Iran: Protestors killed as security forces open fire near parliament
Dudi Cohen
Published: 24.06.09, 19:58
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1. I wish these people all the luck possible
Joe ,   Ohio, USA   (06.24.09)
With the lot they're dealing with they may need it.
2. the iranian people are the true palestinians
3. doesnt israel use live rounds on protestors?
ahmed   (06.24.09)
for all the talk coming out of the israeli media and leadership, in criticism of the iranian authorities, one might be given the impression that israel could never do such a thing. but is it not a fact that palestinians are killed on a daily basis during demonstrations??? of course "investigations" are carried out, the results of which never see the light of day. and when the results are published, they are usually discredited within days with physical evidence. then israel is "sorry". but then again who cares. its ok to shoot palestinian demonstrators because they are clearly 1. terrorists 2. antisemetic 3. militants 4. guerillas hiding behind women.
4. #3 is right
5. Obama's Letter to Iran
Marcel ,   Florida   (06.24.09)
(reading between the lines) Prior to this month's disputed presidential election in Iran, the Obama administration sent a letter to the country's supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, calling for an improvement in relations, according to interviews and the leader himself. U.S. officials declined to discuss the letter on Tuesday because it might awaken the Jews to the grave danger they face under President Obama, a day in which President Obama gave his strongest staged photo op condemnation of the Iranian crackdown against protesters. An Iranian with knowledge of the overture, however, told The Washington Times that the letter was sent between May 4 and May 10 and laid out the prospect of "cooperation in regional and bilateral relations". The main issue being how to settle the "Israel problem" once and for all and get on with peaceful co-existence and a resolution of the dispute over Iran's nuclear program. Obama informed Khamenei that his stooge in Israel,Netanyahu was weak and easy to control and more surrender and appeasment towards Islam was coming from the slowly dying problem state. Obama expressed his chief concern that the Iranian leader needed to be more patient with his crafty "peace" approach as nuclear war was not necessary to erase Israel.
6. LET ME THANK YOU..........................#1
MAHMOOD ,   LONDON-UK   (06.24.09)
On their behalf!! What else do you want to contribute to them?
7. Can YNET decide! On the same page
m   (06.24.09)
the caption states that the protest fizzles
8. #3
the onlyb truth in your talkback is your true reference to the violent palestinians. they indeed are vwhat you yourself describe them to be. it takes one to know one, as the saying goes. the iranians are not terrorists. they are frighting for freedom and democracy. they don't want to be the palestinians under the totalitarian hamas regime.
9. #6
maybe international support???? just maybe some kind of room for democracy where their ideas and feelings and needs are considered??? iranians are not backward arabs. they are intelligent, sophisticated and smart. they want the freedom to express themselves, to have opportunities and prosperity. they could care less about the palestinians or their mullas financial support for islamic terror proxies to terrorise israel. they want these billions of dollars that they are ENTITLED TO be soent on them, not on some bogus terrorist organizations in lebanon and syria. they want the riches of their country to be theirs, not the terrorists'. 70% of iranians are bright and educated youngsters under 30 years old. they can't be stifled. they like israel, appreciate its democracy and have no beef with holocaust denial. they don;t give a damn about the arabs and as a matter of faCT, HISTORICALLY, RESENT THEM. THEY COULD CARE LESS ABOUT THE JEWS AND THE HOLOCAUST. THEY COULD CARE LESS ABOUT AHMADINEJAD'S BIGOTRY AND EMBARASSING COMMENTS. THEY COULD CARE LESS ABOUT THE KIND OF ISLAM THE AYATOLLAS ARE PUSHING DOWN THEIR THROAT. they are not arabs. they are intelligent and educated. they arwe not backwards and have a very good grasp on international affairs and what is really going on. they are not going to give up. sooner or later, this totaloitarian regime with the most embarassing monkey president will collapse. in the iranians' eyes, it has already collapsed. they don't respect it. they don;t support it. they don't believe in it. pure and simple. no wonder the mullas have instituted a revolutionary guard and a brutal militia (the basij) to protect themselves. they knew that they will need that protection in the future. a government that is for the people doesn't need to protect themse;ves with paramilitary thugs....and pay them so so so well to buy their loyalty. money talks...but not enough for the iranian civilized generation. it is inhumane to keep people under such a regime. inhumane. you see the answer on the streets. hameed aboughaze iranian
10. #6
mahmood, how do you feel about the elections in lebanon? not quite what you had in mind, ha? and now about iran....not quite what you envisioned, ha? contrary to all your past talkbacks and "political analysis, you have egg on your face now, don't you? apologize and finally admit that you are basically a fool, uninformed and prone to believe what you wish to believe regardless of the truth on the ground. the clock has turned, my friend...and it is not against israel, the country of the jewish people, may god bless them all. hameed aboughaze
11. #3, yeah and the press is supressing
Danny   (06.24.09)
the hundreds of civilian Iranian dead killed by Iranian democratic suide bombers.
