Spain court drops Gaza probe into Israeli air raid
News agencies
Published: 30.06.09, 14:18
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1. shocking
ghostq   (06.30.09)
this prob took so long in Spain just because a killing of terrorist who planned sucide bombings and responsible for murder of tens of innocent Israelies. the outcome was expected, but it took quit awhile, I guess the spanish people also feel the exploitation by the muslems on their legal system.
2. Shame on you Spain!
No guts, no glory! Don't give in!
3. we need appeal courts for ETA terrorists in TA
yakob ,   tel aviv   (06.30.09)
4. world human court keeps the right to judge ONE DAY !
atilla karagözoğlu   (06.30.09)
5. #1 long?
Lisa   (06.30.09)
you think this is long- by which standards? The court case was only accepted after Operation Cast Lead- The probe is about a much earlier incident- this article is no that clear about it.. FYI the Spanish government has opposed the judge's decision since day one- it takes a certain time to get things done- even in Europe. They got it done- Just asking: how long has it been since your president has been accused of rape- and the case is still in court- Law is a slow process- in any country- unless you live in Iran- then it is no court case- just death. So, no, it is not really that shocking. People here were against it- except the Pali group who launched the case. You should know that in a democracy things are done in a certain order and speed- as long as they get done without bribes it is a success.
6. to #5 the rape case is only 2.5 years
ghostq   (06.30.09)
this incident is from 7 years ago conveniently pressed after cast lead, I am not familiar with the entire spanish law but even I know that it's no brainner, to bring a case without primary hearing, you can easily observe that there is no case, where was the spanish judg minister and forign minister? to stop all the wast of money and court time, was it that convinient for the athorities to "let" outside entity to abuse the system. is the athority really were doing their jobs,all this incident wouldn't got to court in the first place, it took too long and the case was actually open, if someone abuse forign relations and it's not that important because of bureaucracy than someone need to wake up, cause there will be other cases.
7. #2 Oh stop it
Lisa   (06.30.09)
read the entire article- carefully- the usual going off half cocked TB!
8. to #2 Lisa is right you door knob read the article.
ghostq   (06.30.09)
9. #2 exactly
Lisa   (06.30.09)
the case was accepted by Judge Andreu (of Pinochet fame) AFTER Cast Lead- not before. The foreign minister AND the Prime Minister immediately tried to squash it- if you had read the article AND the news of the time you would know. Yes, you are right- you are NOT FAMILIAR with the Spanish law- . Never mind, you have made up your mind about the Spanish ant-semitism etc... Inquisition? sure- what else? I am not Spanish by the way- but fair is fair- The Spanish Law is not perfect- but is yours? There will not be other cases if the Spanish government gets their wish-cases like this will be handled by the International Court- . By the way, there was a hearing before the judge (Andreu) and HE accepted it- this is how the entire mess started.... this did not take 2.5 years...but a few weeks or less... what is it now? end of June- you think this is LONG?.
10. Thats ok...
Danny   (06.30.09)
They can file it again in a couple of years time or in lots of other countries. After all no one cares about the actual trial, it is about generating headlines and giving the sense that Israel is under seige for "abuses". Who wants to take the bet that the dropping of the trial won't be reported as widely as it being filed? Also hows that ICJ case going?
11. #1, it is actually the second time the same case
Danny   (06.30.09)
has been filed in Spain. Also it has been thrown out of at least 5 other countries by my count but we all know the people who are filing know there is no case they just want to generate headlines.
12. Shaked spirit has saved Ben Eliezer's neck to be hanged soon
observer   (06.30.09)
the massacre of 250 Egyptian prisoners who were executed by the Jewish State’s military during the 1967 war: Shaked spirit (rouh) is still in action.
13. Shaked spirit has saved Ben Eliezer's neck to be hanged soon
observer   (06.30.09)
the massacre of 250 Egyptian prisoners who were executed by the Jewish State’s military during the 1967 war: Shaked spirit (rouh) is still in action.
14. Lisa,Lisa-doesn't live in Israel,yet wants to tell us how we
should think& live ,   Go away you IDIOT.   (06.30.09)
stude ham   (06.30.09)
claiming some apartment construction near one of their 'villages' is a war crime and must be halted. good for BIBI to push ahead with the continued reclamation of our lands!
16. #14 from Lisa the idiot
Lisa   (06.30.09)
if you want to live in ignorance- be my guest. Nobody it telling what and how to think- you have to do your own thinking- this is why God gave you a brain- use it then. You make up your own stories and spread them around? Learn the truth- it works every time, LOL
17. Lisa
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (06.30.09)
First of all , why did you react to this ghotq [ or how is name is ] . Did'nt you see that this guy is'nt very smart , even if you take very low standards . This anon 14 . Anonymous is very near to the French : anonner [ Ane = donkey ] to talk as a donkey , stupid . And he talked this way . Your # 16 , very "sweet" . God gave you a brain , you wrote . Are you sure this 14 received one ? Belgium also dropped a case against former PM Sharon .
