Nixon administration pressured Israel on nukes
Associated Press
Published: 25.06.09, 22:23
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1. Israeli leaders must never bow under pressure
real Nour ,   Land of Israel   (06.25.09)
Nuclear arms is a good detterant against our not-so-peaceful neighbors.
2. NTP allows Israel to have nuclear weapons
Gabriel ,   Brazil   (06.26.09)
According to some sources, Israel had nuclear weapons before the NTP came to existance. So Israel can, according to the NPT (and these sources), have nuclear weapons.
3. Pressure on Israel
David Powell ,   Everett, Wa. DPRSSA   (06.26.09)
I would like to add to #1. Never bow down to Obama's pressure. Rest assured he is not the messiah as many want us to believe.
4. Israel ; do what you have to do
Raoul ,   France   (06.26.09)
"The treaty requires all but five states - the United States, Russia, China, Britain and France - not to develop nuclear weapons." So Nuclear power in the hands of goys only. Have they given us any reason to trust them over the past 2000 years? Nest time around there will be no gas chambers nor pin stripped pyjamas. The planet will be dust. My great great great grand father already told my great great grand father, who told my grand father the following: "Don't trust the goy even after 40 years in the grave"
5. Learn a lesson, Obama...
Curtis ,   USA   (06.26.09)
Nixon pressured Israel; Nixon lost his /-\$$. Learn a lesson, Obama...
6. Nixon was one of the most pro-Israel Presidents ever
Lyle ,   NJ, US   (06.26.09)
loyaldissenter! ,   US   (06.26.09)
Nixon was a criminal a crook! Why would another President follow in his shoes?
8. nixon only sent weapons in 1973 because of the nukes
zionist forever   (06.26.09)
In 1973 Nixon kept refusing requests to send fresh arms to Israel to make up for the early losses during the Yom Kippur. It wasn't until he was reminded we go under the arabs go with us that he started sending over weapons and its after that war military aid started. Although thats virtually been removed over the last decade the only reason the US ,made an effort to ensure Israel kept a tactical advantage in terms of conventional weapons was becase they wanted to make sure Israel didn't go down taking its enemies with it. The Arrow the US agreed to part fund because they knew if Saddam Hussain or anybody else used WMDS and it caused mass casualties in Israel there wads a risk that Israel might retaliate with a nuclear strike. Give up the nukes and the first thing the US will do is sell superior weapons to the arabs if they are willing to pay, part financing of projects like Arrow will end, military aid won't rise. The US will be happy to sit by and watch Israel become a second rate power in the Middle East because it doesn't have the money to afford everything the US has now started selling to Israels neighbors. Loose the nukes and Israel won't have any leverage on the US over anything anymore. The all powerful jewish lobby isn't what it once was, Obama got millions from the Saudis towards his huge election campaign fund so the arabs are now starting to buy influence Some of Obamas biggest die hard supporters still are US jews. They sit and watch how he is hurting Israel and praise him for it so we can't even rely on the jews themselves to fight our corner. World history has shown peace treaties can be broken just as easily as they can be made so lets not assume that just because the arabs sign a treaty we will be safe. Golda once said the jews who went to Aushwitz will be the last to go to their death without a fight and although Israel can want peace it must always be willing and able to fight otherwise its entire existence will be meaningless because it will be unable to stop more jews walking to their death without a fight. Golda was willing to stand up to Nixon now lets see if Bibi is willing to stand up to Obama when the time comes that he is going to start telling us to disarm. Any deals he tries to cut with Iran will involve as stage 1 the disarmament of Israel. Obama loves the muslims & has decalred war on Israel so we must not give away any asset that we can use as leverage to defend ourselves against the number 1 enemy ( the US ) or anybody else.
9. when Israel still had guts
daniel   (06.26.09)
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