New IAEA chief: No sign Iran seeks nuclear arms
Published: 03.07.09, 20:02
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1. Amano!; it's 3 month notice & Iran, Syria join N. Korea club
observer   (07.03.09)
2. tiny israel
FAJR V   (07.03.09)
tiny israel wants to be a bully, held above the law and no justice in Palestine
3. UN just employed a blind Dog, OhMyGog
Zohan ,   Tel Aviv   (07.03.09)
He is a failure even before he started. He has Rial in his bank account even before he started. But one thing for sure, we don't call UN useless for nothing
4. Another idiot talking head
Sarah ,   New York City, USA   (07.03.09)
How about Ahmadinejad's numerous statements to the contrary? How about the fact that Iran acquired centrifuges from the rogue Pakistani nuclear physicist? You don't need centrifuges to run a nuclear power plant. You need it to enrich spent fuel rods to make weapons-grade plutonium. Duh!!
5. OMG
Josh ,   Brooklyn   (07.03.09)
This is not good.
7. Of course he will say that
freejay333 ,   Israel   (07.03.09)
He wants to keep his job before he gets it! Stupid greedy old man!
8. even the egyptian admitted Iran was probably trying to get n
zionist forever   (07.03.09)
Only about 1 month ago the Egyptian El Baradei said Iran was probably developing nukes after years of saying there is no evidence although they are not being very cooperative with us here at the IAEA. This new guy is starting to sound like he was hand picked by Obama to be one of his yes men. If this is a sign of things to come at the IAEA then Iran is going to be delighted.
9. relax, he told "no documents"
smith   (07.03.09)
Of course there is no documents, inspectors were expel from Iran!!!! He begin soft. Does he will stay soft when Iran will refuse inspection and expel inspector?
10. no sign!!!!!!
ALAN ,   Texas   (07.03.09)
This jerk must have his head in a fish bowl, complete with water and fish.
11. The whole world is lying....
Marco ,   Spain   (07.03.09)
Only Israeli idiots are telling the truth. lol.
12. Sarah dear....
Marco ,   Spain   (07.03.09)
Ahmadenajad is just pulling your leg. Grow up will you!
13. #8 zionist for ever
Marco ,   Spain   (07.03.09)
Since when does Israel base its intelligence on what Egypt says? Israel has one and only one problem with Iran and that is Hezbollah. All the talk about nukes is just B.S with a capital B.
14. #12 I will be laughing when all your women are wearing
rachel ,   usa   (07.04.09)
burquas ....
15. Marco you little prick
jb ,   canada   (07.04.09)
Have you taken over Spain yet you pathetic little excuse for a biped? Just remember, Marco, Attilla et al that if a nuclear device is launched at Israel it may just land on the West bank, jordan or even S. Lebanon and the fallout will make sure that 10's of thousands of Muslims, at least, will die a slow painful death from radiation. Oh I know, you can blame the Jews for not providing you with protection Ha ha ha ha And your precious little "Palestine" will be a radioactive wasteland, you stupid mumzerim!
16. #11,12,13 Spanish Mackeral
Zohan ,   Tel Aviv   (07.04.09)
Since when you became the moderator here? I told you to shut up b4
17. We now have
Zohan ,   Tel Aviv   (07.04.09)
a corrupted Moon an incompetent Amayes and a clueless Obama @ the helm This ship is sinking
18. The sign will be in the form of a Mushroom cloud, Amanino
Zohan ,   Tel Aviv   (07.04.09)
19. Definitely the #1 subject not to play games with, #12
Cameron ,   USA   (07.04.09)
Saddam tried playing with this issue, and it wound up costing him everything, and a Texas necktie thrown in to round it all off, Marco.
20. He's a bigger fool than the last fool
Steve from Raleigh   (07.04.09)
The UN is not allowed to stay the hand of genocidal Muslim states. It's in their charter. Anyway even if the UN building itself was blown up they'd just blame it on Israel.
21. To: Marco at No. 12
Sarah ,   New York City, USA   (07.04.09)
Funnily enough, Marco, Israel takes very seriously threats to its destruction. I assure you that Jerusalem does not think Ahmadinejad is "pulling their leg," and will act commensurate to the stated threats emanating from Tehran. SOMEONE has to liberate the Iranian people. May as well be Israel. We're the only ones that really seem to care. By the way, I'm all grown up.
22. lol, said the blind man to the deaf man!!
bmos ,   chashmonaim, Israel   (07.04.09)
23. Chamberlin is now a gook.
JMK ,   NYC   (07.04.09)
Japs need oil, Iranians and Arabs have oil.
24. an other CORRUPT IAEA guy who helps iranians
25. #13 MArco
freejay333 ,   Israel   (07.04.09)
And how hell would you know that they have no nukes?? If they havent any, then why wont they allow the inspectors in to see? Please take your ignorant Jew hating agenda elsewhere! Iran continually threatens Israel....not Spain!
26. No sign...
for intelligence in the UN...
27. Iran Nukes
Enid ,   Israel   (07.04.09)
He is in a dreamworld !!! He should wake up before it is too late!!!
28. Yeah because of the last jerk with his job!
this is the year ,   Irans gets Nukes   (07.04.09)
29. yeah and the spanish can talk about morals?
rape the whole ,   world, remember?   (07.04.09)
30. Duh!!
Capt Ahab ,   US   (07.04.09)
Sarah , New York City: "...You don't need centrifuges to run a nuclear power plant. You need it to enrich spent fuel rods to make weapons-grade plutonium." <---- Centrifuges are use to enrich Uranium. Plutonium are extracted from spent fuel rods by chemical means.
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