Police: 10% of youth use drugs
Zvi Lavi
Published: 13.07.09, 15:28
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1. Legalization
Legalize Marijuana   (07.13.09)
and the numbers will drop immediately. (:
2. 10% hehehehe 75% you mean
moi ,   TA   (07.13.09)
Half of Israel is hooked on drugs...but the government is not doing nothing, why arent there any warnings against drugs/alcohol or aids on Israeli TV, during commercial time???? I lived in many places all over the world and even in Asian countries there are....
3. Madatory Death Sentense for Drug Pushers !
BEN ,   SINGAPORE   (07.13.09)
Misuse of drugs ia a form of espionage on Israel to criple the next generation of Israeli. Israel must go hard on Misuse of Drug- Pass the law for DEATH PENALTY !
4. #1... you beat me to it :0
adambayam ,   michmoret   (07.13.09)
Israelis are simple people. If it goes against the grain or it allows you to escape, the youth think its trendy and want to be a part of it. However this is no longer a trend it is a norm. More than half of 21-30 year olds are in this scene. When the "coolness" goes away the scene WILL decrease and we can stop worrying about our neighbors throwing satchals of drugs over the fences, maybe event boost the economy too. Wow two birds with one stone. Hey not bad for a satlan. Legalize it ... don't criticize it.
5. education of generations
shark ,   singapore   (07.13.09)
the youth people in israel most of them use drugs destroyed whole families split all the society cause big damage to israel wish we can go back the 1948 since israel was set up by kibuutz people.......
6. For those who advocate legalization
Joe ,   Ohio, USA   (07.13.09)
just look at China 100 years ago. Opium, was freely available and 1/4 of the population was drug addicted. It destroyed a culture Legalization is a gun to the head of society. Too many people are too easily addicted. I've seen it destroy lives.
7. With our help....
Hezbollah ,   Lebanon   (07.13.09)
That number will quadruple in to time! lol
8. #3 Ben, Singapore
Moshe ,   Israel   (07.13.09)
Hey Ben are you high on something back there in the good old Singofpore?
9. that report is just BULLSHIT
yuval ,   Krayot ,Israel   (07.13.09)
10. #2 Israel is not just Tel Aviv
yuval ,   Krayot ,Israel   (07.13.09)
maybe in Tel Aviv county 75% of youth use drugs
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