Brigade commander softens stance on troop violence
Hanan Greenberg
Published: 18.06.09, 14:18
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1. Simple formulas and general Cases
Palestinian ,   Jerusalem   (06.18.09)
Simple formulas, Israelis see every Palestinian as a ticking bomb the conclusion is that they can use harsh physical force against every one of them, the same as settlements building, general formulas that can lead to goals and mislead the world
2. Well Maybe......
Jim ,   USA   (06.18.09)
If you people stop teaching your children to be suicide Bombers and stop blowing your selves up. You wouldn't have to deal with a harsh military view on how to treat you when you get captured!
3. what is violence/
eddie ,   london UK   (06.18.09)
A bomb in a cafe is violence. A bulldozer attacking random civilians is violence. A mortar attack and kidnapping is violence. Shooting a terrorist is violence. Not shooting dead a terrorist, so he can continue his killing spree is also violence. Bombing a terrorist camp is violence. Missing, and hitting civilians is also violence. PLacing weapons and bombs in and around civilian targets is violence. A riot at a football match is violence. But if a soldier wants to prevent one of the above happening (with the exception of football violence), why isn't he allwoed to punch, kick, and waterboard a terrorist, who will be freed within a short while anyways? These legal experts are foolish. And for that matter, "tohar neshek", the pathetic conceptzia in israeli militarty, which allows its own soldiers to be needlessly killed, in order to pervent collateral damage to enemy targets, is the self-inflicted violence!
4. 2+3 arrogant ignorant
Indigenous ,   Nablus Palestine   (06.18.09)
Right is right where ever it is, and wrong is wrong where ever it is. There is no connection between your "explanations" and the use of physical violence. Beside if you want to use the logic of counter attack...42 years of occupation, siege, demolishing, checkpoints, land grab, settlers and humiliation is and an ATTACK. the threat that was in 3 June 1967..was eliminated in 6 June 1967, what flowed until now is shameless violence.
5. #4
Jason II ,   Tel Aviv, ISRAEL   (06.18.09)
Dear "Indy", You really need to take your medicine on a continuous basis. You will truly feel better and be more coherent. Do try to be a good little soldier and behave.
6. # 4...indigenous to Jordan ( not Shchem)
Ivri   (06.18.09)
And we will not stop untill you pack up and go home.Gotta do what is right,especially when dealing with muslim settlers and usurpers. Why dont you tell us your real last name so we can tell where you came from and unite you with the rest of your indigenous brothers and sisters in your indigenous land.
7. In other words
i ,   jerusalem   (06.18.09)
they are punishing him for telling the truth, and forcing him to recant so as to keep an uncomfortable truth buries. This is a really brainy chain of command.
8. Are they using very harsh methods to get false confessions
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (06.18.09)
or proof of a murder? If you have to be very, very rough on someone to find a killer, well so what, they could have been an honest person and told that when asked. When you stop a terrorist, you save a life or many lives that he would kill in the future. Saving a life, even if it means beating someone is a mitzvah.
9. resistance not terrorism
ET France Paris   (06.18.09)
when somebody use boms against the country that has invaded his and still occupies it it is Resistance ... Only the invader calls it terrorism
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