Endorsing Palestinian apartheid
Jonathan Dahoah-Halevi
Published: 02.07.09, 23:43
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1. Why? Because propaganda works.
JPS ,   Efrat   (07.03.09)
Repeat a lie often enough, and people believe it. That's why you have otherwise sane people bleat out "the palestinians have the legitimate right to resist the occupation". No they don't. Even Amnesty International came out today and said that rocket attacks on Israel are clearly war crimes by Palestinians. Is Israel apartheid? Of course not, if you bother to compare the facts of Israel vs the old apartheid South Africa. However, the Palestinian media advisors get paid a lot of money, and the Palestinians and their paid lobbyists repeat the lie again and again - that's why the Palestinians have carte blanche to commit war crimes, and that's why no Jews live in "Palestine", but we're the apartheid state. Israel has a 20% minority of Arabs with full civil rights, but Palestinians insist on ethnic cleansing to make sure there will be no Jews in a Palestinian state. I'm not worried. With repeated conclusions by world bodies like Amnesty and HRW that the Palestinians are guilty of war crimes, the world is slowly waking up to that reality.
2. One State Solution
The most moral answer would be to have a one state solution with a secular government in which all citizens have equal and full rights. They all must have equal access to housing, jobs, political infrastructures, and their respective religous sites. The problem (which, to me, is not a problem) with this is that it means there is no "Jewish" or "Muslim" character to the state. Noone will agree to such a state so the two state solution has been seen as the compromise. Israel keeps resisting the compromise and soon there will be no other choice but a secular non religous state for ALL people. The population of both groups are already equal anyway.
3. Simply the most intelligent piece in Ynet's history
Besalel ,   Kew Gardens, NY   (07.03.09)
Spot on!
4. UN's double standards
Steve   (07.03.09)
Its ridiculous to say that Israel must allow Arabs who identify as Palestinian to live in Israel, with full rights, but at the same time say that the Palestinians are allowed to create a state and kick all Jews out because they are Jews. Its anti-Semitism. This is not the Spanish Inquisition, and the demand that Jews be expelled from the 'West Bank' is both ludicrous and unfair. However, we must be understanding of the UN. You see, the UN has certain double standards which it needs to maintain. Lately the Obama Administration has also decided that these double standards must be maintained. You see, if the UN treated Israel fairly and in an unbiased manner, the double standard would collapse, and the UN would not be needed as the double standard is no longer there. I think this (http://protestwarrior.com/new_signs.php?sign=27) is the perfect description of the UN. For those who can't be bothered clicking the link, it has a picture of the UN building under the words "You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy."
5. agreed, how about the one state solution, like South Africa.
Sami ,   Atlanta, USA   (07.03.09)
6. #1 - JPS, It doesn't matter what AI and HRW say...
Joe ,   Ramat Gan   (07.03.09)
... regarding Arab war crimes. The fact is that nobody will listen to them once they do speak the truth. We all know about the boy who cried wolf, right? Guess what, these guys have been guarding the wolf all this time...
7. Why? Israel's lazy, leftist Foreign Ministry won't its job
Dr. L. Brnd ,   San Diego, USA   (07.03.09)
It would seem impossible in the face of a racist, exclusivist "palestinian" entity that wants no Jews on its soil that Israel, the most socially diverse society in the world (certainly in the Mideast), with 180 ethnicities and 1 million Arabs as citizens, is called "Apartheid", while the PA (or the Saudis) are not. Compare photos of the faces of the children in Israeli and PA kindergartens, and the world can easily be shown who is Apartheid and racist. But the brain dead Foreign Ministry apparatchiks don't like to dirty their hands with "propaganda", lest their cocktail friends at TAU disapprove. This PR failure was starkly apparent in the Lebanon and Gaza wars - FM sat on the sidelines, after promising a "truth offensive". Nothing happened. Not all Livni's fault, but her total failure to lead her snoozing FM troops to counter arab propaganda disqualified her as PM material.
