Mother suspected of starving toddler son
Efrat Weiss
Published: 14.07.09, 21:42
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1. What a horrific, grizzly thing this disorder is.....
Andy ,   ramat hasharon   (07.14.09)
These people actually love their children. So sick. A British study actually showed a father with the disorder on camara hugging and patting his baby as he was suffocating him. He would make the kid pass out and seek medical attention. BIG KUDOS to the staff that installed the cameras!
2. These cults are not jews ,
3. what is wrong parts of the ultra-orthodox world?
4. Welfare office set ablaze?
William ,   Israel   (07.14.09)
What skunks these ultra-orthodox are - to be so violent and full of hate when one of their own is arrested for a very real crime. ALL citizens must adhere to the rule of law, including Arabs and ultra-orthodox. If you don't like the law, petition to change it. If you don't acknowledge Israel's right to uphold it's laws, then you are welcome to transfer somewhere else.
5. #4 Dumb@ss! This horrible dis-order strike people ALL over
the world. It is a ,   non-racist disorder.   (07.14.09)
6. #3 I don't care what anyone says, but
Joe ,   Ohio, USA   (07.14.09)
people who seek out extreme life styles are by nature sick people with some sort of power and control issues. Religious fundamentalism in any form in my humble opinion falls squarely into that category.
7. do Neturei Kartas have birthright?
observer   (07.14.09)
8. Mother Starving Toddler
Bruria ,   Haifa   (07.14.09)
This has nothing to do with religion, cults or anything else. The woman is mentally deranged and should be locked up--all children should be kept from her. I am not defending any one group but this happens all over the world.
9. double standard
mo ,   london   (07.14.09)
So, when someone from an anti-Zionist group is involved in a horrible, tragic case that becomes a headlin issue (not that NK significance is explained anywhere in the article that I could see) They *must* all be mad if they treat their children like this AND don't believe in Israel's legitimacy. Would it have been so prominent if the mother had been from a pro-Israel Orthodox group?
10. #7 No!, they have already sold theirs, the moment they
better observer   (07.14.09)
assigned themselves to "guard" Jerusalem against Jews.
11. Bruria , # 8 . You are 100 % right
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (07.14.09)
And even i dislike , at least , those people , i don't think that there is any relation .
12. Far be it from me to defend Neturei Karta....
Andy ,   ramat hasharon   (07.14.09)
whose views I detest, but that absolutely has nothing to do with the disorder. It's a loathesome sickness that does not discriminate. Thank G-d this child was rescued.
13. Illness? Not so fast!
jv ,   LA, USA   (07.14.09)
Munchausen by proxy is not a recognized psychiatric disorder. It is a set of behaviors and is considered a form of child abuse. You people have been watching too many made for television movies.
14. Münchausen syndrome by proxy?
observer   (07.14.09)
Some corrections to the facts: (i) The woman is not and never has been a member (neither is her husband or family) of Neture Karta. (ii) She has two other children who are fit and healthy (ii) The child concerned suffers from a variety of ailments. (iv) The woman questioned decisions made by the doctors which led to a confrontational situation between them. Perhaps the doctor accusing this woman can take a leaf from the biography of Professor Sir Roy Williams (the character who invented this condition). Several women were jailed on his testimony, but all were freed (one later committed suicide) and he disappeared from history after wrecking the lives of so many people and their families.
15. What they are to blame for
Eyal ,   Rehovot   (07.14.09)
While Neturei Karta aren't to blame for her condition, they are to blame for protesting her arrest. They are attempting to facilitate her abusive actions. Who knows how long people in her community knew about what was going on but turned a blind eye. That they are to blame for, and should be held accountable.
16. I would be curious to learn
Sarah ,   New York City, USA   (07.14.09)
if this is the woman's only child. Those who truly suffer from Munchausen's by Proxy do not pick and choose which child to victimize. They're all victimized -- the parent is invariably a pity junkie (what is more pitiful than a mother who has lost every child born to her) or attention starved (who doesn't pay a great deal attention to a mother who has buried all her children at a young age)? A key element which is overlooked in the story. Neturei Karta are notorious for having children in double-digits. I wish the news item had included information about whether this is a first child, or if there had been others, with equally grisly fates.
17. To: No. 3
Sarah ,   New York City, USA   (07.14.09)
Munchausen's by Proxy is an extremely rare disorder, but it crosses all races, religions and ethnicities. It is not unique to the ultra-orthodox community and for you to suggest otherwise makes you stupid and uninformed.
18. To: No. 13
Sarah ,   New York City, USA   (07.14.09)
Wrong. It is a recognized psychiatric disorder of the factitious variety. Just because YOU live in LA-LA land doesn't mean the rest of us even watch TV. Or did you confuse "factitious" with "fictitious?"
19. I am a religious Jew..these freaks are simply freaks
Al   (07.14.09)
they represent no one. Its time they be bannished from the Jewish people. Rioting to defend a 'mother' who abused her own child speaks volumns of the obvious madness that has taken over these behamos. They are not yidden, they are meshumodim.
