Jerusalem Municipality 'at war' with Islamic summer camps
Yaheli Moran Zelikovitch
Published: 06.07.09, 22:54
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1. Camps
Mark ,   New York   (07.06.09)
$26 bucks for two weeks? Are you kidding? We should just pay for this for as many Palestinian children as possible- for the entire summer! Israeli camps don't teach hatred, religion, or bomb-making. They teach arts and crafts, music, and swimming, and it sounds cheap enough. Children aren't born to hate. Hamas has to teach it. It's things like these that will improve life for the next generation.
2. Summer Camp...
Ron ,   L.A., USA   (07.07.09)
I totally agree... Of course the Palestinian people need to fund this themselves. Children should be learning how to be creative and fun loving not learning war and hatred tactics. Teach these kids on how to think, and they will build a peaceful nation that WILL know how to be responsible for themselves!!!
3. Absolutely not.
Ypip ,   Canada   (07.07.09)
"It's not wise to place education in east Jerusalem in the hands of Hamas and Fatah"
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