Hamas: Israel distributes libido-increasing gum in Gaza
Ali Waked
Published: 13.07.09, 22:06
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1. Viagra Gum
Farouk ,   Jerusalem   (07.13.09)
That is a kool invention; I respect these great minds at work. One thing I do not understand, youngster in Gaza have strong libido without this wacky gum. So if this gum makes it to the hands of youngster it is a waste of money. The real conspiracy theory is that Israeli intelligence smuggles the gum to the Palestinian leadership who get so politically aroused that they keep screwing their own people. Now that makes a lot of sense.
2. If Israel was doing anything like this it would be
Eric ,   Tel Aviv   (07.13.09)
to reduce libido. The last thing Israel wants is more people in Gaza.
3. Not likely
Sarah ,   New York City, USA   (07.13.09)
We would prefer that you spawn fewer offspring, not more. We cannot even stand the ones you have and --- besides --- how many of them do you sell to be suicide bombers, anyway? Ridiculous accusations made by a people who breed like flies WITHOUT any help.
4. Good Gum
steven rosenfeld ,   L.A. USA   (07.13.09)
They should market it worldwide. It would make israel a fortune.
5. side effects??
observer   (07.13.09)
what sort of dubious side effects did the poor girl suffer? Seriously though, this might backfire. As I recall the last pal lady with too much libido was despatched to a crossing as a suicide bomber and killed several israelis.
leoblue ,   NY   (07.13.09)
7. Sex Gum
Sharona ,   Jerusalem   (07.13.09)
Hamas insanity. Why would Israel want to increase Gazan sex drive-just more Gazan infants. What would Israel want that for? When the Rafah crossing was opened the poor starving Gazans were bringing in VIAGRA instead of food! Blaming Israeli "sex gum" might save the girl from being "honor" murdered.
8. More Arab tall tales
Israeli grandmother   (07.13.09)
I dont know why Ynet publish this stuff, its clearly a lot of baloney. In any case considering that the carefully encouraged over-population of Gaza is a Hamas aim, where's their problem?
9. what a load of crap.
10. Libido-increasing gum? Can I have some, please?
11. Does UNRWA take credit or blame for a generation of nutjobs?
rnathans00 ,   Washington, USA   (07.13.09)
Israel's education system turns out its share of fools, but it's the UNRWA that's turned out a generation of frickin' loons. It was only recently they were ranting about those Israeli engineered field mice and wild pigs who somehow distinguish between the fields of settlers and those of Palestinians. Seriously, is it something in the water? Maybe I shouldn't say that, they'll only blame Israel for putting something in that water. Oh, right; they've already done that...
12. Islamist-Jihadist Crap
Brod ,   USA   (07.13.09)
Blaming Israel has always been one of their tactics to tarnish Israel. If there are such drugs, the world would have known about it. And they may prove better than viagra.
14. Oh daddy this gum
Renee ,   IL   (07.13.09)
is Yu- yuh- yuh- yuh- YUM ! I am having what she's having
15. Send 100 packs to my wife immediately
MK ,   Atlanta,USA   (07.13.09)
16. Bernard's obsessed with Lenina
Ypip ,   Canada   (07.13.09)
and needs to go see that Alpha-Plus lecturer of his, 'what's-his-name?'
17. Libido enhancing gum
Josh ,   San Jose, CA   (07.13.09)
If Israelis had invented such a thing, they would be chewing it themselves - not sharing it with the Palestinians.
18. My pardon for snorting with laughter when I read this
Cameron ,   USA   (07.14.09)
You Gaza types for real?
19. and what next? Gay bomb???
Smith   (07.14.09)
20. Stop Ali's garbage on the Ynet. Give HIM some gum..
Arthur ,   SF, CA   (07.14.09)
21. No. 8 Israel Grandmother
NYC Girl   (07.14.09)
Actually, it might be a good thing if this lunacy on the part of the Palestinians gets a lot of attention. Then maybe, once and for all, people will see what sort of mindset Israel has to deal with and what kind of people Obama thinks they should have their own state virtually within spitting range of Israel...although it isn't spitting that's the problem.
22. Unless the daughter was re-playing the role in Harry loves
Sally,how would her ,   father know?   (07.14.09)
23. Last year we were accused of putting HIV in the cantalope,
now orgasmic gum. ,   Jews are brilliant!!   (07.14.09)
24. Don't you just love these hilarious ynet articles?
Poitcha ,   Kfar Saba   (07.14.09)
25. Can be really very serious.
Dr D ,   Jerusalem   (07.14.09)
I hope the doctors in Gaza will check the girl for early diabetic conditions or allergy to colors in the coating . Did she swallow more then 5 gum?
26. how much that gum cost and in what flavors?
ghostq   (07.14.09)
does Israel export it to other areas in the world? just curious.
27. where can i get them?!
nadav ,   tlv   (07.14.09)
28. Sex Gum
Michael ,   Los Angeles, USA   (07.14.09)
This is the best story yet. Wether real or fabricated, this is the most bizarre interplay between these two peoples that has been put forth in quite some time. Frankly they need to act like grown-ups and solve their real issues instead of behaving like children. Really, libido gum to destroy the youth!! Come on, take responsibility for your horny children. That's what teenagers the world over do, try to get in one another's pants.
29. Better entertainment!
Antonio ,   Spain   (07.14.09)
Just think about that: if terrorists change their kassams by their own "missiles" more people will be happy: Israel for not receive the attacks, and the terrorists' girlfriends and wives, who will be very very happy for receive "them". Everybody happy!
30. either way, good use for rubber, oral stuff, go figur ;P.
ghostq   (07.14.09)
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