Hirchson sent to jail for over 5 years
Vered Luvitch
Published: 24.06.09, 12:24
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1. Yeah!!! bring it on! A good day for justice!
Talula ,   Israel   (06.24.09)
Five years is hardly enough!!! But it's better than one year and better than a suspended sentence. The dirty little thief should have been given much more - much more to deter any other would-be thieves and liars. Leave the sob story. Because I for one couldn't care less. He had his big fat greedy hands in the money pot, to the tune of 2.5 million shekels. Money that belonged to people of this country. Money that was worked hard for, by the people of this country If his son is going to miss him so much, maybe they can make up a bed next to Hirchson's. I can't believe he didn't see a strange change in their lifestyle either. Boo Hoo? Cry me a river.
2. I would give this turd 50 years in, he stole
ghostq   (06.24.09)
from holocaust survivors. he makes me sick.
3. Hirshson and his Mafia stole monthly.
Nora Tel Aviv ,   Tel Aviv   (06.24.09)
4. new cell mate for Shlomo Benizri
Avi ,   Rannana   (06.24.09)
Should make a nice couple dont you think ? Hope these low lifes rot in prison which in my opinion is to good for them.
5. Jail
dan ,   jerusalem   (06.24.09)
Glad he is gone to Jail and should not be allowed out early for good behavior . The question i have is why only 450,000 shekels. Should be not be told to pay back all the 2 million and in addition an extra 450, 000.
6. Good-bye and good riddance, Mr. Hirchson.
Roman ,   Lod, Israel   (06.24.09)
He robbed the state of millions of shekels, and frankly should be sitting for more than just 5 years - but then again, a white-collar man like him won't find prison life at all pleasant.
7. Compare Hirshson to Benizri
Nora ,   tEL aVIV   (06.24.09)
Hirshson: The head of 4 man team responsible for the Leumit Workers Organization, stealing month after month cash from the Leumit Workers and from the Holocaust Survivors the sum of 12 million shequels. 2 million of them diverted to Hirshson. Benizri: Helping against the law a contractor and diverting the sum of 100 thousand shequels he took from the latter to a Yeshivah. Hirshson gets: 5.5 years prison. Benizri gets: 4 years prison. Do you get it ? I don`t.
8. Another crooked Israeli leader bites the dust
Rich ,   Toronto, Canada   (06.24.09)
9. 5 years
marcel   (06.24.09)
Wake up olmert, you are next. Verter, marcus can visit you in the slammer. You'll be able to talk to hirschson. I think you may be jailed for 8 years for your crimes in the jewish state. On the other hand, you could avoid jail by running away to ramallah and swearing allegiance to the PLO. Your policies were traiterous anyways.Wingograd, the 150 bereived, shalits, goldwassers and regevs may take some comfort in you going to jail for the harm you have caused to their lives. Jail for corruption and lies, that's where you belong.
10. 5 years not enough, he will be out in 2 1/2
Who is going to pay the BMW of his son??? Why are |Israelies so obsessed with money???????????
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