Israel to deport peace activists sailing to Gaza
Efrat Weiss
Published: 01.07.09, 00:13
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1. Theyn are not peace activists. They are terror-abetors.
Jake   (07.01.09)
Full stop.
2. send them to us please
rashid ,   palistinian   (07.01.09)
we have nothing to eat nothing to drink no qurans i no eat 7 days please help us no medicine believe me send us money in euros please and cement yaanee quickly this is war crime and human rights no electricity no water where is justic please 21 people come to us quickly i dont know how long we can hold on believe me people are falling all around me like flies and the shildren ya haram the shildren
3. Make them pay for all expenses incurred, then deport them.
Mike   (07.01.09)
Seize the boat, levy a fine against the owners. In other words, turn this adventure into a very expensive lesson, to make them think twice about a "next time".
4. Israel enforces laws against terrorist supporters.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (07.01.09)
5. Israel enforces laws against terrorist supporters.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (07.01.09)
What a wonderful day. Kadima would have served them tea and crumpets.
6. Deport them immediately
Steve   (07.01.09)
These people have tried to deliver supplies to Gaza, and if they had been successful, Hamas would have seized everything they had. Such idiots are a threat to the security of the state. I call on the Israeli Government to deport these people immediately and permanently ban them from entering Israel or Gaza.
7. Man o man, maybe the most self-righteous crew ever..........
Cameron ,   USA   (07.01.09)
stopped at sea. What a pompous cloak that lot wear.
8. Deportation?? A war cime!
William ,   Israel   (07.01.09)
How dare Israel enforce its sovereign borders and not allow these non-Visa holding intruders to travel on to Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, and hold conferences with NGOs targeting Israel while dining on fine foods in choice hotels. It's a travesty, I tell ya....
9. "We are Palestinians"
William ,   Israel   (07.01.09)
" I don't know how in 60 years, people haven't internalized the fact that the Arabs living here are Palestinians." Oh believe me - we know this very well. Every time you call for Israel to be dismantled, every time you help a Pal terrorist into the country with intent to kill civilians, every time you instigate violence when you are expected to do even the most basic citizenship activities - like pay taxes. Yes - we know this very well you are Palestinians in your heart....the question is....when will YOU internalize it and join your brothers and sisters in Jordan?
10. Israel - turn this into a PR success
William ,   Israel   (07.01.09)
"Berlin still has not thrown in the towel. "It isn't over till the fat lady sings. They took our boat, so we'll get a freighter." Turn this into a success, Israel. After throwing these parasites out of the country, invite the global press to watch the IDF unload the items and deliver them to the UN for distribution (except the cement). Make a big PR issue out of it, underscoring their thanks to the activists for their donation and a warning that proper channels can and should be used in the future. It makes Israel look human and steals the thunder of the activists, especially the next time when they try to run the one will care.
11. Israeli-Arabs on the boat - what to do? what to do?
William ,   Israel   (07.01.09)
Hana Araf, of Meilia village in the Galilee, uncle of Houida Araf, one of the Israeli-American citizens on the Gaza-bound boat said, "She didn't do anything against the law" Ahem....yes she did. The law clearly states that NO Israeli citizens are to enter Palestinian areas, especially not Gaza. That's one. Houida clearly violated immigration law by coming into a military zone, then into Israel where she did not go through immigration. Be lucky Hana that your niece is simply deported and not thrown in jail for immigration violation. I too would receive the same treatment had I attempted the goofy antics Houida did - and I'm Jewish.
12. 'Peace' Activists? Who are they kidding?
vit ,   usa   (07.01.09)
'Peace' Activists? Who are they kidding? It seems these people simply use the term 'peace' as a cover for their agenda. And their agenda is to back Radical Islamic elements. FACT: During WWII there were similar idiots that said Hitler was fighting for peace.
13. So far your Pink Floyd's most annoying album
Ypip ,   Canada   (07.01.09)
The Israeli government does not understand that time is on our side.
14. Keep Cynthia McKinney. We don't want her back. In fact, you
can ship her saddle ,   off to Tehran.USA   (07.01.09)
15. Deport them to Gaza
Sarah ,   New York City, USA   (07.01.09)
Let them ply their so-called "humanitarian" trade there. Of course, it is entirely one thing to be a wealthy European who adopts a questionable cause, and quite another thing to deal with Hamas terrorists on the ground. Should be an interesting lesson for these interfering, uninformed do-gooders.
16. New Idiot-financed Revenue Streams
Roy ,   USA   (07.01.09)
IDF needs to keep the boat, which entered illegally in spite of orders to turn around. They can confiscate it like the US does to "assets" of drug criminals, and sell it to finance "smartbombs" to use against Iran!
17.  Boat intercepted;fingerprinted and facing deportation....
USA   (07.01.09)
Wow. Now that was worth it ---NOT.
18. Attention: "Activists:"
usa   (07.01.09)
Humanitarian supplies would have been siezed by Hamas and either sold at an infamous mark-up to Gaza's citizens or just plain stolen and traded for more weapons. Serves them right, these cynics who cover themselves in the mantle of humanitarianism when their real goal is purely political.
