UN probe in Gaza: Especially painful testimonies
Ali Waked
Published: 30.06.09, 21:33
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stude ham   (06.30.09)
next time israel, finish the job you started in gaza. hamas must be disintegrated! as for the UN dung... let it hit the fan in their faces. we know too well the poison the UN slings around israel.
2. UN probe in Gaza: Especially painful testimonies
SOL ,   JEW TOWN   (06.30.09)
3. "PARTICULARLY painful"??? Liars!
Antonio ,   Haifa   (06.30.09)
Their government waged for on Israel for years, and they haven't even touched on true horrors of war like many other populations at war, like those in Sri Lanca a couple months ago. Yet the lying UN, once again presents the aggressor population as the biggest victims. What exactly is more painful there than in any other war? Especially when this war only lasted several weeks?
4. mr. goldstone
the trauma and suffering and fear of terror and everyday mutilations, explosions and death BY HAMAS MISSILES LOBBED FROM GAZA ON A DAILY BASIS FOR 3 YEARS have caused much much more post trauma distorders in jewish israeli children than a three week israeli response in gaza. i am sure you can see the difference between three years and 10,000 missiles directed at an innocent population and that population's army's need to put a stop to this terror and protect the country and its citizenry. now, sir, please move to sderot and experience sometimes 200-300 missiles raining on your children's school, kindergardens, homes and buses, streets, etc... i hope you also investigate YOUR response to this crime.
5. the Iranians are the true Palestinians
6. UN Investigation
Harris ,   West Palm Beach, USA   (06.30.09)
Of course, there has been suffering on the part of the citizens of Gaza as a result of a war. And how about the citizens of Sderot? What the U.N. misses is a matter of context. If you interviewed the citizens of Dresden in 1946 or the citizens of Japan after the nuclear bombs of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, there would be accounts of great suffering. But what about the context of Pearl Harbor and the Nazi attempt to exterminate the Jews? Without context of Hamas and why the war started, the U.N. investigation is just another character assasination aimed at Israel.
.........DACON9   (06.30.09)
8. Half of Sderot toddlers suffer from PTSD
Zvi   (06.30.09)
9. They got what they deserved. Move on...
Nour (real) ,   Land of Israel   (06.30.09)
10. Did you do the same for the people of Sderot?
Disgusted ,   Sderot, Israel   (06.30.09)
Of course not.
11. They got exactly what they voted for
Ken ,   Miami USA   (06.30.09)
No one should feel sorry for people who support terrorists.
12. Those brave little Gazans
William ,   Israel   (06.30.09)
Thank G-d the UN has taken the initiative to bring these tragic stories of the Gazans to light in the world regarding their suffering at the hands of Israel. Oh, did they include the stories of families of Fatah men thrown from high buildings and are fearing for their lives? Did they include the strong human spirit in Gazan families for enduring attacks by Hamas men, especially seeing them place weapons in civilian houses, use their children to retrieve rocket launchers, and one special family that was locked in their own booby-trapped house? I hope the UN added the stories of brave doctors and journalists who, in the face of Hamas retribution, brought forth the truth of those killed during the war and false claims of fuel and food shortages. It must have been especially "painful" to hear testimony from older Gazans who reminisced about the "better days" when Israel ruled the Strip. But then again - how could these brave souls share their stories when Hamas was there 24/7 and the UN showed no interest in them? How exactly is this investigation different from those in Iran or Saddam's Iraq when the trial was simply a show justifying a pre-determined verdict?
13. painful?
alan ,   Texas   (06.30.09)
The arabs suffer pain and trauma at the hands of the arab leaders they elected. then everyone blames Israel.
14. How about listening to the testimonies of the Rowandan's or
the Sudanese? They ,   turned a blind eye.   (06.30.09)
15. Whay,whay,whay, kee it up & we'll call them all a damn wham
bulance!!!!Whaaaay, ,   whaaay,whaay.!!!!!!   (06.30.09)
ANDREW ,   MIAMI,FL   (06.30.09)
17. GREAT!!!
eliezer ,   jerusalem   (06.30.09)
We Jews were the victims of the Arabs missile attacks, I hope they remember who the victims were.
18. Will Shalit be allowed to testify about his living condition
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (07.01.09)
Will he be allowed to see the Red Cross. Bunnie to UN, you think it is raining but the world is pissing on you.
19. Contemplate the possibility
Sarah ,   New York City, USA   (07.01.09)
... no, the likelihood .... that all this "testimony" (and I use the term loosely because testimony is per force supposed to be factual and the stuff and nonsense being spouted is scarcely that) is born out of Palestinian flights of fancy about what the truth SHOULD be rather than what it IS. If the United Nations really doesn't mind being played for fools by a bunch of terrorists and terrorist sympathizers, so be it. You're not fooling the Israelis, though. We've dealt with you for far too long, and we know what you are all about. Frankly .... we are not impressed. The United Nations is a gullible pack of idiots.
20. Psychological damages
Takan ,   Eilat   (07.01.09)
"The amount of killing and blood that they have seen or that their relatives have suffered from leads to negative psychological feelings, to radicalism and a cycle of violence". He's 100% right. That mickey Mouse lookalike being beaten to death by a Jew on a children TV show has probably damaged those innocent minds. Shooting guns at wedding or teachings of martyrdom and honnor killings must surely be tough to assimilate for a young child. It sure didn't help when their elders starting throwing each others from rooftops or shooting each other in the kneecap not long ago. Imagine the impact on our kids if we were to have them distribute candies and tell them to dance and rejoice everytime a Jew or an American was killed in the world. Mr Goldstone, these kids were deeply traumatised from birth by an education in hate and violence. These kids are raised to glorify the death of their ennemies and their own. OCL (Operation cast lead) was not a brutal war that traumatised a whole generation of innocent peace loving kids as you try to convince us all. You are either stupid, blind or, as usual, politicaly motivated. You are blaming the wrong side for all the trauma, Sir.
21. UN White Wash (again)
bobo ,   Mechanicsburg USA   (07.01.09)
Yeah, that's the way to get at the truth, ask the play actors that are starring in the role of victums. Is anyone actually believing this is going to be anything other than a white wash and BS like the rest of the UN bias funded by Ismalists? I guess only Arabs can suffer huh? This guy is obviously trying to appoligize and take the blame on behalf of Jews everywhere for every thing that has ever gone wrong with the world in the past, currently and in the future. man we Jews are bad people aren't we? Don't bother to waste your time on it.
22.  UN probe in Gaza
Sruly ,   Israel   (07.01.09)
Where are the victim of the rocket attacks on Negev towns and schools. Where are the testimonies of the people who were killed and maned by the Hamas attacks day and night. Why is this so one sided? Maybe the UN is leaning in one obvious direction and looking for a predetermined outcome. To hell with the UN, Israel should return one rocket into GAZA for every Rocket Hamas shoots out of GAZA.
23. Sarah #19
We know about your flights of fancy, so try and find just one humane gene inside that bitter, twisted body of yours. #10, Mr Goldstone would love to talk to the people of Sderot, but Israel WON'T let him in to do it! Why? Has Israel something bad to hide, like maybe the truth????
24. #22
How many people were killed by rockets in Negev? How many people were injured by rockets in the Negev? How many rockets were fired into the Negev over how many years? (you can pick a number between 6,000 and 11,000, over between 3-8 years). Be truthful now, and don't exagerate.
25. To: No. 23
Sarah ,   New York City, USA   (07.03.09)
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