Talansky returns to witness stand
Aviad Glickman
Published: 28.06.09, 13:22
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1. Olmert should go to Jail!
Jewish Refugee   (06.28.09)
Olmert is disgrace to Israel. Since he was serving as PM while under investigation for 11 counts of corruption. The prosecutors office is a disgrace as well since they did not put him in jail. For more please visit:
2. I do believe he got some entertainment value
ghostq   (06.28.09)
he reminds me of Pumucki because of him Olmert isn't behind bars. oh well Karama just proved olmert wrong.
3. olmert's staff,advisers,cabinet and family
jason white ,   afula,israel   (06.28.09)
should be imprisoned along with his president peres!
4. Yawn! who brought this old man out of moth balls?
5. prince of talanksy
alexi   (06.28.09)
In law, you look at an individual's demeanour, his face, his answers to questions. From this viewpoint, olmert is absolutely guilty. he has argued with shalit, barak, winograd, livni, yaalon and others. Yet he has offered one sided appeasment deals to abbas, assad, hamas and has bent to the US will reflexively, like a slave. Worse,he has imbued his 2 sons with cowardice as they both avoid direct or indirect idf service. Jail is too good for him.
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