Palestinians: IDF sanctions land theft
Aviad Glickman
Published: 30.06.09, 15:01
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1. do the the palies have deeds to prove the
ghostq   (06.30.09)
land was theirs, I dout it.
2. Stop Israeli Land Theft
Astory in a fairy tale does not entitle jews to take Palestinian land at will. Uphold the deed od title by Palestinians, and stop declaring every title deed as a forgery, or missing, or not worded correctly etc. beware jews: Pride goes before a fall! You will fall hard, very soon Israelis!
3. to #2 lol palis forge a lot of things including
ghostq   (06.30.09)
soft drinks and clothes, the fact that this was the first thing you broght up, means that it was the one the bother your conscience the most. criminals behavior to the max. don't you that even the name of the palis is not original and based on distortion(of the truth of course).
4. Michael Sfard
Ricardo Macher ,   KarneiShomron-Israel   (06.30.09)
Obviously this Sfard person is an employee of the PA! The only cases he gets are cases against Israel. It's he's right to sell his soul, but he should be denounced to the big public as what he is! To #2, sorry man, just think that you are afraid even to put a name or a location in your TB and you'll find all the answers!
5. Barak
Under Sharon, Olmert and Barak, the IDF did sanction land-theft of Jewish land by Arabs, for example the ethnic cleansing of Gaza and Northern Samaria, or more recently the theft of Peace House from its rightful owners. Hopefully Barak will join Sarkozy's government and give the Israeli MOD to a Zionist.
6. You cannot steal what it is yours to begin with!
The Doc ,   Haifa, Israel   (06.30.09)
7. #2
Jennie ,   US   (06.30.09)
#2 - You are a lying coward,who is afraid even to identifty himself ... Be sure that there isn't a more legitimate Jewish land, then the W.Bank being now housed by Jewish settlers and Arabs. The purchase of Samaria by our Forefathers thousands of years ago is very well recorded in wholy scriptures and manuscripts -stone by stone...In our time that land was purchased again legally by Jewish patriots.Israel's Jewish National Fund is keeping deeds...Our recorded history for 6000 years is the best proof, that we will also definetly survive little scum like yourself. ..
8. Palestinians are indigenous.
Jack ,   Us   (06.30.09)
The land is theirs every bit as much as it is Jewish. Genetic archeology proves that the Palestinians and diaspora Jews are descendants of the same population two thousand years ago. In other words the Palestinians are the descendants of the Israelite population that remained after the diaspora. Just google " y-chromosome Jew Palestinian" and read the articles from universities in Israel. 50% of Palestinians have same y-chromosome as Jews. Males of course. Another 30% have very close y-chrome with a 2.5 thousand year separation. You are descendats of the exact same Israelites. Brothers trying to steal each others birthrights.
stude ham   (06.30.09)
unless you believe anything the goyim tell you...
10. #7 Dream on!
PMT? The data, stated, Blau, was “political dynamite” and was suppressed by Defence Minister Ehud Barak. It was “dynamite” not because of what it revealed about expropriations - which Peace Now has faithfully tried to document - but because it showed that construction in the “vast majority of settlements - about 75 per cent - has been carried out without the appropriate permits or contrary to the permits that were issued”.’ Go put a pad on that.
11. ## 8 and 10
Jennie ,   NYC   (06.30.09)
You are dreaming the "1001 Nights" story and some "Blau" crap....Hope you are not mixing palestinians with ancient Philistines ? Why don't you show me a permit for palis to be and dwell in WB ? Give proof of palis being decendents of any ancient people with a recorded history. You can't because palis started as arab refugees from neighboring Arab countries, who were first expelled by King Abdulla I of Jordan about 62 years. It was Shimon Peres, who first gave them the name palestinians after Palestine- the name of the region during the British Mandate. Palis and the first refugee camps in Gaza were invented by Arab countries as a tool to fight and destroy Israel. That is the basic truth.How many times Israel needs to give up land for recognition and right to exist and get more war and terror in return from palis? Is it until they would reach the sea? Take a map, you looser and look up the region with open eyes...I can tell so much recorded and proven history of Israel's legitimacy until you turn blue, but none of this will change you or your ilk..there is onIy one factual history acceptable by the world, that I know. I believe in history, I believe in the lessons of history and thefore I believe in Israel !
