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Million dollar baby?
Rivkah Lubitch
Published: 28.06.09, 15:39
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1. $$$$$
M. Hartley ,   Atlanta, US   (06.28.09)
Why bother with a document, when its meaning is subject to who knows how many contradicting legal and/or religious rulings and opinions? Why not forget about a set amount and make it a percentage of the earning potential of the party at fault, with allowances for children? In the name of fairness, nobody should have to pay anything, if the couple just can’t stand to look at each other, anymore, or if either one has his/her sight set on greener pastures. Nothing and nobody can make me live with a husband whom I’d like to strangle with my bare hands were it not for the unpleasantness of life in jail and I certainly would prefer that he’d get out of my hair, before his temptation to return the favor gets too much. Selling velvet Elvis pictures or fake name-brand purses on the side of the road isn’t such a bad alternative…..
2. Don't make him pay 1M, however fine him for being an idiot.
Michael ,   Galut   (06.28.09)
3. The Chief Rabbanite should issue a decree to stop this.
Michael ,   Galut   (06.29.09)
Rivkah Lubitch is right. The guy isn't an idiot, it's just that some ppl will do things like that because part of the reason why they're marrying who they're marrying is because they don't think that they'll ever get divorced. The Chief Rabbinate should put a limit on the amount written in the Ketubah. How about just replacing the Chief Rabbinate with the Tzohar organization? סתם, זה לא יקרה
4. Since when is a million dollars a lot of money?
nero ,   nyc   (06.29.09)
For a very large number of Jews $1 million dollars is just small change. Its not much anymore.
5. To no. 4
Anon ,   Johannesburg   (06.29.09)
from you mouth to G-D's ears
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