8. This article clarifies
Robert Haymond ,   Ashdod, Israel   (07.03.09)
much that has been in my mind and I give thanks to the author. I do not like the terms "occupation" nor "settlements". The former implies that we don't belong in Judaea and Samaria whereas Arabs, who are supposedly the "occupied", do belong in Israel proper. The latter term, "settlement", implies that we are not permanent, that we don't naturally belong in the Westbank whereas if we were to utilize a term such as "village", "town" or even "city", the perspective might be considerably different.
9. The 'right of return' vs 'illegal settlements'
James Hovland   (07.03.09)
International law is very clear on both issues.
10. We, the people don't and this must be at the forefront
kate b ,   uk   (07.03.09)
of ALL your 'peace' talks that 'Palestine' IS apartheid, just like Saui. Everyone bends over backwards to accommodate the ARab 'palestinians' and their Saudi sponsored Wahabi/salafist Islam that their taxes are going to teach their kids from babes. Actually any Islam, is anti kuffr and all your neighbours follow the ideology - there cannot be peace with this ideology bred into its people. ...Not all follow it, but they're not the ones in charge.
11. Who are Palestinians?
Avraham   (07.03.09)
I have been trying for years (even writing letters to JP!) to have some justification for calling the Arabs living between the Jordan River and the Meditteranian Sea- Palestinians?! Palestine cesed to exist by UN adoption of the British Partition Plan in 1947, just as former Yugoslavia did in the Nineties of the last century! Are those Arabs descendents of the Roman time Philistines? If it could be historically proved - OK and let them have their own country under that name und live Israel be a Jewish country, as already history and archeology proved it. That is why I approve the author's point of view.
12. Get real, please!
tamara goldstoff ,   BIRMINGHAM, UK   (07.03.09)
The demand by the palestinians to get the jews out of palestine is not meant to be racist, but just a consequence of the occupation. If the settlers would be willing to live as palestinian citizens in Palestine, that would be acceptable to a majority of palestinians, but not as the case is now, as israeli citizens under israeli army protection and isolated from the palestinians. Compare this with the demand made by the zionsit organisations in the years after the 2nd WW for "Jewish Labour", saying:" stop employing arabs, use jewish workers, this was not meant to be anti-arab, it was meant to foster a jewish proletariat.
13. The entire concept of “right of return” is to demolish Israe
Dave Ronen ,   Haifa   (07.03.09)
The whole intent of the so-called “right of return” is to destroy the Jewish state. The Palestinians claim the right for those who fled what became Israel during the 1947-48 war and for all their descendants. The idea is to overwhelm the Jewish population and demolish Israel. The concept of “right of return” serves only as a weapon against Israel. But who is the real responsible for the actual situation ? Truth and facts at : http://xrl.us/bkj57
14. Well said!!!
Terry ,   Chicago, IL   (07.03.09)
Then, once both entities have sizable non-citizen populations, we merge the two and create Israelestine. It's the only feasible solution: Palestinians and Jews lived peacefully for hundreds of years prior to the illegal immigrants' "return"... and they can do so once again.
15. hypocrisy
Charlie ,   Woodmere, NY   (07.03.09)
The author astutely points out the contradiction in the international public opinion toward the conflict. The Gaza disengagement, which entails the complete destruction of all Jewish life and presence in Gaza, was universally accepted as a step in the right direction toward peace. Yet, any suggestion of Israel proper being of Arabs is considered anathema and contrary to peace. It will be interesting to see how many Jews, in the name of peace, can remain within Judea and Samaria, even on land that may eventually become a Palestinian state. How does roughly 20% Jewish of the new state's population sound? That would put it on sound and similar footing with today's Israel. Don't hold your breath for acceptance of such a formula.
16. Arab World's Hypocritical Delusions
Rob ,   Toronto, Canada   (07.03.09)
Such an obvious question and most serious concern, so blatantly and conveniently ignored by the world community: Why does the world accept the notion of a Palestinian state free of Jews? This question is so patently hypocritical and yet disturbingly dismissed. The Arab world's belief in a 'Judenrein' Palestinian state will assuredly only lead to another war for Israel's survival, perhaps sooner than later.
