Sheikh Salah: Netanyahu wants to rebuild Temple
Ahiya Raved
Published: 17.06.09, 19:33
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1. finally an admission!
David ,   USA, exile   (06.17.09)
To suggest that there is a desire to RE-build the Temple is an admission that there was a Temple previously. Thank you Salah. Now get your garbage off the Temple Mount so building can progress.
2. They'd rather die than give up holy sites? Let 'em. However
Rivkah   (06.17.09)
the Temple site is not where the mosque is, so building the Third Temple on site will not be where the mosque is.
3. The temple will be built in due time
tFighterPilot   (06.17.09)
Not now.
4. What will be built on the 4th floor?
Anyway I thought jews built sinagogs. I am glad that Salah got a gig and a fair hearing without unnecessary interference from the j gang!
5. If it were humanly possible...
The White Shadow   (06.17.09)
...I would tear the roof off the Al-Asqa mosque and cast it at the Kaaba. Jerusalem belongs to the children of Israel and to no other.
6. Rivkah
David ,   USA, exile   (06.17.09)
He was quoted as follows, "to dig additional tunnels under al-Aqsa and rebuild the Temple on on the Temple Mount." The quotation marks says it all. There are various opinions on the exact location on the Temple Mount that the Temple stood. I tend to agree with you that it is not in the location of al-Aqsa or under the ugly dome, but the important point of this article is that he was quoted as saying "Rebuild." and "Temple Mount." He has firmly stuck his big muslim foot in his big arab mouth and admitted that the Temple once stood which they have been denying for years. Also to use the term "Temple Mount" is to confess that it is owned by the Jews.
7. to my right wing brothers...hold the line be silent...
let the Palestinian extremists talk themselves right out of Mr. Obama's peace pipe!
8. at least he admits there was a Temple!
Ben Avraham ,   Tel Aviv   (06.17.09)
9. Israel fearful to arrest Inciter Saleh
Marcel ,   Florida   (06.17.09)
The weak and cowardly government of Netanyahu following in the footsteps of the lemming Olmert only knows how to surrender to and appease this enemy who openly incites against the fearful and cowardly nation of Israel. If you are a Jewish settler than the nation becomes brave against you.
10. have nothing here!
Indigenous ,   Nablus Palestine   (06.17.09)
“Then you crossed the Jordan and came to Jericho. The citizens of Jericho fought against you, but I delivered them into your hands. I spread panic before you, and it was this, not your swards or your bow, that drove out the two kings of Amorites. I gave you land on which you had not laboured, cities which you had never built; you have lived in those cities and you eat the produce of vineyards and olive-groves which you did not plant” Josh 24.10-13 We were here before you .You did it twice...and we emerge again...and we will never disappear..we are your nightmare
11. Go ahead. I will not stop you
LarryT ,   K. Sava   (06.17.09)
12. Rebuild the Temple
Heather Czerniak ,   Milwaukee, USA   (06.17.09)
"...if they suggest that we give up our principles and holy sites, we would rather die and we will welcome death." Then death it will be! Rebuild the Temple now!!!
13. Marcel
David ,   USA, exile   (06.17.09)
Hey Marcel why don't you go to Israel and show us how it's done? Has there ever been anyone anywhere that you have approved of outside of Scripture? You are often right but you are one of the most negative persons I have ever heard from.
14. #2 Death when fighting the aggressor and morons Idiot!
Ibrahim ,   Jerusalem   (06.17.09)
15. Very Selfish!
Billy ,   Burlington, Canada   (06.17.09)
They've their Mecca & too many other sacred places all over the globe & they're denying Israelis re-building their only Temple on their own land!!! Hmmmm! No further comment!!!
16. #10, NAblus is built on Jewish city Shechem, Israel
David ,   Boston, USA   (06.17.09)
IT is the Arabs who are invaders to Jewish land. Live in peace on Jewish land and respect the native inhabitants or go back to Arabia.
17. 3rd temple
G.L. ,   St. Pauls, NC, USA   (06.17.09)
If Natanyahu wants to build the 3rd temple & when God wants it built no one will be able to stop it, it has to be built.
