Nazareth Illit to build haredi neighborhood
Sharon Roffe - Ofir
Published: 25.06.09, 09:45
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1. o-bum-a had trouble breathing when he heard this. "They are
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (06.25.09)
NOT doing what I told them to do. What do I do now?"
2. the situation is really bad, muslems r#@%$%
ghostq   (06.25.09)
80% of the arabs there r muslems only 20% r chritians, the muslems makes a living hell to the chritians witch most of the population run away from the city, the muslems built on purpose a mosque right in front of the main church and they even pray in front of the church just cause they want to steal chritian land, there is no religious justification for muslem to be in the city that holly to chritians only yet their violent ways of the muslems there make all the chritians miserble. that's the greem reality.
3. For once I agree with the construction work
Nour ,   Land of Israel   (06.25.09)
Building homes for the Jews is an effective way to stop Arabs from spreading around
4. WOW Mayor Gapso is a hotty!!!
Talula ,   Israel   (06.25.09)
I'd even go and live there with a Mayor who is as handsome as he! Hmmmm yummy! : )
5. Media Reporting with an agenda
Shalom   (06.25.09)
"Gapso recruited a resident of the Kiryat Sefer settlement," Talk about biased reporting! Kiryat Sefer is a town of almost 40,000 citizens of Israel; with a town hall, a Mayor, banks, shops, health care, hi-tech companies, etc. It is considered "just over" the green line for the past 15 years, although when the plans were initially drawn up, the developers were informed by the then-in-power Likud government, that it was "just within" the green line.
6. Talula
Michael ,   Haifa   (06.25.09)
You may have to change your mind, for possibly the next time you will see him, he will have a beard, peiot and a shtreimel, as will all the other male residents of Nazeret Illit
7. #6 Really? So no - can't deal with that LOL
Talula ,   Israel   (06.25.09)
8. Then all the seculars will leave and you will no longer be
JO   (06.25.09)
Mayor, a haredi one will be needed. What is needed is good jobs, without which no matter how lovely an apartment is, or how cheap, you will not keep your people. Ultra orthodox may provide the population but will they provide the capital, and taxes?
9. Chareidim will stem the Arab tide
Avraham ,   NYC   (06.25.09)
True chareidim, on average, have more kids than the Arab sector.
10. #4 Down girl down! Boy, don't ya just love
Joe ,   Ohio, USA   (06.25.09)
a lusty liberated woman. Live life be happy!
11. Seems Arabs want to take over
Claudia ,   Tampa FL USA   (06.26.09)
the traditionally Christian cities like Bethlehem and Nazareth. Hummm and Mayor Gapso certainly is handsome. Must visit there again next time in Israel! Too bad the Franciscans don't encourage Christian growth in Nazareth. They seem to confine their efforts to Bethlehem and Jerusalem. Wonder why?
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