EU apologizes for statements against settlements
Roni Sofer
Published: 09.07.09, 01:27
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1. finally israel is being apologized to. this is a great start
2. Who needs their apology? Shut their office and kick'em out!
Nour ,   Daughter of Israel   (07.09.09)
3. EU apology
DT ,   TA Israel   (07.09.09)
Reality is that the EU is our enemy- treat it like one.
4. Question of time
Michael ,   Haifa   (07.09.09)
It is just a question of time before more and more Israelis will understand the extent to which the settlements hinder solutions to the conflict. While the Palestinians have consistantly hindered solutions, we have also added fuel to the fire.
5. US Statement
JK ,   LA USA   (07.09.09)
So, "Obama's administration has not changed, "that all parties in the region have to honor their obligations." ???? and what obligations are palis honoring???
6. To #3 the reality is
Cynic #2   (07.09.09)
Israel's actions has left it with a few friends in the world, and even these friends are reconsidering their policies towards Israel. Israel either cannot read, does not want to read or does not understand the writing on the wall.
7. good, but wise people don't get to a situation
ghostq   (07.09.09)
they need to apologize, they should manage their money better. stop sending dead end places like palis leaders so much money, their leaders take the money to their own pockets, that's y Arafat family got to travel to paris and all.
8. I agree with #3 'Cynic'
David ,   Shilo Israel   (07.09.09)
Yes, our actions have left us with few friends in the world. The more we appease the less respect we gain. The more we give for peace, the less peace we get in return. Let's go back to the good old days in 1948when the left in Israel had a spine, and fought valiantly to help us gain a stronger presence on our land. That was a time when we did gain respect. Or after the 6 days war, when we re-established Jewish presence on our ancient borders, also thanks to the later gallant efforts of Jewish settlers. It's nice to hear that you also feel embarrased at how low we have fallen due to snivelling self-hating Jews?
9. @ no.6
AJ ,   Raalte   (07.09.09)
It isn't Israel's actions, but her very existence, that makes her enemy's crazy, and confuses her "friends". With friends like those, who needs enemies?
10. West Bank communities
Betty Schneck ,   New York City   (07.10.09)
Israel has the right to build on West Bank communities before the world says you have to get off.
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