Ice cream sales expected to drop this summer
Meirav Crystal
Published: 04.07.09, 08:36
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1. I loved ice cream and ate too much of it most of my life...
Rivkah   (07.04.09)
until the Lord blessed me with rheumatoid arthritis. Ice cream triggers the pain and I have to wonder what the heck the manufacturers are putting into that to make it so toxic? There is lead in chocolate and that is toxic. But what about the non-chocolate flavors that still triggered so much pain and weakness after rheumatoid arthritis factor was diagnosed? Dr. Bill Campbell Douglass II in his book, "The Raw Truth About Milk" calls milk, "milk flavored poison", because of chemicals added to prolong the shelf life that are not listed on the labels. Such chemicals trigger ulcerative colitis, rheumatoid arthritis and a lot of other debilitating diseases. So what should one do to be safe and have his/her ice cream, too? But powdered milk and make your own ice cream in a home machine that is quickly consumed so that chemicals to prolong shelf life are not needed. Have you ever heard of home made ice cream lasting much longer than an afternoon? It is gone in a flash.
2. Great Icecream swindle
zznhl   (07.04.09)
Too expensive, not controlled. Try buying a simple ice (Popsicle) on a Kinneret beach...5 shecks for a treat that costs the shop owner 2. No wonder buyers balk. Sellers rely on the principle that the parents have to buy something for their kids. They should buy an 18 pack of soft packed drinks in a super, freeze them and put them in the ice box next to the steak for the "al ha esh". They can then give their kids a treat 4 or 5 times in the day for the price of two ice creams and put their thumbs to their noses in the direction of Strause et al!
3. I need to join ICEA
ghostq   (07.05.09)
means ICE CREAM EATERS ANONYMOUS. add to it alcohol and I will feel in heaven. (burp...)
4. Bring the price down
Mark ,   Jerusalem   (07.05.09)
The prices in the shop have gone up I can't afford 8 shekels each time I want an ice cream, bring the prices down and sales will go up.
5. Israeli ice cream
Israel ,   Israel   (07.05.09)
stinks anyway. Pumped full of air, low quality ingredients. It's utter junk. Give me Ben and Jerry's or Haagan Daz anyday.
6. 5 Israel, Israel: I used to be able to eat Haagen Daz
Rivkah   (07.05.09)
ice cream, but now it triggers whole body rheumatoid arthritis inflammation flair-ups. The pain is too horrific and then recovery is slow. Sea salt has that effect, but there is something in Haagen Daz that is toxic for me. I say that with grief because the taste is so delicious and I had to give it up. But others should beware of what is toxic in ice creams since one day the accumulative effect of the toxins will be too much for their body to handle and a catastrophic disease will result.
7. ice cream sales
debbie ,   herzliya   (07.06.09)
Israeli ice cream is pure junk - chemicals, coloring and artificial flavors. The only good ice cream here is Ben & Jerrys and Haagen Daz. In addition, the prices of packaged ice creams in the supermarkets are atrocious - a pint of B & Js costs 28 shekels and a box of eight Nok Out ice cream sandwiches costs 37.50 shekels? In the US Ben & Jerrys is constantly on sale for two for $5. and a box of specialty artikim or sandwiches is cheap, and mostly on sale two for the price of one. What is the reason for the high prices here? Packages of 6 and 8 units should be cheaper than buying them separately, and in Israel it's not cheaper.
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