Gaza: Hamas imposes 'Koran levy'
Ali Waked
Published: 02.07.09, 22:11
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1. Stir-fried Koran, anybody?
William ,   Israel   (07.02.09)
Can we begin to replace basic food staples and fuel with stacks of Korans? If anyone complains of being hungry, let them eat a few Suras.
2. you cant use a koran to buy a meal or pay your bill
zionist forever   (07.02.09)
Taxing for unemployment allowances is one thing but taxing for koran study is something else. If Hamas view koran study as so important why not after schools take over a few classes and voulenteers come and teach koran? Everybody gets to learn koran & it doesn't cost them anything extra in taxes. Look to groups like Chabad .. they see Torah study and outreach as very important but they don't tax people to pay for their work its run through charity. I don't think Hamas are going to be making themselves any friends with this tax.
3. Oh pleeese...School's out for summer
Ypip ,   Canada   (07.02.09)
School's been blown to pieces
4. not too swift
seju ,   usa   (07.03.09)
but what do you expect? Perhaps this will serve as another nail in the collective coffin of hamas.
5. stir fried?
rust ,   malaysia   (07.03.09)
yup, if u look it that way, no different than the israel 'God-chosen' settlers, and the evangalicals 'jesus second coming' wonder we dont have peace anywhere. let's not forget, extremisism is everywhere not only in islam.
6. They're taxing to indoctrinate kids
Zvi   (07.03.09)
And many of those whom they are taxing are Fatah supporters.
7. HA!! And yet OUR G-d says"Freely you have received, freely
give". Hashem,allah, ,   No brainer there.   (07.03.09)
8. It is already included w/in 15% VAT on all Fiction Books.
JMK ,   NYC   (07.03.09)
9. Hamas imposes a radical Islam.
Dave Ronen ,   Haifa   (07.03.09)
Hamas regime was not elected as such. Yes, it won an election but then seized total power by a bloody coup against the PA. Now, it imposes a radical Islamist regime on its unfortunate subjects. Hamas has no policy for creating jobs or raising living standards. Its educational system doesn’t teach useful skills or civic virtues but indoctrinates children with the ambition to become suicide bombers. It believes the deity insists on its victory. It doesn’t matter how long it takes or how many die. Its educational policy isn’t aimed at training productive citizens but rather future suicide bombers. More at :
10. Shocking?
11. Hypocrite
Gregg ,   Haifa,IL   (07.03.09)
Why is it so shocking? Israel does encourage and finance Tanakh studies....
12. You too can learn to be a violent terrorist for free.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (07.03.09)
Kill a Jew for o-bum-a, study with hamass. How pathetic.
13. Budgets
yank ,   slovakia   (07.03.09)
a bit like shas , our taxes , the knesset and budgets for religous education at the expense of other areas,, man cant live on bread alone..but it helps to have a choice
14. This is really funny...
Poitcha ,   Israel   (07.03.09)
Why impose such a tax if they receive billions from the EU and THE wEST? Oh, I forgot....those billions go towards the purchasing of arsensal to attack Israel.
15. #2 - a lot of our taxes here in Israel
Dorothy Friend ,   Tel Aviv   (07.03.09)
... go to financing those Eternal Students of Torah and Talmud -- be the Hasid (of all stripes) or Misnagdid. Same thing. But this may be a good thing -- secular educated Palestinians may finally see with whom they are dealing and say ENOUGH! - As many secular Jews have re financing the lives of fundamentalist Jews.
16. The good students are all gone...
Ori   (07.03.09)
... to the Paradise so a new class of suicide-murderers must be trained
17. #2 - Did you just equate Torah study to fundamentalism??
William ,   Israel   (07.03.09)
"As many secular Jews have re financing the lives of fundamentalist Jews." Watch yourself! Very few of the Jews are fundamentalist in the proper use of the term and studying Torah shouldn't e reserved just for the Orthodox, considering it belongs to ALL Jews. Your statement is one of pure ignorance and arrogance that only comes from the blindly seculars from Tel Aviv where cafes and night clubs determines one's character, not study and self-introspection. I'm not religious nor do I live a pious lifestyle but I refuse to let Jews be bashed for the acts of a tiny minority. Our biggest enemies of the State are NOT in Ramallah, they reside in Tel Aviv!
18. #5 - Malaysia - Boom Boom
William ,   Israel   (07.03.09)
Yes, extermism IS everywhere - yet the most recognized place is in Islam because, quite frankly, no one remembers a Christian or Jewish fundamentalist blowing themselves up in the middle of civilians or claiming THEY will take over the world for THEIR god. And - since when are settlers extremists? That large majority are peaceful and actually work well with their Palestinian neighbors - it just doesn't make good news - in the West or in Arab media.
19. You need to pray for convertion
Paul ,   Tarsus, Turkey   (07.03.09)
of Palestinians to Evangelical Christians!
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