Jerusalem expects unprecedented calm at Pride Parade
Ronen Medzini
Published: 25.06.09, 00:13
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1. why?
Marcel Pfister ,   Uvita, Costa Rica   (06.25.09)
Who would want any Haredim at a Gay Pride event? They are unkempt, unattractive, and unwanted. Let them stay in Mea Shearim!
2. gay parade
avi ,   nyc   (06.25.09)
If the gays ahd any integrity or courage , the march would also go through arab neighborhoods
3. out of curiousity
Ali ,   ksa   (06.25.09)
Those gays or guys are picking a fight. Seriously.
4. sick and wrong to do in Jerusalem. we dont even deserve
this land if this is how we act.
5. ynet agenda?
shadoil ,   Jerusalem   (06.25.09)
Thousands will attend? It s more like in the upper hundreds. Why make this into more than what it is?
6. mmm this is bad,
ghostq   (06.25.09)
traffic jams for jerusalem residents. can they make the parade without trafic problems. y straight people have to suffer.
7. Homosexuality in a psychic disease
Michael ,   Jerusalem   (06.25.09)
Even in Jerusalem, even with lots of people, even with flags, even with colors, it will not help. Homosexuality in a psychic disease. For those who think that Torah is old and time has come to open minds. Adjusting the laws to morality instead of adjusting morality to the law is a big mistake. Welcome to the sheol. A Jew proud to be Jew !
8. I see a kippa with the gay rainbow colours
israel   (06.25.09)
WOW!! that's a step forward. Well done to whoever is wearing it
9. to 4 and 5
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (06.25.09)
4 : it's their Capital too . There are Gays everywhere , in the whole Israeli society . 5 : did'nt you read what Benizri , the brother , said ? Gays are in politics , police , everywhere . So they must be thousands .
10. avi , 2
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (06.25.09)
They don't parade in Jerusalem to offend people . They don't go into very religious neighborhoods , so no need to go in Arab neighborhoods either .
11. #7 God, you're so stupid!
Talula ,   Israel   (06.25.09)
Get a life!
12. This abomination IS making noise in Heaven no doubt.
Ken Quinn ,   Amsterdam   (06.25.09)
The entire population of the City should protest this wickedness, otherwise the entire population of the City is asking for judgment. The King is not happy with the implied consent of the "faithful."
13. charles what the hell does it have to do with their capital?
the kotel is my heritage. you dont see me going and pissing on it do you? come on. just a bit of moral decency. being a jew in THEORY we believe in the bible. well sorry it says it an abomination.simple as that.
14. I condemn this
Ezra ,   California   (06.25.09)
Run around like a fool anywhere but Jerusalem. A 100 foot wide sink hole would be a good place have the idol parade.
15. My mom used to sing this to me as a kid.....
"Homo we go... les be on our way... I love you... You love me.... Homosexuality!"
16. Gays deserve equal treatment but...
Edan ,   Tel Aviv   (06.25.09)
why do they need a parade in Jerusalem if they already had one in Tel Aviv? It still seems like a provocation to me...
17. yes #8 well done for screwing up the religion even more!
18. 13 , anonymous coward
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (06.25.09)
They don't come near the Kotel , place we all , religious and all seculars , venere as a part of our History . But Jerusalem is also their Capital , and they may parade there , as it is done in many capitals worldwide
19. disgusting
g ,   jerusalem   (06.25.09)
it is all the more disgusting when such ignorance and homophobia comes from the mouths of the most discriminated against and persecuted people in the history of the world. it is SUPPOSED to bother you, you idiots. just as the black civil rights movement was intentionally in your face, just as the women's suffrage movement was intentionally in your face. gays exist. they aren't going away. until they have basic rights guaranteed to married couples (such as spousal visitation, etc.) they are going to continue to do things to bother you. they don't want you to ignore the parade. they want you to watch. and I hope that Ynet's prediction of thousands is accurate. i will defend Jerusalem and its residents until the cows come home, but when it comes to homophobia i think i'll have to side with the Tel Avivis on this one.
20. Gays are saying, "We have no manners and
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (06.25.09)
proclaiming our "rights" is more important than respecting the holiest city on the earth. No one tries to force them to live outside of Jerusalem, but they feel a need to P in the face of the religious. I feel sad that they are so snotty. but time will separate the kind from the belligerent.
21.  charles you have my name. is that the best you could do?
ari ,   israel   (06.25.09)
"annonymous coward" does it matter what name i put down? maybe jesus is better. and buddy dont you dare compare Jerusalem to any city out there. pathetic excuse for a man you are. once again. it is a sin. you side with them? fine. really dont care. do I hate them? not at all. Is it an act of immorality? yes.
22. Didn't the gays just have a parade in Tel Aviv?
wj ,   ny   (06.25.09)
How many parades do the gays need. If they are secure inthemselves & chosen sexual isenity why do they have to flaunt it in the faces of Rabbis & children. the gays are the ones who are causing the provocation.
23. 20 , hatefull woman
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (06.25.09)
You respect the "holiest" city , from very far , but HOW ? what have you contributed to MY Capital ? The Gays at least have contributed to MY , NOT YOUR , Capital . So stay in your LA , and talk about your business there . Here this is NOT your business .
24. calm ... on earth, maybe ?
avi   (06.25.09)
our upside down humanity won't take much more for long before exploding like a rotten potatoe.
25. Ari 21 , only part of Yeroushalaim is special
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (06.25.09)
Yes , i compare Yeroushalaim to other towns , only a smal part is special to all of us , Jews , religious or not . It's part of our History . But they don't come there . If they had gone near the Kotel or in Mea Shearim i too would oppose this . But they don't . Sin ? immorality ? for you , not for them , don't forget : not everyone is a believer . PS , if , as some suggested , Mevasseret would be included in Jerusalem , would it also become "special" ?
26. Taxpayers money
daat y ,   jerusalem   (06.25.09)
Why spend so much taxpayers money for an event that will be calm.Is '1500 police necessary for 5000 paraders?
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