near the Palestinian side, Xinhua reported. The explosives were found shortly before former U.S. President Jimmy Carter entered Gaza via Erez. A Hamas police bomb squad removed the explosives before Carter entered."
56. False piety
Sarah ,   New York City, USA   (06.16.09)
"I came to the American School. It taught your children, it was funded by my country and I see that it was deliberately destroyed by bombs dropped by F-16 manufactured in my country. I feel partly responsible for what happened and all the Americans and the Israelis must have the same feeling," he added. No. We don't. Keep in mind that the school was used to cache weapons and as a base for firing upon Israeli troops. That made it a very legitimate target.
57. Use "Made In Israel" Carpet Bombs Next Time, SoHe Won't Cry!
David H ,   Marietta GEORGIA USA   (06.16.09)
And Hamas really needs to fire that bomb maker who failed to blow up the SOB with the roadside device. Oh well, better luck next time. I just hope and pray Jimmy goes off the N. Korea to beg for the release of the two reporter-spies sent there by Carter wanna-be Al Gore.
58. carter and the savages
happysettler   (06.16.09)
Ths old fart has been a rabid anti jew for centuries. Why do we even give him 5 minutes of our time?
59. Carter
Spencer ,   Israel   (06.16.09)
Not only is this peanut brained idiot anti Israel, he's a liar to boot. He's a supporter of terrorists. We knew all this before he set foot in Israel. Why the hell did we let him in. He's an enemy of the State of ISRAEL (The JEWISH STATE) and he should be declared persona non grata. Don't allow this senile fool back into Israel.
60. The bigger the anti-semite, the harder he wil fall.
Debbie ,   Jerusalem   (06.16.09)
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