Israeli to UN: Palestinian detainees kept in ditches
Daniel Edelson
Published: 07.07.09, 23:43
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1. Your not, why should She be?
Ypip ,   Canada   (07.08.09)
2. Democracy
Ricardo Macher ,   KarneiShomron-Israel   (07.08.09)
Sometimes, when you see people like Bader use democracy against democracy, I doubt that democracy is the most important thing. I don't know how, and I'm not proposing no way to do it, but is shameful that somebody who studied in OUR universities, who gets ALL the welfare benefits, can be free to attack Israel. Shame to our system!
3. Good!
infidel ,   France   (07.08.09)
4. Bader; the 5th Column in action
Joseph ,   Ft. Lauderdale USA   (07.08.09)
Ever step of the conflagaration was considered and legal counsel and follow up investigations did occur. Bader is bought and paid for by the enemies of Israel. I know how Arabs like Bader deal with Israeli prisoners; Bash their heads in and prance around with their blood on their hands and face like savages.
5. bader, a traitor!
oded   (07.08.09)
we never heard you screaming and yelling at your brothers in gaza to stop shelling rockets at civilians, or stop sending homicide -bomber to kill and maim jews! your hypocracy, as is other israeli bleeiding hearts, is sickening!
6. mr. bader?????
dana rothschild ,   jerusalem, israel   (07.08.09)
what about suffering of gilad shalit and his family???? did you tell something about them?
7. My give-a-damn is busted.
Kyle ,   Southpark, CO, USA   (07.08.09)
8. Bader is what is left of.....
Marco ,   Spain   (07.08.09)
Israeli conscience. Its so tiny that you need a microscope to see it.
9. Bader is an Arab with the citizenship of the State of Israel
Ron B. ,   Lod   (07.08.09)
Israeli Arabs are not Israeli, and how could they be? Israel is a name set aside for the people of Israel. Arabs who live here can be called "Arabs with citizenship of the State of Israel, but they are certainly not 'Israelis'. Ask them and they will tell you the same thing. Israel is the country that we have built. We the Jews, the Children of Israel, have returned to our land and have built a prosperous and healthy country in which Torah flourishes alongside advanced farming, life-saving medicine and computers. As to the Arabs living in Israel consult the declaration of the US congress in 1922 :
10. not suffered enough, Bader make money out of
ghostq   (07.08.09)
other suffering, he doen't do that for free, he is worse than any Israelies. he is counting on fools like palis to get his name on the arab news media.
11. bunch of traitors !
12. Thank you Bader
Tip ,   Dubai   (07.08.09)
Now i can tell those arrogant Israeli's who were complaining about hamas denying the red cross to meet Gilad. With all that human rights BS. And for those of you on this column hahahahha pathetic !!
13. Suffering Palestinians
Bruria ,   Haifa   (07.08.09)
I notice that this "arab" Israeli did not get his education, nor is he earning his living by the PA. Wonder why? Why is it that when Israelis were torn to pieces by PA we heard nothing? This guy should be treated as the traitor he is. Our great flaw as a country is allowing garbage like him to remain here.
14. to #12 have you ever heard on Gilad Shalit
ghostq   (07.08.09)
lawyer? no maybe beacause he doesn't have one, so Hamas break human rights while demanding them, so no human behavior from Hamas therefor no rights to palis.
15. To #14
Tip ,   Dubai   (07.08.09)
Well You can claim your doing the right thing when u allow Palis families to visit prisoners and have education and etc....but not when u have 10,000 prisoners. Is that normal to u ? are u normal? Is Israel Normal? Your calling iranians a threat. Your a threat too. Atleast when they get a nuclear bomb u won't hesitate to bomb them. Its good for everyone, its called "balance of power"
16. Held in ditches
Haider ,   Gothenburg, Sweden   (07.08.09)
What? No breaking of arms like was done under the first Intifada by orders of the present president Shimon Perez and the Nobel peace prize winner. Israelis must be slipping.
18. An accusation from a non-IDF member, at time of war
William ,   Israel   (07.08.09)
Let me be the first to apologize to the Gazans and to Bader for not providing 5-star hotel rooms and open bar to the detainees of the Gaza war. We're also sorry to have forced Hamas to hide in the basement of a hospital, using human shields. It was part of a larger plan to discredit the human and moral terrorists of Gaza. Our bad! Surely, it falls on Israel (under some obscure Intl convention made ONLY for Arabs, no doubt) that Israel treat their Arab detainees as kings, despite the fact that they are at war with Israel and DO intend on killing both military and civilian persons. Bader, let me assure you, that when the next war happens, Israel will do everything in their power to have beach villas, a BBQ, and a water park set up for your terrorist buddies prior to activities.
19. #15 - Israel is more than normal, it's pure legitimate
William ,   Israel   (07.08.09)
A far cry from the Dubai which was unified by married two warring families then power consolidated by one family murdering the other at the wedding ceremony. Oh, that must be legitimacy, Arab-style. Why are 10K prisoners in Israel? Actually, the bigger question is why are there 10K terrorists and criminals among Palis willing to commit crimes and kill people? Do you now jail those who murder or steal in Dubai? Actually, we should follow Saudi Arabia's path and use strict Sharia law, as Hamas is trying to implement. How many Egyptians and Jordanians in Israeli jails? None - because they have peace with us and leave us alone. I find it ironic that you mentioned Iran, as if you support their legacy of tyranny and threats. Besides promising to wipe Israel off the Earth, they also threatened Gulf nations that aid the US, and I believe they still illegally hold an UAE island where they're building a military stronghold. Ah - but that must be the "balance of power" you're talking about.
20. #8 - Marco - Israeli conscience? Not this guy.
William ,   Israel   (07.08.09)
Perhaps to you, someone who is biased enough to accept and support Pal terrorism against innocent civilians but to cry foul when these same potential terrorists are held during war time, is a sign of "conscience" or "Morality". Bader is nothing more than a parasite looking for attention on the suffering of Israelis and Palestinians alike. That's neither moral nor is it a conscience worthy of mention. In Israel's conscience - life is worth more than honor, something the Arabs reverse often, to the detriment of the family members they kill off periodically.
21. #20 William, Israel
Marco ,   Spain   (07.08.09)
William you are a bunch of disgusting war criminals. By comparison, Hitler would have been a saint. Bader is the faint hope that Israel still has to join the civilized world.
22. gilad shalit
an israeli ,   usa/israel   (07.12.09)
could you please check in what conditions Gilad Shalit is kept? OH, shit, he can't see a lawyer
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