Shalit deal; the day after
Eitan Haber
Published: 30.06.09, 23:46
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1. Who cares what Eshkol, Begin and Shamir did...
Joe ,   Ramat Gan   (07.01.09)
The fact that their actions were and still are morally reprehensible doesn't excuse Bibi from making the same mistakes they made. The buck needs to stop somewhere- so why not here, where the price is so egregious and there is no substantive proof that Shalit is alive?
2. ok then .. donnt release terrorists,,[ from both sides]
Jalal ,   Gaza   (07.01.09)
3. So simple. o-bum-a demands peace talks. When Shalit is
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (07.01.09)
returned there will be peace talks, not until. o-bum-a wants aid to gaza, return Shalit and let aid in, they are not starving, they are living in misery of their own choice.
4. Ultimatum
Kyle ,   Dothan   (07.01.09)
Israel should state a final deal of a certain number of prisoners (maybe 400 lesser criminals) and a complete opening of the Gaza crossings in exchange for Gilad, or... Israel will begin targeted killings of Hamas leadership (political and militant) within 24 hours... Assasinations would start at the bottom of the leadership and work it's way up until Shalit is freed or Meshal is dead.
5. Just go *Blblblblblllblll!!!*
Ypip ,   Canada   (07.01.09)
6. very well written
eddie ,   london UK   (07.01.09)
All that he says is true, and it is not easy. There were many who criticised the release of Ron Arad's abductors as a swap for Tennenbaum. ANd the release of more terrorists for the 2 bodies from Lebanon. But just as they are forgotten, so will this be. Personally, I htink they should have done this before the gaza war, then at least taken som pride in assasinating a few of the released terrorirsts in the war!
7. #6, forgotten until the next soldier is kidnapped
Danny   (07.01.09)
which sure as night follows day will happen if shalit is exchanged. One also has to ask the morality of sending soldiers in to capture terrorists when they are going to be released a few years later in an exchange?
8. We don't have to invent hot water
Ariel Ben Yochanan ,   Kfar Tapuah, Efraim,   (07.01.09)
B"H Jews have been kidnapped all along the centuries. There is halacha on the issue. We don't have to invent hot water every time we have a shower. Our sages teach us not to pay more than a hostage's worth. In the Shalit case this means one terrorist with no blood on his hand. This is the price Jews can agree for his release: one terrorist with no blood on his hand. They ask for more? It’s a casus belli, reason for war.
10. #7 I don't disagree with you
eddie ,   london UK   (07.01.09)
The same could be said about fighting any war, since they will give the land back a few years late anyway! The Shalit case actually has a political meaning which is not widely discussed. Before he was kidnappe, and his colelagues were killed, the army wished to have some structures in Gaza demolished - for this very reason. the High court did not give permission. So when peopel Like Justice Barak talk about "human rights" it is their responsibility for the kidnap of Shalit, and the human cost of this. Also, the release of terrorists with bloody hands, is agian the ultimate responsibilty of the human rights leflists who allowed the abduction to take place. In the 2nd Lebanon war, and in the West Bank operations under sharon, the IDF principle of "Tohar Neshek" actually cost many lives of IDF soldiers. So why should peopel serve in an army, where their safety is not of prime importance, but the safety of enemy colalteral is more important.?
11. Shalit Is Expendable To The Politicians
World Citizen ,   the world   (07.01.09)
He is just a play thing to be bandied about for votes. Especially for the right wing kooks who now govern your country. "No negotiations with terrorists!" they shout out endlessly. Meanwhile this young man's life is slowly fading away. His family's life is a daily grind of mental torture. It has been three years and still they wait. Enough, it's time for the politicians to free the many innocent Palestinians they hold in their prisons. Only then can Gilad Shalit come home. Do the right thing. Help the Palestinians and the Shalits reunite their families.
12. Negotiations must be contigent on proof of life
Darren ,   Oakland, CA   (07.01.09)
to insist on anything else is foolishness.
13. oh mr. haber
salloom ,   jerusalem   (07.01.09)
to day there is plenty soaps in the supermarket and there is chlorine and plenty of water golan is flaoted over a sea of pure water ans we can use the water of the dea .. all of thid is to clean the blood on the hands .. god give his forgivness to evry one but not to be kafer and i think that only the god can know who is the kafer and who had blood on his hands
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