Abbas: We won't waive right of return
Ali Waked
Published: 12.07.09, 12:21
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1. Abbas: Some backbone at last?
Nour ,   Palestine   (07.12.09)
...But the truth is, he never had. He's an agent, everyone knows that. However, the US and the entire world back him 100% and this makes all the difference now. It's their own vision and strategic interest to push Palestinian independence to the finish line and very soon. He can now stand firm on the principals defining Palestinian statehood.
2. Israel and the PA
MC ,   UK   (07.12.09)
When will Israel wake up and see the futility in trying to negotiate with people who want to destroy it. When will it have the courage to follow the path of 'A Light Unto the Nations?' If the state of Israel really wants to survive it must regain it's self respect and stop kowtowing to the USA the EU and the rest of the world and somehow reverse the damage caused by the previous governments since Oslo.
3. you have the right to return to Jordan!!!!
4. Abbas won't waive....
Spencer ,   Israel   (07.12.09)
Let this supporter of terrorism and this Holocaust denier go to hell!
5. either they get their own state or
ghostq   (07.12.09)
have the right of return under Israel leadership they can't have both, so in other words, Abbas don't want a palestinian state, oh well don't cry about it when you shoot your own foot.
6. yes right of return is good
rashid ,   palistinian   (07.12.09)
believe me but we want money yaanee falloos dollars euro shekel just send us money we want donor not dinnars and not donnar kebabs just money we are the palistinian we cannot work believe me or do nothing we just want money send us money quickly or we will be angry and do things send us money hhhhhhhhhh money just send us money and then well have piece yaanee peace
7. Pathetic charade
Carl   (07.12.09)
I think it's time to end this pathetic charade once and for all. No matter they are offered it wont be enough for them because they don't want a state.
DAVID ,   JUDEA   (07.12.09)
We live in a world were the losers set the terms and demands on the rest of the world. With a bunch of pathetic leaders we are stuck with, we soon will be back to a few square miles of land, the way we started 100 years ago. Israel’s failed Zionists will dismantle the whole country, because in the end their self loathing is all consuming and they will continue on their suicide course. Next up they will demand us to become Muslim first before any other talks and that will also be up for negotiation by our esteemed liberals, who do not have any notion nor direction of survival anymore.
9. Ambiguous Palestinian formula to appease both West and Arabs
Sam ,   Canada   (07.12.09)
The Palestinians found themselves an ambiguous formula that allows them to suck up to both the Western leaders and the Arabs. By saying they agree to two states they get Western aid and support. By demanding a right of return they appease the Arabs who want the Jewish majority in Israel overturned. The Palestinians are essentially asking for everything while conceding nothing. Meanwhile, Jews quibble over what they should or should not be giving the Palestinians. Obama and the EU give the Palestinians a free ride with no pressure to accept the Jewish state while they harass Netanyahu into accepting a Paletstinian state.
10. logically Abbas will try to outpass Hamas in more radical
Charles   (07.12.09)
demands some "moderate Palistinans"
11. #1 Nour, #3
Marco ,   Spain   (07.12.09)
Nour as long as Abbas means what he says above, I see no problem with him. As for #3, the coward who does not identify himself, I say that Jews have the right of return to wherever the hell they came from.
12. Throw Fatah out of the territories.
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (07.12.09)
While I most certainly don't believe in the two-state solution, only total fools believe anything will come out of any talks between Israel & Abbas & his collection of Fatah crooks & terrorists. This was the main mistake underlying the Oslo fiasco, that somehow, by magic, these terrorists under the chief liar & crook Arafat, would be ''partners for peace'' (my G-d, how stupid that sounds today!!!). No matter what I believe personally, I would have to accept whatever course of action taken democratically (key word) by our gov't. if that was the real desire of a majority of the electorate. But, it should be most evident that continuing this charade with Fatah is just a waste of time. Throw them out - that's what I say.
13. Abbas get this into your thick skull
Lioness ,   Israel   (07.12.09)
There will be NO returning to Israel of Arabs who left on their own accord because they thought they would come back when Israel was defeated. Abbas the only place we would like you to go to right now is hell for crimes against the Jewish people by denying the Holocaust and planning the Munich Olympic Massacres.
