Sarkozy: Israeli strike on Iran would be 'catastrophe'
AFP and Reuters
Published: 09.07.09, 22:41
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1. And blah blah blah...
Nour ,   Daughter of Israel   (07.09.09)
2. Sarkosy & friends
Ricardo Macher ,   KarneiShomron-Israel   (07.09.09)
The only reason this may be a "catastrophe" is because it will put in evidence how useless all the cheap talking Europeans do is! They are imperialist who believe that they may tell other people what to do, just that France, since 1914 lost all the conflicts it was involved in. We cannot leave another Hitler have power to hurt us, no matter what the frog eater thinks!
3. Iran is to be treated military way
Massimo Machiavelli ,   Italy   (07.09.09)
Th eonly catastrophe would be not to bomb the mullah regime criminal nuclear project. Even their own people are disgruntled with teh illigitimate regime of the Akhoonds. A crminal bunch of murderers that hav e cause d more terrorism in the world since 1979 than Al Qaida. Sarkozy is only a appeaser. The only path is in a military strike to weaken even more that stupid regime who like their North Korean model, spit in teh fac e of teh world while being virtually beggars
4. I rest my case
ben Ish   (07.09.09)
Exactly as I pointed out in my other post, re: TALK against Iran vs. ACTUAL ACTION Iran. They do NOT want Israel to defend itself against Iran. I rest my case. NOTICE they say nothing about Iran attacking Israel. How blind can you be? If Israel attacks Iran, the geopolitical and financial fallout is non-predictable. But if Iran bombs Israel first, then the entire situation is predictable AND calculable. By eliminating Israel, the middle east becomes stable. The financial community wants Iran to nuke Israel in order to eliminate unpredictability in global markets.
5. A nuclear Iran would be a bigger catastrophe
Frank ,   Canada   (07.09.09)
The so-called international community will lose anyway. If Israel attacks Iran, everybody will see them for what they really are: a bunch of irrelevent preachers unable to fix the problems. If Iran becomes nuclear, they will appear for what they are and WW3 will start.
6. Well then don't push us to moron....
Andy ,   ramat hasharon   (07.09.09)
There comes a point from our perspective when there is no down side for us to attack. If we have to we will. A nuclear Iran is the end of us anyhow - so we might as well fight.
7. A catastophe, of course and Israel's annihilation would not.
Steve   (07.09.09)
8. not diplomay Obama & Europe want bury their head in the san
zionist forever   (07.09.09)
The world has been using diplomacy for the past 6 years now slapping on sanctions which Ignores. They make offer after offer and Iran keeps coming back and saysin we will never compromise etc. All the time the uranium enrichment has not only been going on but speeding up as more and more centrefuges come online. When is enough negotiation enough before we are willing to say to ourselves we gave it a shot but its not going to work. The whole world wants to bury their heads in the sand and tell themslves diplomact, diplomacy, diplomacy. All they are tlking about uis give it till September then start talking about another sanction which if history is anything to go by Iran will say do your worst. Europe hs never beeen threatened and Obama thinks he was divinely sent and can solve all the worlds problems if he makes a couple of speeches, His problems are his love for muslims and oversized ego. He has said no timetable for negotion & Ahmadinijejad is going to still be in office once Obamas gione, noebody will get rid of him so he can keep talking for thr next 10 yeasrs whilst obma says give it more All Iran needs to do is enrich enough uranium while they are playting Obam for the fool he is and once they have it they can put it togetyher at a time of their choosing, no need to have a missile in a silo for American satellites to pick up. Unless your willng to have a deadline before doiplomacy turns to force then diplomacy won't work. Israel also has a limited time window. Other than the fact Iran gets closer to hving a bomb everyday Iran will probably seen be getting the S-300 anti aircraft system from Russia, J-10 jets from China ( formerly known as Lavii ). They are upgrading their airforce making it harder for Israel. Irans missie is getting more advanced making it a harder target for Israeli air defenses to shoot down . They are also developing a satellite program so soon as they get a spy satellite and start watching Israel they will know that Israel is launching an airstrike before they get out of Israel. Even stealth jets can't hide from that. Either Israel does something this year or it will probably be to late for Israel to do anything because Iran will be better equipped.