12. #6 agree
ben Ish   (06.30.09)
ALL the land belongs to Israel. Morons like #8 don't care that Arabs have one thousand times the land in 35 countries because they are willfully ignorant of the fact that "Palestinian" is Arab. Facts don't matter to people that hate Jews. Unfortunately the rest of the world is just as stupid, or worse. A lot of people think pals are actually philistines, including some deluded arabs themselves. There is NO amount of self-eviscerating appeasement that will change hatred and ignorance. Unfortunately Obama is too stupid to realize that when he formally changes US alignment to Islamic, then Israel has no choice left but 120kt missiles.
13. contract between World Zionist Organization & Israeli couple
observer   (06.30.09)
The document, which surfaced in a case before Israel's Supreme Court, shows that the World Zionist Organization, acting as an agent of the Israeli government, took private Palestinian land in the West Bank and gave it to Jewish settlers, even though the state itself had declared the property off-limits to settlement. The affair points to a chaotic mix of a government at odds with itself and involved in murky real estate deals fronted by one of the Zionist movement's most respected organizations. The court gave the state two weeks to explain itself, during which time the settlers hastily completed construction of the homes. Then, in another reversal, the Defense Ministry froze the demolition plan, and left the case no closer to resolution. The affair also threw a spotlight on the World Zionist Organization, an international body founded more than 100 years ago that promotes Jewish education and immigration to Israel. The case before the Supreme Court involves not a flimsy "outpost," but Ofra, a full-blown settlement of 3,000 Jews, 15 miles north of Jerusalem. The contract shows that the settlement division authorized the Brodts to lease land allocated to Ofra even though Israel's Justice Ministry had declared it to be private Palestinian property. "It's like I was going to sell a house that didn't belong to me," said Dror Etkes, Yesh Din's settlement expert. "It's an international organization that is, simply put, stealing land." Obama has to act decisively, it's meddling into the US' internal affair not the Israel's.
14. #8 - If that's the case, then Muslims should accept Israel
William ,   Israel   (07.01.09)
If Pals are related to Israelis, then Israel is thus a partial Muslim state, by relation, and thus must be accepted by all other Muslim States immediately. Plus, as an added bonus, Israel can do whatever it wants to its population and no outcry will Muslims do in their own States. Right? Wait - by the way - you claim Pals are who are all the illegal immigrants who flooded the region by the hundreds of thousands in the mid-1930s from Iraq, Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, and Saudi Arabia? If Pals were indigenous, why did they speak 20 different languages among themselves in the mid-1920s? If Pals are considered a unique population (as you apparently claim)....then why do genetics testing show them as 110% Arab, just like in Medina? Not sure Pals were there when Moses crossed the Red Sea, G-d gave the 10 Commandments, and Israelites took ownership of Israel and built Temples and Kingdoms.
15. #13 - Hard to believe when only 5% of Land was private
William ,   Israel   (07.01.09)
According to Turkish records at WWI - only 5% of the region of Palestine was in private hands, the rest belonged to various Sultanate rulers. So how is it that one place in the West Bank a settlement is built, it happens right on private land? Pretty interesting odds. However, even more interesting is the records of the British Mandate period citing massive illegal Arab immigration and the squatting of Arab occupants who used to rent the land to work it but stole it from the Turkish owner when he fled during the War. By law, that land is no a ward of the State, not private individuals who can grab what they can quickly. Perhaps these Palis have a deed, or something tangible to show?
16. Don't bring Harry, g-d forbid
Ypip ,   Canada   (07.01.09)
17. #15 and 6% Jewish land claimed 96% of Israel 48
observer   (07.01.09)
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