Wary of naked force, Israel eyes cyberwar on Iran
Published: 07.07.09, 18:43
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1. Whoa! That is so freakin' cool!
usa   (07.07.09)
A Ynet article that actually piques my interest. Nice job Ynet! Keep it up.
2. Malicious bullshit
dan ,   Israel   (07.07.09)
Even suppose this science fiction is true, why is this to be published. It's a hazard to our security.
3. Too Much Information
NYC Girl   (07.07.09)
There was a time when only a select few people even knew who the head of the Mossad was. In those days, secrets were closely guarded, but now it seems you Israelis have become as bad we Americans with our obsessive need to shoot our damned mouths off.
4. Why are nuclear facilities on public networks?
David Israel ,   New York, USA   (07.07.09)
As an IT professional I would imagine that such a sensitive nuclear facility or any military facility would be on its own network with a wiring infrastructure that has no interface to public networks. In such a topology it would be impossible to heck it from outside. Teh only way to heck it would be by accessing a device inside the military establishment. In public networks some well educated intelligent person can always find a way to cross firewalls or find gaps such as obscure ports in some systems that are not protected etc.
5. Iranian facilities which mysteriously self-destruct
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, USA   (07.07.09)
A direct military assault is a last option if all others fail. But diplomacy is going nowhere. A program of sabotage, cyber- or otherwise, might be the viable middle ground that gets the job done with minimal unintended consequences. There have already been a number of incidents - like the explosion in Syria when they were reportedly test loading chemical weapons onto missiles that also resulted in NK and Iranian casualties - that may or may not be the result of Israeli action. Dan (#2), I don't know that Ynet is publishing anything the Iranians don't already suspect. They're no doubt working along similar lines. I've long argued that Israel leaves itself unnecessarily vulnerable given that most of the country is a "Windows" shop. Critical facilities above all should be moving to UNIX, Mac and Linux, as they're a lot tougher to hack. And, BTW, an EMP can be generated using NON-nuclear means, as Israeli military developers are well aware. And they wouldn't need to be "smuggled" into Iran to do their job.
6. Yeah right. Destroy nuclear programe via remote desktop
Matityahu ,   Slovenia   (07.07.09)
When the hell freezes over.
7. To make sure it works send contaminated by registered mail
Asher ,   NY,USA   (07.07.09)
8. Feedback
Klide J. Villa ,   SanPablo,Philippines   (07.08.09)
Israel is the only chosen nation of Our Almighty God and I do hope and pray that Israel defense forces and its Mossad agents shall make a successful assault even via Cyber war in order for insande Iran leader not to obtain this Nuclear weapons. I certainly don't believe in Iran's notion of peaceful approach bcoz its only a decoy. More power and long live Israel!
9. Steam cleanings fun
Ypip ,   Canada   (07.08.09)
10. NYC Girl
James ,   Herzeliya   (07.08.09)
This article was first published by Reuters...... its reprinted by YNET and nothing in this article is secrect. Just Google and see how much more there is out there. So just relax.
11. waaaaaao, be afraid be very very afraid.
ghostq   (07.08.09)
12. #6 Ah, you have just displayed your ignorance for ALL to see
Yes, it can be done. ,   Wake up 2 technology   (07.08.09)
MAHMOOD ,   LONDON-UK   (07.08.09)
Ha Ha!!!!!!
MAHMOOD ,   LONDON-UK   (07.08.09)
Are you under the impression that the Iranians will be panicking?Of course not.They have their own ways of maintaining classified information immune to kacking.These types of articles are media hype and made for local consumption..................................since,too much was discussed about bombing Iran for the last 3 years.
15. it really happened - its called stuxnet
scottie ,   usa   (12.27.10)
its been a couple of years since this was written, and back then there were naysayers. but it really did happen. Irans nuke program was blown up by a digital guided missle called STUXNET. It'll take years to recover, if ever.
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