19. Piracy on the high seas
Naftali Lavie   (07.01.09)
The SPIRIT OF HUMANITY did not endanger the security of Israel. It was in international waters. It was carrying humanitarian supplies required for rebuilding Gaza from the devastation caused by Israel in its 22-day assault in December-January. Now, what remains to be done is indict top Israeli political and military personnel for the crime of piracy on the high seas. Slowly but surely, Israeli brutality is tightening the noose around its own neck. Palestine will be free. Jews and Arabs will live together in peace. Zionisy brutality will be a long-forgotten nightmare.
20. Next time try Egyptian land border. Good luck, morons!
Nour (real) ,   Land of Israel   (07.01.09)
21. Same Houida Araf that leads the ISM?
Susan ,   Oregon, USA   (07.01.09)
If this is the same woman, you can read an interview with her in that predates the first deaths of ISM volunteers, in which she says, 'When foreigners get killed, then the world will notice.' This woman puts foolish peace activists in harm's way, where they get killed and wounded, sending them into the middle of firefights, using them as human shields. They were caught hiding weapons in their office, and tricked volunteers into helping transport the two British suicide bombers. They're not peace activists at all, but aides to terrorists.
22. Deport them
ezer   (07.01.09)
These law breakers are lucky to be deported. Anywhere else and their boat would have been sunk. Next time they should show some support for the real victim, Gilad Shalit. They are too hypocritical to admit it.
23. Distractions and centre of attention !
John ,   UK   (07.01.09)
With the Iranian Crisis uppermost in peoples minds, and Iraqi restoration, afghanistan, lebanon, somalia, Hezbollah,Hamas, Iranians, and the palestinian propaganda machine are desperate to get the worlds news focus back on the the palestinians of Gaza. They will try any public stunt to get back at the topof the news headlines. The world is switched on to much more unstable situations.
24. "Humanitarian crisis" in Gaza.
Dave Ronen ,   Haifa   (07.01.09)
The “blockade” such as it is, can end any time that Hamas releases kidnapped soldier Gilad Shalit, revokes the genocidal Hamas Charter and agrees to recognize the right of Israel to exist and to negotiate peace with Israel. EU and USA financial contributions are being used to maintain a lawless, genocidal extremist regime that persecutes Christians and to finance terrorism against Israel. The problem to the solution in the Middle East is the jihadist ideology to whose followers it is their religious duty to fight the infidels and therefore any peace treaty or hudna can only be temporary. Peace is by definition impossible until we tackle the jihadists”. As to human rights let’s be fair :
25. Hamas routinely diverts humanitarian aid.
Dave Ronen ,   Haifa   (07.01.09)
After rebuking Israel for preventing humanitarian aid to flow into Gaza, UN officials were forced to cancel deliveries of aid into the Hamas-controlled territory after terrorists broke into a UN Relief and Works Agency warehouse and made off with 800 tons of blankets, food and other basic commodities to sell them to the highest bidders. Israeli officials have been saying all along that Hamas routinely diverts humanitarian aid. Fuel trucks destined for UNRWA warehouses were overtaken. A few month ago, It was reported that Hamas gunmen had hijacked more than 10 trucks destined for the Palestinian Red Crescent Society full of food and medical supplies. More at :
26. Israeli law says no Israelis may enter Gaza...
what makes this young Israeli lady so special? why does she feel that she MUST be allowed to break the law? If she violated the laws of the United States she'd be arrested right? So what's the difference?
27. "Time is on our side".
Jake   (07.01.09)
No, darling. Time is not your side. Most of your group, other than the Arabs with you, are a minor collection of toothless hags with no clue or support. Even Cyprus has now fed up with you, you and the the terror boat from Iran that tried to pull a similar stunt via Cyprus. Israel already turned all its cheeks with you, but you used up your nine lives. My suggestion to you is - fold up your tents and get the hell out of the Mediterranean, because Israel will continue to turn back your terror-supporting boats from reaching Gaza, as it is her right.
28. to #27 jake it's not time, they help people
ghostq   (07.01.09)
that based their entire history on false facts and distortion of truth, on pages of history these activists will be remember as clowns who looked for trobles, considering the truth always reveled, and palis got no deeds or archiology to back any of their claim more than two thirds of west bank villages didn't exist befor the 80's. up untill than they were called arab gangs(turm that was set by the british). the name palistinian is racist curse word, in witch they r so proud of if onlly they knew where it came from. so in other words, noone want to deal with them cause they r trobble makers, even in Lebanon they startes shooting at the lockal population. and to had things worse they got natzi past, Arafat uncle was very active in the natzism regim. as the song sais you know it sad but true.
29. Bankrupt the 'Free Gaza Movement'
Steve   (07.01.09)
The Free Gaza Movement has repeatedly broken the law and its delivery of supplies to Hamas, Gaza's terrorist government poses a threat to Israel's security. The Israeli Government should confiscate the boats on the grounds that they have been used to aid terrorism. Furthermore, the Israeli Government should take legal action against the Free Gaza Movement in both Israeli and foreign courts on the grounds that this organisation has aided Hamas, resulting in deaths and property damage in Southern Israel.
30. William, we like you and need more like you
all jewish families ,   in iIsrael   (07.01.09)
Great comments.
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