Ex-PM's bureau chief suspected of illegal wiretapping
Aviad Glickman
Published: 13.07.09, 12:11
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1. Who`s behind Shula Zaken`s wiretapping ?
Nora Tel Aviv ,   Tel Aviv   (07.13.09)
To whom she transferred those highly secret conversations of PM Ollmert ? Who got all those cassettes and transcripts from Shula Zaken ? What did she receive in return ?
2. zaken and olmert
alexi   (07.13.09)
Zaken was closer to olmert than his wife. With a wink and nod, she listened in to all of his conversations so he he could have corroboration yet deniability if it came to light. The man is a crook and liar, filled with deceipt as grossman and shalits found out. His whole world is zaken, matzi, talansky tours, pens and watches and lots of concessions and losing wars. May he and halutz go to hell.
3. indictment
marcel   (07.13.09)
Ahh Ehud, the noose is tightening. You put israel and me through hell. Now you are going through hell. Rachel risbi of tours will be indicted according to justice. Zaken was indicted. Who put them up to it. You did, you weasal. You took cash from talansky through zaken and messer, you took holdiays on tours, you granted favours to businessment when you were at industry, you are the definition of corruption. May hashem put you in jail for a long time where you can commisurate with your arab brothers who you made concessions to.
4. #1 Nora
"Who`s behind Shula Zaken`s wiretapping ? " Could it be Hezbollah????
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