Thought-police is here
Rona Kuperboim
Published: 10.07.09, 13:11
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1. The morons and clowns strike again
Hen   (07.10.09)
There is a democracy: there is a Moron Party and there is a Clown Party.
2. Who is this Rona Kuperboim ?
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (07.10.09)
This Kuperboim's political tendencies can be seen when reading what is written , but who is paying her [ or him]
3. What a ridiculous article - so tired of the left in Israel
Eran ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (07.10.09)
Israelis are tired of defending themselves, be it on the battlefield, in daily discussion in cafes, or on the internet. Most of us get mad about everything we read, but few of us will take the time to actually write comments. The internet is larger and has more sites than most of us even know exist, and in most, especially those that Israelis don't read or even know exist, Israel is being condemned daily, without any defense or response. These are not thought police; these are soldiers of fact who will educate the world about the truth here in Israel and will share our position and opinions with many sites and readers who know so little about us. What a completely stupid article and viewpoint.
4. Is Rona a traitor
Russel ,   Tlv   (07.10.09)
I googled Rona Kuperboim and the alternative is: "Rona Superbomb" Heh. Is that a bomb-belt in your pocket or are you happy to see me Rona? I don't understand her logic. And I work in the media for 15 years! Either you are pro-Israel or you are not. If the latter; leave. Join Hamas. Whatever. Just disappear. This woman is a self-hating Jew. I've never met people like this in my life. Only antisemites talk the way she does. It's amazing
5. Rona is wrong
Besalel ,   Kew Gardens, NY   (07.10.09)
When looking at the facts behind teh struggle in the Middle East it is dificult to understand how so many misguided people ended up siding with the clear wrongdoers. Whie anti-Semitism plays a part, a greater role is played by public relations. The Arabs were very good is marketing their brand to people who, had they known the truth, would be revolted! The liberal world, which stands for freedom and equality ended up siding with a religiously motivated group that seeks to surpress freedom and deny equality. How? PR. They put out fake movies and statistics to victimize themselves and gain worldeide sympothy. How? PR! The Israeli government finally figured this out in the Hamas/Gaza war when they had their own PR team but they need to take it to the next level. Kol Hakavod Foreign Ministry for this initiative.
6. The author of this article...
cher ,   Karnei Shomron   (07.10.09)
Does not understand the Israeli way of doing things...just spend a moment shoppin in your local shuk.It's near impossible to get two folks to think the same thoughts LoL !..But then, I suppose if your job as a newspaper journalist could be threatened by hired talkbackers,you would complain.Goodness me,wake up and smell the coffee Rona Kuperboim.
7. Of course, any defense of Israel is suspect to Leftists.
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (07.10.09)
They resent any effort to defend our point of view. But, their real gripe is that they want a monopoly on public discourse, particularly because it is so easily challenged by FACTS - something they know little about. Yes, FACTS, evidence, rational analysis, historical accuracy, context, all these things are very disturbing to Leftists. That there are two sides to this conflict cannot be tolerated. Far better the stereotyped slogans & emotional rhetoric borrowed from our adversaries, often word for word. Follow the Party Line like good little Stalinist ''useful idiots'' while at the same time feeling ever so smug, self-righteous, & holier than thou. I write many talkbacks on a great many sites in defence of Israel, Jews, & what I see as the hypocrisy & double-standards applied only to us. I do this for free - I have the time & language skills & a degree of motivation. We are being drowned in a sea of BS - lies, half-truths, outright slander, vicious anti-Semitism, distortions, I see this every day. The way I see it, it's just another front in the war against us. Why would anyone object to our self-defense?
8. You want to talk about the thought-police?
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (07.10.09)
Just look at our universities & the clique of outright lunatics & wackos that inhabit these institutions of higher political correctness & far-left anti-Israel ideologues. That's the real domain of the thought-police.
9. Leftist's double standards
Matityahu ,   Slovenia   (07.10.09)
If you agree with them, that's free speech. If not, well, you get what we see on ynet. Most of talkback is way smarter than the actual article above it.
10. cool job of lying
How can i apply ,   US   (07.10.09)
I am a graduate communication major and looking for a job. I can lie as a carpet just pay me well.
11. To Russel #4: Other self hating Jews
Jeffrey ,   Boston   (07.10.09)
David Axelrod Rahm Emanuel Richard Goldstone Arthur Salzberger George Soros The author has good company!
12. I'll join
Jacob Erickson ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (07.10.09)
I already do post wherever I see anti-israel people or just other people asking questions about israel to show the positive sides of israel. But if the government wants to pay me for it, I'll even do a little more. I'm also incredibly surprised that such a program doesn't already exist. Also to the person that wrote this article, yeah we're not in a thought-police state, they aren't saying some people's thoughts are bad, they're just getting people who already have the best interests of the state at heart to show other people who don't.
13. I am ready for this job!
Takan ,   Eilat Israel   (07.10.09)
I am a 38 years old non-Jew zionist. I moved to Israel from Belgium back in 1992 and felt inspired by the Jewish people. My wife and son are Jews and I deeply believe in the historical right of the Jews to live in eretz Israel and am not ashamed of my feelings (check Takan posts). You have my email...
14. where can i apply?
Randi ,   Jerusalem   (07.10.09)
what a fabulous idea. i do it anyway for free. i would love to get paid for it.