20. Re Observer
Observer2 ,   Jerusalem   (07.14.09)
Anyone who knows the facts of this case should keep away from public forums. It is a devastating situation for all concerned. Obviously her religious subgroup is irrelevant to the case. Obviously a sick child is a tragedy. As to your other points... with extreme sadness I have to say that you are wrong. I wish it wasn't so.
21. Ynet
Yehuda ,   Jerusalem,Israel   (07.14.09)
Why does the headline read "neturei karta woman arrested"? It should say "woman with psychiatric disorder arrested". The headline doesn't even mention that the woman is mentally ill! But when you read the headline, ynet makes sure you know she's charedi. (even though I'm not sure if neturei karta should be called charedi,but that's a different topic). This headline is biased and is hateful propaganda! Thank you ynet for showing beyond a doubt, your true colors.
22. e#obsrver - can you tell us your sources please
Rebecca ,   Modiin   (07.14.09)
Not that JP gives us their sources, but as yours differ from the article, how do you know all this.
DAVID ,   JUDEA   (07.14.09)
Article after article Ynet keeps demonizing the religious public and it is getting more vicious and frequent. I am spending less and less time opening up their webside, because it poisons ones soul. Time is better spend on other more positive things in live, they can keep their ugly worldview and be misarable for all I care. All their hatred will come back to haunt them eventually. "The one that blesses the Jews will be blessed, the one that curses them will be cursed." Ynet falls in the second group.
24. Normal societies don't defend their criminals
Their behavior is typical of sick societies like the Muslims in France.
25. Israel must deport these people to Iran or Afghanistan
Sean ,   london, uk   (07.14.09)
They're not Jews, because you need to be Human before you can be Jewish, and the filth that are claiming her as a 'human rights' case are not human. Why do you Israelis put up with these Ahmedinajed-hugging, Holocaust-denying scumbags? Send them to Gaza where they can be amongst their own...
26. To: No. 18
jv ,   LA, USA   (07.14.09)
Wrong, psycho. Try reading and understanding what you copy and paste instead of always acting like a jerk. From your link: "[Munchausen by Proxy ] is a form of maltreatment (abuse and/or neglect) rather than a mental disorder." Go get psych help instead of always being a nuisance.
27. She has the right to a fair trial.
jv ,   LA, USA   (07.14.09)
Too many women have been wrongly convicted based on the testimony of a psychiatrist that they suffered from MBP. The UK and Australia will no longer allow such testimony.
28. protest
josh ,   jerusalem   (07.15.09)
these people have to decide when to protest it bsolutely does not make sense for them to protest. the hareidim need a public safety campaign. and a crash course in interpersonal behaviour! enough 4 now
29. why
Steve ,   JERUSALEM   (07.15.09)
I personally know this nice woman and her well-known prestigious family, the whole thing here is a wild “Bluff” made against pious Jews. Everybody has learned it again and again, how these “reshoim” [wicked people] are trying as many times as they could, creating problem in the ultra orthodox community as much as they can. And the story here is clear, as they write: “It was later revealed that the woman is a member of the Neturei Karta community. Now they found “nebach” a mother of many children with a sick child that is already suffering eight months in the hospital, and fabricated a scoop. And everybody believes their story, that a frum mother from “mea-sheorim” with many children, is willing to kill her child, by pulling out a feeding tube, as you hear by the monsters in Harlem, after sitting by her daughters hospital bedside the past eight month. Her goal is only to kill her child. Of course, they are not telling the whole story, this child was hospitalized eight months ago the child didn’t eat well and was loosing weight, they diagnosed her with cancer r”l, and treated her with chemo therapy. Now they found out that it’s not cancer. (Most probably, this whole story is a cover-up, not to focus on them, for misdiagnosing and treating her all this time with chemo.) Right from the beginning on, they tried very hard to create a “child-abuse” case, but never got anywhere, therefore, the relationship between the mother and the nurses was always very rough, lately, she realized a hidden camera in the room, she had suspicions that something is cooking, the were watching her with “seven-eyes” but what could she do. Unfortunately, the long-awaited time came as can happen many times, a child moves from side to side, one tube slipped out, they ran in with such a vengeance, they finally caught her. She wants’ to kill her child…. They said “we are already watching you several weeks on the hidden TV, now we got you.” ……. They didn’t even want to hear her reply, the entire hospital staff was suddenly there, laughing at her as she cried, it was clearly a case of anti-Semitism. They arrested her as a real murderer, throwing her in jail with the worst of man-kind possible, she is already sitting there since last week Wednesday. Even the husband was arrested for two days and was released on $50.000. bail. Wake up , whom do you really believe?
30. Whom do really believe?
jv ,   LA, USA   (07.15.09)
No one. At this point, there has been no evidence given under oath and subject to cross examination. Claiming she is nice and comes from a prestigious family is irrelevant, since even they commit child abuse. And as to your story as to what happened, you were not there. So, it's not credible. Why not wait for her to have her day in court before judging one way or another?
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