'Fake rabbi' suspected of persuading teen to have sex
Efrat Weiss
Published: 05.07.09, 14:12
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What a shame ,   Israel   (07.05.09)
2. and dont forget "i am hollier than thou"
Avi ,   Israel   (07.05.09)
Just another case of a sick chareedi man preaching "i am hollier than thou" while at the same time commiting serious crimes of a sexual nature. Have these people no shame at all ?
3. Are you sure he is fake?
Marco ,   Spain   (07.05.09)
No ocver up here???
4. Are you sure he did the deed? He denies allegations.
Israel Ben Dover ,   Jerisalem, Israel   (07.05.09)
5. to #2
Ellen ,   USA/Israel   (07.05.09)
You are also the sick one here. You are so consumed with hatred of the Orthodox that your writings no longer make sense. No where did this pervert say that he is holier than anyone else. He, like any other sexual pervert, made up a story that facilitated young girls to believe him. Unfortunately these sickos exist in every community. When a secular pervet is arrested should the Orthodox generalize? I don't think you would want that--how about loosing your attitude and looking at people as people and judging them on what they, as individuals do, not on how they dress.
6. This is why internet access for children should be restricte
moish ,   Jerusalem   (07.05.09)
7. to #2
KACH 613 ,   Judah, Israel   (07.05.09)
You should look in the mirror and ask yourself why do I hate Charadim so much my grandparants dressed like them so where did I get all this hate from??? Read the story HE WAS NOT A RABBI!!! He was a siko who should be put behind bars 4ever!!! But you have a hatred 4 fellow Jews so you cant see that part of the story.
8. We know he's a fake but what about bona fide
petra ,   uSA   (07.05.09)
Catholic priests? And Mullah's, and others who use G-ds name to rape children? Correct me if I'm wrong but, even Michael Jackson used "Jesus juice' aka wine, when seducing his victims. A pedophile under any excuse is a criminal.
9. I may disagree with the rabbis
eddie ,   london UK   (07.05.09)
Would the story be published if it was fake rock star, or secular guy, or IDF solider, or someone who is simply rich, and he seduced a teenage girl? True, he is a shameful pervert, and should be punished.
10. This kind of action is a mental sickness and the criminal
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (07.05.09)
should be locked up for life as a danger to society as "curing" them is next to impossible.
11. #8 Petra
Marco ,   Spain   (07.05.09)
You are sick. Michael Jackson was cleared of all wrong doing by a jury of his peers. This Rabbi was not.
12. If allegations r true then this man is a pig!
and I am sorry for insulting the pig in this manner. the full force of the law should be used to convict this man. His name should appear on every single "pashkevilias" in our neighborhoods so that people will know who this dishonorable human being is. To assist the secular his name and photo should appear on every single tv channel you own. If the allegations are true this is a low and foul man!
13. # 2
J.K. ,   Brookllyn USA   (07.05.09)
Avi ! they have no shame and no God.
14. #4 - What part of caught having sex in a car....
Andy ,   ramat hasharon   (07.05.09)
did you miss?
15. #7 - Kach
Andy ,   ramat hasharon   (07.05.09)
Right - calling out the outrageous actions of ashonishingly large numbers of people in the charidi community who behave outrageously is Jew hatred? Don't even try it. I don't hate Jews. I love Jews. But when I see a community that riots and smashes internet cafes while at the same time hides all of its dirty little secrets in the closet I see hypcrisy. And I hate hypocracy. And apparently so does Avi #2. Nobody is buying the hackneyed "Jew hatred" or "charedi bashing" bullshit tag lines when somebody has the temerity to call charedi hypcricy what it is. And you didn't know my grandparents. But I did. And I can asure you that they would be appalled by the way alot of charedi people and secular people for that matter in this country behave. NOW OF COURSE there are many, many wonderful members of the charedi community. Who work hard, pay taxes and obey the law. And I love them for the brothers and sisters they are.
16. #8 - Petra
Andy ,   ramat hasharon   (07.05.09)
This man was caught in the act. Michael Jackson was acquitted by a jury that specifically determined that his accusers were LYING. Jackson was a very strange man by most standards, but when it came time to prove whether he abused children, he was body searched, and tried in a court of law and acquitted.
17. #6 this is why internet access to charadiem should be
Ari ,   Tel Aviv   (07.05.09)
18. How is it possible that a 14 year old girl
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (07.05.09)
could believe this guy ? OK . she showed already some weakness by "turning" to religion , but this ? This guy should of course be punished , a long term in jail will maybe heal him .
19. #11, Jacko paid off his accusers, not aquitted
Better Than Marco ,   Spain   (07.05.09)
and catholic priests are well known convicted sex perverts with girls and boys It happens relatively much less in the Jewish orthodox community, which is why when one highly unusual case occurs it gets so much publicity Keep it up until the next Madrid Jihadi action sends you to your Inquisition predecessors Good luck and good bye
20. Sicko
steven stein ,   New York   (07.05.09)
This man should hang Outside in Rabin Square The Religious are Perverts all of them too much Torah!
21. #9 - Yes, Eddie, of course it would be reported...
Andy ,   ramat hasharon   (07.05.09)
The man was having sex with the girl in a car on a public street. But there is an additional element of hypocrisy in this story to a man who wears the outward trappings of piety in his clothing, his diet, his religious ritual worshipt while at the same time sexually abusing little girls. Everything about the presentation of every member of the charedi community is designed to speak religiosity to the world, submission to God and upstanding moral values. In fact, many charedim speak of this obligation to uphold the actions to the public presentation. Nothing "charedi bashing" about pointing that out. If I were charedi - I would be the first in line to condemn and demand harsh punishment for this animal so as to underscore the point that there are many wonderful, truly religious, hard working, tax paying members of the charedi community. So enough of all the wining about "charedi bashing."
22. #19 - I guess you slept through 2005....
Andy ,   ramat hasharon   (07.05.09)
when a jury ACQUITTED Jackson, stating specifically that the acuser was LYING. The trial nearly killed him - which is why in 1990's he had settled the civil suit with the first accuser, who later admitted that his father told him to lie. Don't you get CNN over in Spain? Jackson was strange and exercised bad judgment. But for all the scrutiny, he was was never shown to have sexually abused a single child - like this fake rabbi who was caught on a public street having sex with a 14 year old in a car.
23. Thanks God for being a Muslim
Husam ,   USA   (07.05.09)
24. RE: ?????
Ben ,   Monroe USA   (07.05.09)
Here in the USA the law says every person is innocent until proven guilty. If and when the man is brought to trial and found guilty, all the comments calling him a pervert and worse become valid. Unfortunately this type of sickness appears in every form of civilization. It won't disappear simply because we find it revolting. The main thing to remember, DON'T TRY TO HIDE IT UNDER THE RUG. Look what is happening with the Catholic priests and the cost to the Catholic church.
25. Thanks God for being a Evangelical Christian
Carol ,   Israel   (07.05.09)
26. Thanks God for not being a Muslim
Richard ,   USA   (07.05.09)
27. I shall remain silent on this one
Sagi ,   Israel   (07.05.09)
Anything I have to say here would not be permited by the editors.
28. #4&24: Just kidding. They caught the guy with his pants down
Israel Ben Dover ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (07.05.09)
29. #23, Husam.
Reuven ,   Haifa, Israel   (07.05.09)
Only Jesus Christ(Yeshua HaMashiah) can save you from being thrown into the lake of fire. Read about the lake in the Book of Revelation. I prayed for your Salvation, brother.
30. #29 Reuven
Marco ,   Spain   (07.05.09)
Save your time and and energy by praying for your child molesting Rabbis.
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