The man who couldn’t decide
Attila Somfalvi
Published: 09.07.09, 00:24
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1. Bibi could never stand pressure, a big talking wimp.
Israel Ben Dover ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (07.09.09)
2. ZigZagging P.M
Philip ,   Afula ,Israel   (07.09.09)
"bring on the clowns".
4. Do we really want Democracy ?
jose   (07.09.09)
When the major concern of an individual, a leader, is " how to keep the job " instead of " how to do the job ", then he is not fit to do the job. Case in point : Captains of major world industries, banks, and yes Govts. The millions $$ they raked in and still raking in, their reluctance to part with some of it ( because of a lousy job ),all the while begging for more from the masses ( WE ), just proves that " me first and the hell with you " is the norm in world affairs. When you think of it, Govt. is a growth industry. From 100 at the end of WWII to 200 today. They spend billions $$ of our money, have at their disposition millions of "helpers and look at the results today --- Wars, hunger, epidemics, no work, no water. Like any Chief, the demands are: 1st the salary, then the Perks (many times the salary),then retirement $$ for a good or bad job.Just like an ordinary banker, or head of GE, or GM, even an Enron (the $6000.00 shower curtains specialist),or was it a $ 3000.00 toilet seat from NASA? And we pay. Does it makes sense ? At this rate of growth, can we expect about 400 countries in the not to distant future ?. Will we have then the classic " more chiefs than Indians " ? PS : How soon can we start building/moving on to Mars, the Moon, or any other planet , as long as it is not part of the " West Bank "? Signed: a man of the world.
5. BIBI Not Suited For Prime Minister
Lawrence ,   Safed Israel   (07.09.09)
He is out of his depth.
6. Bibi Is A Politician,A Prime Minister
Lawrence ,   Safed Israel   (07.09.09)
But I doubt he will ever be a leader.Still...better him than a fool like Livni.
Iindeed, it is difficult to understand the prime minister’s decision-making process. He shifted from overwhelming objection to a Palestinian state only a few weeks ago to billing himself as the facilitator of the national consensus on the two-state solution. It took him two months to internalize that the American pressure was serious and change direction. Meanwhile, Israel’s global status was undermined, and our ties with the Americans became tenser than ever. WILL NETANJAHU FALL ??? - http://www.ynetnews.com/articles/0,7340,L-3742928,00.html ALOIS IRLMEYER, BAVARIAN SEER, DEAD IN 1959, HAS PREDICTED, " A FALL OF A GREAT ONE", BEFORE A SUDDEN MIDDLE EAST WAR - http://uk.search.yahoo.com/search;_ylt=A1f4cfXQllVKQeUAoG1LBQx.?p=+ALOIS+IRLMEYER&y=Search&fr=ytff-divxd&fr2=sb-top&rd=r1&sao=1 Orao.
8. It is great that Bibi is in charge ...
Chanalau, Tova ,   London, UK   (07.09.09)
..he is a typical double-dealing con-man that everyone in the US instantly recognises. The yanks have problems understanding Israel's various Polish, Russian, Iranian leaders, trying to guess whether they are genuine or not but with all-American Bibi its easy : WYSIWYG
9. Netanyahu is showing himself to be a two time loser
Al   (07.09.09)
Good g-d..Are there no people in Isreal who have the smarts and the backbone to stand up to an Obama? Obama's star is fading fast..America is heading towrds double digit unemployment along with rising inflation. The stimulus package is a failure. The economy is in deep trouble. In 2010 the house will be republican, and he will be a lame duck president. Stand up to him and ride him out. Every single president who screwed with Israel ended up being thrown out of office. Stand tough and you will win him out. Obama will go down in history as a complete failure. Make sure you dont become his only victory by becoming a victim to his obvious anti-semitic feelings.
10. Attila Karabokoglu
James ,   Herzeliya   (07.09.09)
Yes attila.. you should talk... Look at your Sultan tayyip and abdullah gul. I wonder when the turkish parliament will lift their immunity so that they can be tried for stealing billions of turkish liras.
11. Our Prime MInister
pauline schwartz ,   los altos, CA   (07.09.09)
I think it is shameful and disgusting to \read the article by Attila Somfalvi who takes every opportunity he can to degrade and insult PM Netanyahu. May I remind Mr. Somfalvi that Netanyahu is fighting for Israel and its security, which is the first priority. He did not cave in to pressure from Obama, which is ongoing, to freeze all settlement construction. He is negotiating and hopefully, there seems that there may be a compromise on the matter, which is very important to preserve Israel's security and its deterrent capability even in the face of American pressure. THat is what the Arabs are counting on, that Obama will twist Israel's arm to do as it says and show the Arab world how he (Obama) can dictate to Israel, so the Arabs can feel they dont have to do anything, just sit and wait. But Netanyahu does not allow that to happen. There will have to be a quid pro quo and so we need to encourage and support our PM. Yes, it is true that he changed horses on the VAT on fruit and produce, due to internal political tensions but I think the people of Israel are smart enough to distinguish between our security on the West Bank and a VAT on fruit and produce. I think it is abundantly clear that the former is many times more important than the latter. So keep your snide comments to yourself and look at the big picture, Mr. Somfalvi. It is people like you who create more problems and we dont need any more.
12. Bibi zigzag
Mervyn Doobov ,   Jerusalem, ISRAEL   (07.10.09)
Of course he zigzags. How could it be otherwise with Ehud Barak as a a senior minister.
13. attila somfalvi
Thomas ,   USA   (07.10.09)
He is a dedicated leftist "Livnista," so you have to consider this fact when he opines about anything.
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