Syria to EU: Israel obstacle to peace
Roee Nahmias
Published: 13.07.09, 19:18
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1. Fred Flinstone in a suit and a tie. Yabba, dabba, doooo!!!
Bam Bam ,   Slate City   (07.13.09)
2. Peace for Peace. Territories for reparations for 60 years of
The Doc ,   Haifa, Israel   (07.13.09)
... wars, terror and harrassment. I suggest Syrians pay the reparations with land (Golan Heights) since it is obvious that they don't have ANYTHING that can repay the suffering they've been inflicting on the Jewish people for the last 60 years. Interesting how Syria will replay the Lebanese for same suffering, when the time comes.
3. Syria forfeited any claim to GH
Wade ,   NYC USA   (07.13.09)
by virtue of its belligerence since 1948. Israel has done much to develop and populate Golan and keep the murderous Syrians from using the Heights to shoot at Jews. In addition to the danger of ever trusting Syrian good intentions, there is no compelling reason to even contemplate uprooting Katzrin, many settlements and the winery. Peace for peace if they're sincere.
4. Jabba the Hut as Foreign Minister, What did you Expect
Ses ,   FL   (07.13.09)
Gee, what a surprise, syria thinks Israel is the obsticle to peace in the middle east and not Syrian support of Hamas, hezbollah and Iran, the axis of evil. These remarks are the insanity that obama has brought. Instead of telling these thugs that they better wise up and change he elects to hammer the Israelis on settlements, a bs issue, and open the door to this kind of dribble. And you can include Mr. Solana's foolish remarks in that group. I think its time for Bibi to set the record straight, until the arabs accept israel as a Jewish state with defensible boarders there is nothing to talk about. Since it is unlikely that the arabs will do anything to show the world good faith, all of this is cheap talk anyway.
5. maollem and assad
alexi   (07.13.09)
moallem, golan is part of israel's history and was regained as a result of your shelling from the cliffs-do you remember. Forget the tours criminal olmert. \\ and his flailing around doling out concessions to save his ass from jail. That is where he is going as zaken and now risby will be indicted. Olmert was trying to stay out of jail by selling off israel lands. Well, Israel woke up and will soon put him in the dock. We can discuss peace for peace and lieberman not livni-olmert's twin expert in chamberlain concessions, will lead the negotiations. If you continue behaving, there will be peace. In the meantime, you fund or do terror in lebanon, gaza, and iraq. Your hands are drenched in blood. You do have one saving grace--asma assad. And israel has to do what it can not to harm her. By the way Woallme, you want war, yoiu will get it and you are not dealing with olmert the awol soldier father, peretz the buffoon, livni united nations and halutz the air force dumbell. Now you have peled, yaalon, ashkenazi and barak.Assad should think twice and shut up otherwise he will end up toast.
JESUSALEN ,   JESUSALEN   (07.13.09)
JESUSALEN is emet´s word revelation of the only true jewish mashiaj jesus the holy one,blessed be he (jitgalut 21)
7. Settlements
Robert Blum ,   New Albany, USA   (07.13.09)
What is illegal about Jews living anywhere in the Jewish homeland? The Arabs made it illegal for Jews to live in Arab countries & disenfranchised them totally, and massacred them. In 1929 Muslims massacred Jews in Hebron & expelled them. Remember the 1920 San Remo Conference, League of Nations? look it up! Is the world blind to the settlement issue of millions upon millions of muslims settling in Europe, Canada & America? THIS settlement issue should frighten all "infidels"! In 1970 USA had 80,000 Muslims. Today almost 10,000,000 rapidly breeding muslims live here! The muslims are devouring us without firing one rifle! Wake up liberals! It's is almost too late to rid ourselves of them! Obama just made an executive order to bring in thousands of so called Palestinians" into California for a new settlement!
....DACON9   (07.13.09)
9. Sounds like ARMED ROBBERY
Jesus! ,   Tel Aviv, ISRAEL   (07.13.09)
So why can't anybody call it for what it is???
10. His Face
MaMa ,   Israel   (07.13.09)
His Face is an obstacle to peace!
11. Peace for territories plus a flood of Arabs into Israel
Sam ,   Canada   (07.13.09)
Arab leaders have learned that saying "2 states", however disingenuously they mean it, gets them a lot further with Western leaders than repeating the 3 no's of Khartoum.
12. Syrian Crap should be exposed
Brod ,   USA   (07.13.09)
Syria is one of the Chief Sponsors of Islamist-Jihadist terrorism in the region. They have NO moral standing preaching to Israel. They continue to facilitate Iran's arms to Hezbollah and Hamas. They shelter Hamas and other Islamist-Jihadist terrorists. Instead of building their nation, all they do is crusade Islamist-JIhadism in the region. They are one of the Ayatollahs' tentacles in the region. One of their tactics to distract Israel and the West is harping their crap to enable the Ayatollahs ample time to complete their nukes unimpeded.
Lawrence ,   Safed Israel   (07.13.09)
But...he uses swish rail to hold up his trousers (pants).I once saw him in the middle of the road and had to drive around him,I ran out of gas halfway round.If he ever were to visit Israel he would be visiting Lebanon and Jordan at the same time..
14. Israel is obstacle to War not Peace
Jewish Refugee ,   Damascus, Syria   (07.14.09)
Opposite is true Syria, Iran, and other are obstacle to Peace because they do not want to recognize Israel as a Jewish State; forget about the refugee scam, and so forth. For more please visit:
15. Jews Stand up for HUMAN RIGHTS for Non-Muslims! Build! Build
Linda Rivera ,   New York   (07.14.09)
Millions of Muslims continually migrate from 57 Muslim countries colonizing the West. In Sweden, many Muslim youth wear a t-shirt proclaiming: "2030-then we take over" At the same time, Muslim supremacists are vehemently opposed to Jews living on their Land and Hindus living on their Land in Kashmir, India. Jewish cities and towns in the Biblical homeland, Judea and Samaria, are shining lights of freedom! In countries around the world, Muslim supremacists wage cruel jihad against non-Muslim innocents to VIOLENTLY drive non-Muslims from off their own land.
16. Spare us the opera (rollseyes)
Ypip ,   Canada   (07.14.09)
17. And you are an obstacle to the food industry!!
Poitcha ,   Kfar Saba   (07.14.09)
18. Syria to EU: "Forked Tongue"
Isaac Gutwilik ,   New Jersey USA   (07.14.09)
As the Native Indian Chiefs used to say in old western movies: " They speak with forked tongue". For internal news consumption it always another story - one that doesn't make any concessions for peace.
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