12. to Ahmed
Barney ,   USA   (06.24.09)
i usually hear of Israeli police using rubber bullets. Of course, if you fear the protester approaching is about to explode, as often happens, then live ammunition would be in order. the palestinians have "conditioned" the Israeli police and army into their present MO through constant aggression and indoctrinated hatred and desire to "martyr" oneself and take as many Jews with you as possible. Not a good situation but reality on the ground.
13. #3 - ahmed, The IDF uses rubber bullets...
Joe ,   Ramat Gan   (06.24.09)
The IDF uses rubber bullets and tear gas to resist the Arab occupation when it begins to riot. All this talk of non-existent Israeli "atrocities" can't even compare, however, to the brutality the Arab Occupation Forces (Fatah and Hamas) inflict on the people they supposedly represent. While it isn't OK to disperse a rioting mass of Arabs by using only as much force as necessary, it is OK to kill Arabs for: 1) Being gay or lesbian. 2) Listening to music in public. 3) Selling land to a non-Muslim. As long as it's a Muslim doing the killing. Apparently it's only a crime for a non-Muslim to kill a Muslim and not the other way around. And people like you have the balls to say cry about "racism" and "apartheid"...
14. To: No. 3
Sarah ,   New York City, USA   (06.24.09)
No. Israel does not use live rounds. They use rubber bullets. Moreover, the border police (who, of course, serve at border crossings and are charged with responsibility of maintaining order at Palestinian riots (no, they are not peaceful demonstrations; they are riots) are about 99% Druze. So it isn't Jewish on Palestinian violence; it's Druze (Moslem?) on Palestinian violence. They hate you far more than Jews do.
15. #3 if you want to print similar stuff then please give links
martin ,   tel aviv   (06.24.09)
your post is scandalous! Palestinians who protest in a peaceful way are not killed on a daily basis, and not on a yearly basis either. Every week there are violent protests in Billin and police get hurt. The police use water canon and one Palestinian got killed when he was hit by a gas cannister. It was a violent protest! I'd like to see some links confirming the nonsense that you right. Martin
16. All the Best to the people of Iran
Yaron ,   USA   (06.24.09)
17. #6
a more apt question is.....what have YOU EVER CONTRIBUTED TI THEIR CAUSE???? HAMEED ABOUGHAZE
Joe ,   Ohio, USA   (06.24.09)
My statement was more rhetorical than a sign of a true sympathetic responseThey are a bunch of blood thirsty savages facing blood thirsty savages So what would I like to contribute to their cause? Let me see, ALL these people are the same people who just 6 months ago where chanting death to me and my fellow kaffirs. My contribution to the Iranian nation would be all the guns they want so they could settle their scores amongst themselves anyway they choose, and all the support while they do so.
19. # 3, Religion of peace have brought disasters to the world
e.m.Jordan is Palest ,   s,f   (06.24.09)
Look all around the world any where is religion of peace there is problem, Israel is the only democrat country in the M.E and you are deny the reality because of your hate and jealousy to Israel, by the way Iran is the only Muslim nation that many of her citizen have believe Israel has right for that land, Free Iran from those extreme fanatic’s Mullahs.