18. Observer , "great" references .
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (06.30.09)
Maybe you tell us that the Egyptians won this war too ? With the same kind of "references" of course .
19. #13 conveniently leaves out the Hebron massacre
better observer   (06.30.09)
of dozens of unarmed civilian Jews in 1929, murdered by Arabs for the sole reason of being Jews. The 35 strong Palmach unit in 1948 was massacred by bloodthirsty Arabs too on their way to Gush Etzion, because they let live the Arab shepherd they encountered along the way who went and informed on them to Arab villagers. The Maalot bus full of killed children by your beloved terrorists Ben Eliezer was fully justified to order the Egyptians who came to kill Jews to be killed. Most Israeli pilots and prisoners who fell in the hands of Egypt prior to that were lynched. Which Arabs are you going to hang for this? Smart Alec again?
20. #12
this is a falacy. israel found ALL IT'S JEWISH SOLDIERS CAPTURED BY SYRIA AND EGYPT SLAUGHTERED WITH THEIR PENISES STUFFED IN THEIR MOUTH. israeli army released egyptians and syrian prisoners and put them on boats to egypt through the suez crossing as well as trasferring syria's prisoners to syria. those left were only high ranking arab generals to be dealt with during the un cease fire after the war as bargaining chips to get our israeli captured back. as a matter of fact, there were so many egyptian soldiers captured that the idf and iaf could not handle all of them and put them on boats back to egypt from the sinai. this is a propaganda film that has been debunked a long time ago. only you still hold on the belief that this pallywood movie is real. hameed aboughaze
21. #17 Charles, my knight in shining armor
Lisa   (06.30.09)
thank you Charles- you are a gentleman to come to mu rescue, LOL Yes, sometimes I wonder if certain people do have a brain- or just mush... I like to give them the benefit of the doubt thought- sometimes we all make mistakes (well, I do for sure- but I am big enough to admit it) . I know it is not easy to get all the pertinent news- many papers are very biased and party oriented..... Having said this, I do not like people who spread lies or incorrect information..... other people will read it and pass on wrong info as well.... many people have been hurt this way....... THIS is my beef... I am glad Belgium dropped the case too, I think many people in Europe are beginning to see the pattern .... I notice the tide slowly turning.... we'll see.
22. #20 unfortunately, their videos showed clearly the foreskin
observer   (06.30.09)
but fortunately the Mossad made sure that the videos themselves disappear, lest people think the otherwise of birthright. lest there would be no "Praised be Thou, King of the world, who singled us out from all the nations and sanctified us by the covenant of circumcision." In Genesis 17:12 Moses states that Abraham was ordered to circumcise not only his son Isaac who at the time was not yet born but an the males born in his house, whether sons or servants, including the slaves. All of these were circumcised on one day together with Abraham; Ishmael too, who at the time was thirteen years of age, as the text informs us. Thus the convent or decree of circumcision encompasses the entire seed of all the descendants of Abraham, particularly Ishmael, who was the first seed of Abraham to be circumcised. Accordingly Ishmael is not only the equal of his brother Isaac, but he might even if this were to be esteemed before God be entitled to boast of his circumcision more than Isaac, since he was circumcised one year sooner. In view of this, the Ishmaelites might well enjoy a higher repute than the Israelites, for their forefather Ishmael was circumcised before Isaac, the progenitor of the Israelites, was born. They should be ashamed before the Ishmaelites, the Edomites, and other nations when they consider that they were at all times a small nation, scarcely a handful of people in comparison with others who were also Abraham's seed and were also circumcised,
23. #16 Lisa the IDIOT, is that the best you can do?? Blalh,ha,
ha,ha,ha,ha,ha,ha,ha ,   ha,ha,!! GO AWAY!!!   (06.30.09)
24. #21 So Lisa takes comfort from the atheist of the t/b's!
Nope,no sign of ,   brains on her part!!   (06.30.09)
25. #22 Weirder than Jacko, you are soon entering an asylum
better observer   (06.30.09)
your new roommates will definitely enjoy and understand your sophisticated world, and reply in kind Smart Alec?
26. #12 - Observer - the film has been debunked already
William ,   Israel   (07.01.09)
many times, infact. That's why Egypt dropped all attempts to sue israel and bring war crimes allegations against them. Because they had no proof of their claim against Israel, but Israel (and Britain and the US) did have proof of Egyptian atrocities against Israeli soldiers....alot of damning proof. You're a sap!
27. Mexico speaks of the sunrise, no doubt
Ypip ,   Canada   (07.01.09)
28. #22 And yet Abraham gave gifts to Ishmael and SENT HIM AWAY,
but the BLESSING he ,   gave to Issac(Jews)   (07.01.09)
29. 23 & 24 . Two cowards
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (07.01.09)
Who can only , 23 , insult and , 24 , who brings only some unrelated words . I can only pity both of you .
30. #29 Tut,tut,tut, poor Charles only HE can insult.Well it's a
new world today & ,   you are it's target!   (07.01.09)
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