15. incredible
Isser ,   UK   (07.10.09)
Are you really that daft, to call it thought police? Somestimes stupidity is without limits and you just prooved it.
16. Jealous?
Ok, maybe she is having a bad day... The author only gets paid to anti-Israeli articles...heaven forbid others should be *paid* to express their own pro-Israeli viewpoint.
17. Rona, only an imbecile like yourself could distort truth...
The Doc ,   Haifa, Israel   (07.10.09)
...so badly! I suppose you will now move for a motion NOT to use weapons in IDF because weapons can kill people. Rona - please TAKE YOUR SUICIDAL IDEAS AND POMPOUS SELF-REIGHTEOUSNESS TO THE TOILET AND FLUSH THEM! In your case it is impossible to "control your thoughts" as it is painfully evident that you do not have ANY thoughts worth mentioning. What a pathetic anarchist!
18. Where do we join the war on Islamo-Leftist "thought control"
The Doc ,   Haifa, Israel   (07.10.09)
19. Thought-police is here
Tuli Herscovici ,   Framigham MA USA   (07.10.09)
This is the end of Israel as we know it and used to respect. This kind of "creative thinking" turns Israel into not a third, but fifth world country. Shame on you!
20. Terry 8
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (07.10.09)
Some years ago Bar Ilan was called an extreme right wing one , now you say that the univs are far left . There are of course left wing people at the univs , in the same way that there are right wingers . But , and that's the problem , some voices are louder , so you can think that they are inexsting .
21. The best idea
MC ,   UK   (07.10.09)
Only a self hating Jew and /or anti semite could write such nonesense However the article has brought the news to the notice of people who may not otherwise have heard about the idea. It's the most positive suggestion in a long time and may the idea go from stength to strength. B'Hatzlachah to all such talkbackers paid or not.
22. Ignorance is bliss, isn't it Tuli
Daniel ,   Formerly Israel   (07.10.09)
I envy you Tulli. I was born in the Soviet Union; my family lived all their lives there, and I know what real thought police is. i know about government agents inserted into student debate groups, whose members are then summarily executed for slightly dissedent thinking. I know of banned books being passed from hand to hand like hot potatoes because if the government finds out you read them you and your friends are going to a labor campl I know of parents whispering their thoughts out of earshot of their son because if the innocent child repeats their words in kidengarden they are going to the camps. I envy your ignorance of what real thought police is Tulli, but you stilol need to be told the truth, as do so many other people. And this program is nothing but an organization of willing volinteers into a streamlined program for telling the truth. It is essentially propaganda, which just happens to be true, but even if it was false no violation of civil liberties is committed when it is spread by willing writaers to willing readers. If you think otherwise then go campaign against MoveOn.org, which is already doing what the Israeli government is only planning.
23. I guess that explains most of the responses on here
Giora Me'ir ,   USA   (07.10.09)
24. #19 We ignore opinions coming from suicidal anarchists!
The Doc ,   Haifa, Israel   (07.10.09)
25. #19 you are a good example why we need to organize!
The Doc ,   Haifa, Israel   (07.10.09)
The unholy and obscenely loud Islamo-Leftist alliance has had a monopoly on thought and media control for too long. I can understadn why creeps like Rona and "Tuli" (#19) are pissed off if finally somebody decides to fight back and unthrone them from the heap of crap from where they have been trumpeting their racism, hatred and disinformation. I will join this "internet warfare" squad, unit, group whatever FOR FREE as soon as I see an address/link to show me why. I hope that normative people worldwide will join in and fight the Islamo-Leftist necrosis whcih eats the fiber of their societies, heritage, religion and civilization. I hope that this is the beginning of the end of the Islamo-Leftist "thought-control" and brainwashing supremacy. And the more hysterical and violent they get about this initiative, the more I am convinced that the idea is VERY GOOD!
26. #7 & 8 - Terry, Nice to have you back
Joe ,   Ramat Gan   (07.10.09)
27. #11 your list is short
Thomas ,   USA   (07.10.09)
Let's go to www.masada2000 and check out the S.H.I.T list (Self Hating Israel Threatening) Jews nicely organized in alphabetic order. Most - like this idiot author -is graduated from the Lazar Kaganowich school of Bolshevik murderers.
28. Correction to my # 20
Charles ,   P.T.   (07.10.09)
Last sentence : ....so you can think that the OTHERS are inexisting
29. #20 Charles, Petach Tikva.
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (07.10.09)
Suggest you take a look at the website Zionist Conspiracy written by Steven Plaut. He has a whole series of articles on the far-left lunatics at various Israeli universities. I think you will be as shocked as I was.
30. Dear Rona:
Robert Haymond ,   Ashdod, Israel   (07.10.09)
Your clearly anti-Israeli bombast made me feel like puking. Incidentally, what we really need (other than more knowledgeable and literate Talkbackers) is a television station (not altogether unlike Al-Jazeera) which profiles Israel but Israel in its reality with all its bumps and bruises. Our country is nothing less than fascinating yet largely misunderstood, especially to foreigners. We win wars but continue to lose in the media. The Israeli government is slowly understanding this but remains obstinately obscure in implementing, or supporting implementation, of this need for improving the country's profile to foreigners.
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