18. Indigenous, Nablus
Daniel ,   Tel Aviv   (06.17.09)
I am amazed at you. You quote from Prophets, and then claim you are a descendant of Amorites. Are you a Palestinian or an Amorite? Please make up your mind. As it is, Israel has ALWAYS allowed her Arab citizens the right to vote, protest, and even representation in the Knesset. If you CHOOSE to stand against Israel don't be surprised if you suffer the fate of your Amorite brethren. As for rebuilding the Temple, the Muslims theft of the Temple Mount is documented. When Saladin conquered and built in Jerusalem he had a right to destroy and build there. Jews own Jerusalem now. It is only out of misguided modern respect for other religions that has protected the Mosques from being destroyed. (It may be smart to avoid the holy war that would ensue but...) Were this a time before WWI your mosques would be rubble by now.
19. # 10
J K ,   NYC, USA   (06.17.09)
The Amorites are lost to history. You are not one of them. If you claim to be a Philistine, may you enjoy your boatride back to Greece as they came from there. Your post is of course nonsensical, but I enjoy the Arab connections to peoples that are not in existence anymore as their justification for being there.
20. Bibi builing the Temple?
i ,   jerusalem   (06.17.09)
were it only so!
21. its the Muslim counter accusation
observer   (06.17.09)
Israelis say: "Muslims will one day nuke Israel". Muslims say "Israel will one day destroy Al-Aqsa" This is why the conflict continues, because of fear.
22. #10
You are your own worst nightmare.
23. in the Lords timing it will be rebuilt
Psalms 83 ,   Selah   (06.17.09)
suggest everyone get on thier knees and seek the Lord ...without his help any plan is doomed to failure - after all it is his house we are talking about.
24. No, you're not "indigenous".
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, USA   (06.17.09)
Indigenous (#10) writes, "We were here before you .You did it twice...and we emerge again...and we will never disappear..we are your nightmare" You may be our nightmare, but you're hardly "indigenous". The Arab peoples didn't settle in this land until the conquests of the 7th century CE, and they only arrived in large numbers in modern times from surrounding areas in response to economic development by the JEWS. As to your town of Nablus, it was founded by Titus in 72 CE who named it Flavia Neopolis - "new city of [the emporer] Flavius". It was built just outside the existing JEWISH city of Schechem. Any Arabs one might have encountered then were simply traders passing through.
25. Reservations
L. King ,   Canada   (06.17.09)
Dear Sheikh Salah: I've tried to find out more from this from my Rabbi. He says I should write to you. Whom do I need to talk to to get reservations at the rebuild Beit HaMikdash in time for yontiff? Are there special rates for large families? Please get back to me as soon as possible as I don't want to be left out. ;-)
26. the depressing thing about this is he believes it
zionist forever   (06.17.09)
He seriously believes the tunnels are some secret plot to bring down the mosque and rebuild the Temple. I would like nothing better than to see that thing come down and be replaced by somethiing a little more asteticly pleasing like the Temple but Netanyahu doesn't have the authority to build the Temple only the messiah can do that. As for the tunnels themselves trying to bring the thing down any engineer wlll be able to tell idiots like this sheik that unfortunatly their beloved mosques are quite safe. More like they are scared of evidence being found prooving the jewish connection to the site because they deny its the site of the Temple.
27. #10. have nothing here!
ben Ish   (06.17.09)
I have always wondered if anyone other than Americans are stupid enough to believe something like that. The Philistines ARE NOT YOU. They were an ancient seafaring civilization that disappeared long before you and your ilk *INFILTRATED* this land. (After the Jewish people turned this place into the Jewel that it is now.)
28. Sheikh Salah
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (06.17.09)
'If they suggest we give up our holy sites, we would rather die and will welcome death,' he says - we accept.
29. Does Salah actually work for a living?
JO   (06.17.09)
This kind of stuff is emotion stirring propaganda. Made to inflame the masses but it shows no wisdom. Is this Salah's main job, does he have a job? As to the students, "Allah Ackbar" says it all. If that is where they are at, then why bother with an education.
30. #10 You have a but as much to with the Canaanites as with
Roman ,   Lod, Israel   (06.17.09)
Martians. The Canaanites are long gone, as are the Philistine sea raiders whose name you so aptly borrowed, thanks to officials of the Roman Empire deciding to name to conquered province after an old enemy of the Judean inhabitants, to try and erase their identity and connection to the land. No matter how many times you will try to retcon history, you will not change the fact that you are *recent arrivals* here, not an eternal nation with deep roots and a thriving culture in this land. Maybe you'll develop those things one day, but for now your attempts to invent them are sad at best.
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