Peres to visit Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan
Ronen Medzini
Published: 28.06.09, 09:11
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1. Cooperation vs. Isolation!
Jewish Refugee   (06.28.09)
Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan have a great potential in the world stage if they utilize their petrodollars in smart way. Unlike Iran that sponsoring Hezbollah and Hamas and Nuclear Programs at the expense of the economic and social sectors; I believe that Former Soviet Republics learned their lessons that weapons is not the future; technology and education is the future. That said, I am very glad that Israel, Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan are establishing closer ties in information, medical, and military technology. That said, Kazakhs and Azerbaijanians have made the right decision by declining the Iranian offer of Isolation. For more please visit:
2. He should stay there as a teacher and show these people
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (06.28.09)
how leftist a person can be without being named Stalin.
3. the vision of peres
martin ,   stevenage uk   (06.28.09)
hope this drek stays there. he is default of the oslo process in which he cavorted in at the time illegal activities. he met with with his fellow norwegian stalinists, marxists in defining the best way to destroy israel. if he is president (nokh) he should act as one. since when has he done anhything decent for the last 40 years or so. to think rabin in my opinion a lousy pm but a wonderful military man should be assasinated due to this man's vision
4. oh someone want to be close to Iran
ghostq   (06.28.09)
and benefit economicly, ok fine. it's not the economical value more than it's the stratigic one.
5. Azerbaijan visit
xxx   (06.28.09)
Didn't the Israelis, especially newspaper talkbackers, declare all Turks as enemies? How come Peres go to Azerbaijan then? Azeris are pure Turks.
6. Sometimes i wonder if Peres is a Muslim!
Freejay333 ,   Israel   (06.28.09)
He certainly acts like one and continually appeases them at Israels expense!
7. Peres in diplomatic preparation for Attacking at Iran
Tayfun_Turkey ,   Istanbul   (06.28.09)
This move is just to prepare neighbouring and important countries around and close to Iran, and that is to prepare diplomatic backdrop for attacking Iran. It is near, near than expected. Mousave is just a clown to discredit Iranian regime in international public opinion and therefore make peope indeferent against attacking Iran by showing Iran as blody regime
8. peres the bolshevik
martin ,   stevenage uk   (06.28.09)
this man along with beilin is the main reason or israel's demise due to the oslo surrender process. let's take a look at his norwegian co-conspirators and then you can decide for yourselves - the oslo clique ex pm gro harlem bruntland; loved the paedophile arafat especially the jewellry he gave her. pm thorbjorn jagland; fondly met arafat in beirut 1978 who was then raping and pillaging lebanon. terje roed larsen; he is a real beauty - on editorial board of palestine news stated "fight the zionist state of israel, us imperialism and the enemies of of the palestinian people in t6he arab world. no to a two state solution - support the battle fo0r thye liberation of all of palestine." he was also accused of fingering funds, tho' that has not stopped his journalistic career. he also headed the fafo (inst for applied social science)he was un dep secretary general for mid east and arming pal police. married to mona jutl; fm dep head. Knur frydenland; ex fm visitied arafat in 1983. thorvald stoltenberg; ex fm also met arafat in 1983 (look up the name of the present norwegian pm. brothers in law - johann
9. Azerbaijan - Israel
Emil ,   Baku, Azerbaijan   (07.01.09)
If Turks were enemies, then Jews wouldn't have been accomodated to Ottoman lands from Spanish Inquisition back in 17th century and there wouldn't have been any such Jewish communities living in these Turkic countries enjoying not only notable but significant tolerance all times in history preserving their customs and religion. Only the jealous can state and falsly declare Turkic enmity against Jews. Those who declare that do not have sound grounds under their statements,
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