14. Right of return? ....NO!!! - next!
Israel   (07.12.09)
15. #6 rashid, Palestinian
Marco ,   Spain   (07.12.09)
You jews are pathetic. #6 is not Rashid and is not a Palestinian. #6 Is more like Moshe or Avi or Uri.
16. to #15 bastedddddd, and you r not spanish. you r
ghostq   (07.12.09)
Israely arab who migrated to spain otherwise you wouldn't know about jewish names. (giggle)
17. BURN the OSLO agreement to the GROUND!
PEACE with ISLAM is ,   USELESS!   (07.12.09)
18. #15 Marco, Spain. Lighten up ....
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (07.12.09)
Leftists have no sense of humour, we all know Rachid is not a Palestinian but he is funny & makes a good point in a humourous way. You Leftists are just so grim - Stalin is dead now, you are allowed to laugh.
19. Who let this Spaniard come to this forum?
SUE ME   (07.12.09)
Why don't you run to your nearest court and sue the Jews, huh?
20. Right of Return??????
mark ,   canada   (07.12.09)
I am not all that wise as to the quarrels in the middle east, but there are a couple of things don't add up. Firstly, I don't see the Palis as having any right of return. The land was given to Israel by the UN, and that was after we suffered thru a horrendous war. The Palis lost the right to what was known as Palistine, not only because there were abuses against the jews settled in their own homeland, but also that the Arabs administering, were keeping their own people as caged animals. They are Jordanians, and that is where they should be claiming right of return. Secondly, the Palis are showing their true colors, in that they won't recognize the state of Israel. Two stikes against the Palis. The issue of settlements, is a red herring. Of course the settlers are red herrings, BUT I don't think that this is a policy of the Israeli government. They are an embarrassment. Abbas is a clever chiseler You cannot negotiate the price of a dead goat with this guy. He is no different than Hamass. What does Obama know about goats?
21. Tery#18: If you make fun of Palestinians its funny!
Moise   (07.12.09)
When you make fun of Jews, it's anti semitism? Why this racist behaviour? Terry, Treat others the same way you wanna be treated!! "You are no light into nations"
22. Hologram Abbas
DT ,   TA Israel   (07.12.09)
There is your answer Netanyahu. Don't be an even bigger clown by giving Abbas as much as a minute of tax payers time
23. Demaaand???
Inyaki ,   Bilbao, Basque   (07.12.09)
Ha, are they in position to demand? Just tell'em to piss off! t hey demand.... a groisse macher!
24. #20 Well then, what are you doing in the Galilee?
Nour   (07.12.09)
By your own logic you must immediately evacuate all areas allocated to Arab Palestine under the UN partition plan! Actually this is still what I would ask for under the negotiations. Even Lieberman is on my side - go figure! I would only insist on Asqalan to be returned to Palestine also, in addition to Akka.
25. Nour
Jane   (07.12.09)
Thank you so much for your brilliant posts. You have explained to the world why you do not have a state.
26. #11 - couldn't agree with you more
AD ,   Toronto, Canada   (07.12.09)
The Jews should return to where they came from - THE LAND OF ISRAEL!!!!!
27. The refugees probleme.
Ron B. ,   Lod   (07.12.09)
The Arab version of the tragic fate of Arab refugees who fled from British Mandatory Palestine before and during the 1948 war, and from Israel immediately after the war, has so thoroughly dominated the thinking of even well-educated historians, commentators, journalists and politicians, that it is almost a given that the creation of the State of Israel caused the flight of almost a million hapless, helpless and hopeless Arab refugees. Israel caused the problem and thus Israel must solve the problem. This assertion, although viscerally engaging and all but canonized by the anti-Israel left (including the Arab-dominated UN) which makes it the core of its narratives of the Middle East conflict, is unequivocally and utterly false as explained at :
28. I want to be hot, blond and wealthy
Steve from Raleigh   (07.12.09)
That's not going to happen either.
Michael ,   California   (07.12.09)
return and restore theirs property stolen in arab countries ?
30. #15 - Hahahaha - The asimone drops
William ,   Israel   (07.12.09)
Hey, welcome to planet earth, Marco! Rashid has been posting for months with hilarious ridicule of the Pal narrative . And you're just getting it? Well, like those in Spain who finally found the fallacy in supporting brutal fascist regimes (though that seems to have changed)...."better late than never".
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