Lawrence ,   Safed Israel   (07.09.09)
Put a sock in it please Mr.Sarkozy.You remind me of myself...too much to say for yourself.
10. also notice...
ben Ish   (07.09.09)
Iran clearly states they will not change anything, so G8 says they will continue to talk. * This is an outright admission of tacit approval. Again, I rest my case. * Think about it. Iran takes the position that not even sanctions or isolation will slow them down in the slightest, and Sarkozy says "Hey we're not going to do anything but talk." That is NO DIFFERENT than telling them "Continue what you are doing, and we will chat again in September."
11. Iran
In this case, Sarkozy is right. The best thing for Israel would be a nuclear Iran that would destroy the Saudi and Egyptian dictatorships.
12. not striking iran, is the catastrophe!
oded   (07.10.09)
sarkozy, should only mind his own govt. and his own moslem problem in france.. leave israel be and let it decide what catastrophe it can and should avoid! iran is the meance to the free world. bomb its nuclear sites now!
13. Sarkozy and his catastrophe
Brod ,   USA   (07.10.09)
Sarkozy should know better not to talk about this issue in public. What is he thinking? Is he trying to spill classified information to Iran? The fanatics in Iran are not deterred by external threats. They are devoid of rationality. Ergo, they are not intimidated by talks of catastrophe. They are hellbent on their path of destruction.
14. Why worry, when they are not worried
Zohan ,   Tel Aviv   (07.10.09)
Iranian regime is hell bent in getting this nuke to nuke Israel. The only way to solve this problem is to 'catastrophe' Iran. Sanctions is a slap on their wrists and buying more time for Iran to achieve fruition. The sooner Iran nuke is destroyed, the world would be a better place.
15. Paranoia
Goliath   (07.10.09)
The catastrophe is Israeli and Western paranoia to Iran and other muslim countries. Why should you worry? Two nuclear powers would not attack against each other because they are in balanced strength and absolutely know the consequences.
Philgis Reeman ,   ca canada   (07.10.09)
The US, the UN etc will never really do anything to stop Iran. Iran has shown what course it is on, and this idiotic western group still garble on about dialogues. Spite the opinions of many, only Israel has the ability and will to take Iran completely out.
17. didn't you get it , israel your time has gone
saher   (07.10.09)
the time of pretend you are victems and all about security has gone , your tricky dealing are uncover to all world , you could yelling everywhere but this is the truth no one believes you anymore , welcome to the real world
18. But nuking is OK?
Don Saliman ,   Nahal Oz, Israel   (07.10.09)
19. A nuclear Iran won't try destroy France
Steve   (07.10.09)
but a nuclear Iran will try and destroy Israel. Its completely out of line for Sarkozy to dictate to us what we can and can't do about Iran, when Israel's existence is being threatened. Iran already uses its proxies, Hizbullah and Hamas, to launch attacks on Israel. Iran's President has said that "Israel must be wiped off the map." Iran is controlled by a religious fanatic (Khameini) who answers only to a council of religious fanatics. These people all believe that Islam demands that they destroy the Jews. If Sarkozy can't connect the dots, he must have some sort of learning disability. Iran wants to destroy Israel, and you know what Mr Sarkozy? We will do what is necessary to protect ourselves. If, say, fundamentalist Muslim clerics took over Morocco, and started financing and arming Al-Qaeda, then instructed Al-Qaeda to fire rockets into Paris, what would you do? If these clerics tried to build a nuclear bomb, then one of them said that France must be wiped off the map, what would you do? Would you negotiate? I think not. You are not in Israel's situation, and have no idea what its like to face destruction. Therefore you have NO RIGHT to judge us.