17. Solution to Gaza Evacuees
18. Nothing wrong with apartheid. Guarrantee of cultural freedom
Doron Katz ,   Sydney, Australia   (07.03.09)
I find it rediculous that South Africa's old regime is looked upon with disgust. there is nothing wrong with a separation of people who cannot get along.
19. #12, yeah except the issue is that
Danny   (07.03.09)
the Jews who lived in what is now Israel for centuries didn't live in Tel Aviv and Ramat Gan, they lived in East Jerusalem, Hebron etc. What the author is saying is that it is perfectly acceptable - almost unquestioned in some quarters - to uproot Jews but some sort of catastrophe requiring the focus of the world if it is arabs. Why is a PLO charter that calls for the physical expulsion of all Jewish immigrants after 1917 perfectly OK but a suggestion by Leiberman that future state of Palestine include some arab villages - just a redrawing of a line with no physical movement of anything - "racist"? How would you react to a party that calls for all immigrants or descendents of immigrants who won't live as "english citizens" in england to be expelled?
20. #14, yeah apart from the massacres and expulsions
Danny   (07.03.09)
under the arabs and ottomans, it was all hugs and kisses.
21. like South Africa
David Sinclair ,   Tshwane South Africa   (07.03.09)
No comparison. The blacks don't have a "holy book" saying they must fight the whites "until". Take the rotten egg called islam out of the equation, then you can talk.
22. Scary Stuff...
Nathan Rai ,   Bangalore   (07.03.09)
Ok for ethnic cleansing of Jews from Arab countries. Not OK for the protection wall to keep educationally challenged zombie psychopathic murderers out. Ok for Samir Kuntar to murder a small girl. Not OK for Dan Halutz, an air warrior to defend his nation. OK for "resistance" ( Yassin / UN / Human Rights speak murder of civilians Jews ). Not OK of targetted killings of rabid cowardly murderers. Are we, the world implicitly accepting and promoting Judenrein under the 'auspices' of the UN ? The scary part is Israel considering / accepting / promoting this as OK stuff.
23. Creating a Palestinian Apartheid State...
Chaim ,   Israel   (07.03.09)
Ariel Natan Pasko wrote about this back in 2004, see: http://beirut.indymedia.org/ar/2004/12/2071.shtml http://www.opinioneditorials.com/guestcontributors/apasko_20041228.html http://www.freeman.org/m_online/jan05/pasko.php http://www.israelnationalnews.com/Articles/Article.aspx/4600
24. No. 22 Your talkback is better than the article. Well done
Poitcha ,   Israel   (07.03.09)
25. Why isnt Jordan promoted as their state?
freejay333 ,   Israel   (07.03.09)
Like it was originally mandated! I wish our gutless politicians would promote this idea.....but for some strange reason they never do! That is the ONLY realistic solution! Let them practice their racism and hatred of jews there!
26. #5 Sami, In SA you cant get a job if your skin is White
Rebecca ,   Modiin   (07.03.09)
You cant own a company on your own if your skin is White. You cant even have a will that states where you want your money to go, if its not to a black institution. Yeh, lack of apartheid is great. It's why so many whites are Leaving South African. They can no longer live there. We dont want that in Israel.
27. Palestine willl be the home of Arab refugees not Israel
JO   (07.03.09)
This is the only logical, rational, just and fair solution, whether they agree to it or not. Israel is a State of it's own and already has an Israel Arab population who are citizens. This "demand" will never be agreed to however much it is demanded and the world recognises the fairness and logic of this. Let Palestine prove if can provide and become a proper State with all the infurstructure, economic industry, education, medical care, that is required of a healthy country. It will not be easy (Israel in the 1950 did not have UN aid and it was tough living but it built on)
28. One state solution means...
Yosi   (07.03.09)
a civil war you`ve never seen before in a tiny land.
steve ,   Tel Aviv   (07.03.09)
Israel is a distinct society, and like the French majority in Canada's province of Quebec, should be approached as such, n'est pas?
30. Why? Very simple -- it's called anti-semitism.
Rob Stevens ,   USA   (07.03.09)
It's time to admit it!
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