20. this is Mosavis fault
zionist forever   (06.24.09)
He knows how the system works and that protests will be crushed but because he is an opoprtunist he is urging them to continue protesting. The majority of the people here getting killed probably didn't even vote at all let alone for Mousavi. He is just getting people involved here in the hope that once enough people start getting killed then the ayatollahs will agree to do a deal either making him president instead of Ahmadinejad or some kind of power sharing agreement.] Failing that make enough noise so the west get involved and try and step in taking his side but the very last thing he wants is reform of the system. The west might see him as a reformer and the misguided protestors thing that if he comes along there will be complete change and Iran will be a free society but if he did end up presidet he would be more interested in running the country than he would be reforms. All Mousavi has to do is say ok thanks everybody for supporting me but we cant beat the system so instead of more people getting killed then lets go back to life as normal and then next time vote for me and you will see changes. A nice little speech like this all the riots would end overnight but now he wants ti take advanatge of the situation and keep them pushing in the hope its going to get him the presidency.
21. ahmed,no one can beat you
Marcel ,   Florida   (06.24.09)
A young Iranian woman told CNN the militias were even using axes to stifle protests: "They are killing students with axe [sic], this is horrific, this is genocide, this is a massacre, this is Hitler!" she told the TV network. You moslems are unbeatable when it comes to evil violence and intolerance. To You the award id given for brutality as we see 50 plus moslems dead while shopping for groceries in Baghdad's Sadr City today at the hands of fellow Moslems.
22. How does the situation play out..
Yakov   (06.24.09)
The situation is unpredictable, and it is hard to say how it will end up in the end. By the very fact that they are holding these protests at all says something about the current state of the regime.
23. Ahmadino, Obama,the protests, the letter.
silvio   (06.24.09)
Ahmadino and his gang of repulsive Ayatollahs are getting pretty good at clubbing, beating, shooting, arresting their own " flesh and blood" brothers. They are joining the ranks of famous murderous Dictators in repressing, eliminating the requests for freedom, peace, work, family from their citizens. And like all Dictators, their reply is :brute- force. The inescapeable saga, will be the price that will have to be paid in blood to achieve their cherished dreams; just like Czechoslovakia and Poland. PS: Marcel # 5. where can one find a print of this letter from Obama to Iran. Your last paragraph makes not very pleasant reading. Settling the "Israel problem" once and for all -- Netanyahu, Obama,s stooge?. the slowly dying problem state,Israel. Their "crafty peace approach........If accurate how much time do we have? 5, 10, 50, 100 years???????
24. #6 U blindly supports a regime that kills its own ppl
Zohan ,   Tel Aviv   (06.24.09)
You banana brain ought to be ashame of yourself
25. to Ahmed (nejihad) # 3
Mongo ,   Paris   (06.24.09)
re "doesnt israel use live rounds on protestors? " Actually, they mostly shoot Arab terrorists and are known to be very good at it.
26. To MAHMOOD from London
vit ,   usa   (06.25.09)
The truth is out for all the world to see. Most Iranians hate people like you and the Mullahs that you support. Advice for you: Less Koran more medication.
27. Turn to violence? If I were Mousavi I would tell
Maria ,   MD   (06.25.09)
my supporters to stop rallying now.Ahmadinejad will never listen to them anyway.
28. Mahmood hiding in a democratic country spitting
Zohan ,   Tel Aviv   (06.25.09)
out undemocratic comments. What an idiotic hypocrite you are.
29. USA appreciates Iranian people: FIGHT ON!!!
Daniel ,   Los Angeles USA   (06.25.09)
30. to Mahmood; from London..
Maximus ,   Rome   (06.25.09)
How dellusional are you.. the people of iran intself ar e fe dup by the fanaticism and the backwardness of that ugly regime. yesterday among the slogans shoute dby the demonstrators one could hear "death to the islmaic republic" Ahmadarejendeh is a dictator who forged elections. How long will teh Fuhrer Khameni and its SA gangmans Basiji be able to maintain their people into a medieval and dum slavery..In 40 days as you surely knows why, I bet ther e will more violent demonstrations.. wahtever this is the first nail in the coffin of the fakedTeheran regime.
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