20. Typical picture of a surrendering Frenchman
Jack ,   San Diego, USA   (07.10.09)
21. Sarkozy is talking in favor of a regime who kills even her
Asher ,   NY,USA   (07.10.09)
own people so viciously and their own citizens are dieing under a barbaric dictatorship and they advise Israel to sit back and be wittness Iran become an atomic power. Then Mr. Sarkozy can start sell many atomic programs to other arab countries till the world goes under mushroom clouds a little sooner. Why should France miss the opportunity Russia had with Iran for so many years and so many billions of dollars?
22. Sure.. France has a long history of pulling her pants down..
Arthur ,   SF, CA   (07.10.09)
23. Catastrophe
ME ,   LA USA   (07.10.09)
It is amazing how short sided the West can be. The Iran nuke threat, should it come to fruition, is not to Israel (the mullahs know the entire country of Iran would soon be glowing and smoldering for a hundred years) but to Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan, Turkey who would have to capitulate to Shia demands or get nuked, and all of Europe who don't have the balls to use the power they have. Look at the havoc North Korea is causing testing missiles that can currently hit Alaska, Hawaii and soon Los Angeles... now imagine Iran having the capacity to attack Rome, Paris Madrid, Berlin or London. It's time for the West to strap 'em on... Iran is playing for time. As with North Korea, the mullahs in charge don't care about their people's needs and as such don't care about what hardships an embargo would cause. Oh, and to the Palestinians... there's no guarantee that a nuke intended for Tel Aviv wouldn't drop in your lap. Don't you get it yet that your long list of champions could care less about you.
24. Sarkozy means
Ariel Ben Yochanan ,   Kfar Tapuah, Efraim,   (07.10.09)
B"H Sarkozy in Hungarian means "in the mud" or "the one from the mud". Maybe he didn't watch the movie: Islam: What the West Needs to Know
26. what about the maybe catastrophe on Israel
Inabar ,   germany   (07.10.09)
an atomic strike on Israel because or through iran would be a catastrophe, why doesn`t Sarkozy say this? Israel doesn`t want anymore Archives and Museums because of such a catastrophe.
27. 11
zionist forever   (07.10.09)
Saudi Arabia & Egypt have said if Iran gets nukes they make rethink their own policies on not developing nukes. They have been happy enough not to develop nukes whilst knowing what Israel has but they are going to develop their own if Iran gets them. Obama & his idiot European friends need to be reminded they can talk indefeintly but if Iran does get a nuke while this diplomacy is going nowhere but the only option they could find themsaves with a major arns race in the Middle East. Chamberlin at least gave Hitler an ultimatum stay out of Poland and we will leave you alone invade we go to war. Nobody is even giving Iran an ultimatum they are saying reach a dipliomatic solution with us if not we will ask you again to reach a diplomatic solution.
28. A preventive strike against a declared genocidal Iran ...
Ron B. ,   Lod   (07.10.09)
A preventive strike against a declared genocidal Iran should not be postpones. A nuclear Iran has become an increasingly contentious issue as Ahmadinejad will not have any moral consideration keeping him from using the atomic bomb. A preventive strike against a declared genocidal Iran, will be a severe blow to world terrorism and will reduce significantly our problems with the terrorist state of Syria, the Hizbullah and Hamas. It will also remove the threat of a nuclear missile attack on Europe, Russia, China and India. The population in the West, as well as in the other peace loving countries will feel safer again. Learn more about Iran at :
29. But Why?
James ,   Herzeliya   (07.10.09)
"absolute catastrophe," In what way? maybe French companies doing business with Iran might be hurt? Or maybe it would hurt french oil imports from Iran? What?
30. Afraid Of His Muslims
Dan ,   Usa   (07.10.09)
Sarkozy only cares about the millions of radical Muslim in France. He doesn't care one bit if Israel is incenerated by Iran
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