Iran protests resume; forces raid dorms
Dudi Cohen
Published: 09.07.09, 22:15
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MAHMOOD ,   LONDON-UK   (07.09.09)
We now read hundereds.In a country of over 70 million,it does not matter at all.This article is for a reason and we know it as well.In a democratic society,certain thing are allowed.
2. Iranian people braver than Palestinian shahids
3. Obama Manifesto
cliffyworld ,   NJ USA   (07.09.09)
Obama needs to strongly condemn Iranian government and demonstrate to the Iranian citizens that the U.S. supports them in their battle for democracy. For more topic related discussion please read the article titled "Obama Manifesto" posted at
4. The Persian pot is a bubblin'!
Cameron ,   USA   (07.09.09)
We'll see if it actually boils over. Islamic fanatics with machineguns tend to put a bit of a damper on such movements.
5. #1 certain things are allowed...
such as killing homosexuals, hanging homosexuals, beating protestors on the head with clubs, hanging and stoning women and children that are underage, burning crowds with acid dropped from choppers during the recent demonstration, hitting women on the streets and their children, snaching journalists that don;t agree with the totalitarian undemocratic regime and making them disappear in evin prison, taking families in pijamas at night from their home to some location and beating, torturing and killing them or hanging them and the family gets a fake death notice, terrorising those who do not agree with the system and truly want democracy and liberty for all. SOME DEMOCRACY, MAHMOOD! hameed aboughaze
steve ,   Tel Aviv   (07.10.09)
If innocent Iranians cannot take to their own streets, free people all over the world should protest in their own cities and towns as a show of solidarity with those ordinary Iranians held behind the iron veil. Given the lack of support from the UN and all foreign governments (our fearful leaders), worldwide protests on such a scale can indeed alter the balance of power in favor of basic human rights. Setting a precedent like this could also serve as a model for toppling other oppressive regimes, particularly in the Arab world. Fine, call it a conspiracy.
7. OFF THE TRACK................................#5
MAHMOOD ,   LONDON-UK   (07.10.09)
Totally.Few of your talk-back have been read.You are either using a fake name or belong to that Shah era remnants.I do not expect ever to read anytrhing positive about Iran from people like you.The list of things YOU mention are happening in Iran are practical lies.If such was the truth,Iran would have already been in turmoil beyond recognition and gone by now.So is your desire.............but sorry 'Hameed',nothing like that is to happen.So keep on expressing yourself and hope for the best.:)
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