Explosion in Hezbollah arms cache stirs panic in south Lebanon
Hanan Greenberg
Published: 14.07.09, 19:36
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1. I love it when an enemies plan back fires and they end up be
ing dead Crispy ,   Critters.God is good   (07.14.09)
2. It should always blow up in their faces!
Lioness ,   Israel   (07.14.09)
Hezbollah Katyusha ,   Lebanon   (07.14.09)
69,995 left. LOL
4. Thank you Ms Livni.
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (07.14.09)
Brilliant, positively brilliant. How do we get people this stupid in gov't.? Is stupid a qualification?
5. Just wait until we are blamed for this
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (07.14.09)
No change in Hizbollah actions. Hiding rockets in civilian areas, still operating south of the Litani, still in exists - all violations of international law.
6. #4 Yes it must be beacuse Obama got elected!
Not a fan of Obama ,   Anywhere, USA   (07.14.09)
7. We never left....
Hezbollah ,   Lebanon   (07.14.09)
We've always been their under your noses. The problem is that you cant see us while we can see you. On the 3rd anniversary of the 2006 war, Samir Kuntar gave an interview less than a 100 meter from the spot where Regev and Goldwasser were captured. During the interview, you could see behind Kuntar an Israeli patrol on the other side of the border probably 200meters away. Again I say we are there and have always been there but we are like ghosts. You dont see us. And to those idiots of you thnking that Hezbollah lost men in the explosion, I tell them to read the article with their heads, not with their rear ends. The place was empty when the explosion took place. Ok, so we lost 5 missiles, but we still have 69,995. lol
8. Unifil
Ilana   (07.14.09)
proves once again how biased and one sided they are. They are enemy.
9. the UN Jerks
Irgun ,   Israel   (07.14.09)
what do the jerks at the UN have to say for themsleves and the wonderful job they are doing keeping the boarder free of Hezbollah weapons ... this is just more proof of how silly relying on the UN is ... wait until they offer to put troops on the boarder of gaza and the west bank to instill confidence in Israeli security ... this would be like letting your 10 year old son stay over at Micahel Jackson's house
10. To: No. 3
Sarah ,   New York City, USA   (07.14.09)
Considering the blast was heard -- and vibrations felt -- as far north as Beirut, I'd say it was a whole lot more than five ..... Poor little terrorist babies. Now you have to start from scratch, with no help from Papa Ahmedinejad or Papa al-Assad in the offing. What's a spineless, weaponless terrorist to do?
Jewdea ,   Jewdea, Israel   (07.14.09)
charade of justice. hizbollah terrorists have some missiles blown up at the border ...but i thought the UN and a "strong international force" would keep the peace, disarm hizbollah, and keep israel safe ...YEA RIGHT. Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me! LEARN YOUR LESSON ISRAEL after Gaza and lebanon. now you want to receded from JEWdea too and be 8 miles wide? Fool me twice shame on me (leftist israel media and authorities).
12. I'm sure UNIFIL will find a way to blame Israel
The Punisher   (07.14.09)
They'll say that this is a response to IAF incursions into Lebanese airspace.
14. Interesting talk back from "Hezbollah Lebanon",
Rebecca ,   Modiin   (07.14.09)
You are so proud that nobody was killed in this accident. After you lost how many in your last war with us? After you used how many woman children and civilians as human shields? After the destruction to Lebanon that you caused. And you are proud that nobody was hurt today. I dont get it.
15. Thank you B. Hussein Obama for NOTHING
Morris ,   USA   (07.14.09)
B. H. Obama has created a dangerous environment for the Jewish people worldwide, but especially in Israel, of course. Bibi had better stand up to his virulently anti-Semitic policies. BHO's meeting with US Jewish "leaders" was a joke, since he refused to invite the ZOA and other Jews who would actually stand up to him.
16. to hezbollah we couldn't see because you hide like rats
dovdevan ,   ashdod,israel   (07.14.09)
under the hass of the UNIFIL ! but i think you will think twice before daring to launch an attack because this time BIBI and barak wont' give the chance to escape between civilians remember gaza we did'nt hesitate to bombard areas where terrorist were hiding among civilians !
17. #10 Sarah
Marco ,   Spain   (07.14.09)
I take it you were in Beirut and heard the blast???? The vibrations you heard could be from an instrument you were using for intimacy. Sarah Dear, Hezbollah will always be a thorn in your Jewish behind
18. #14 Rebecca
Hezbollah ,   Lebanon   (07.14.09)
Rebecca Israeli propaganda can only fool simple minded people like yourself. We never use human shields and the proof is there for any impartial person to spot. In the last elections in Lebanon, Hezbollah and they all won. In the South where I voted, Hezbollah candidates won a total of around 55,000 votes with the opposing candidates getting less than 500. Same thing in Baalbeck. Our love for Hezbollah is so deep that I made a point of travelling from the U.S just to be there on election day to vote for Hezbollah. If Hezbollah was using human shields, this would not have been the case. After all the people of South Lebanon are the families of Hezbollah. They are the back bone of Hezbollah and Hezbollah would never use them as human shields. Your propaganda might fool simple minded Israelis but it will not fool us.
19. #18, yeah proof is there...
Danny   (07.15.09)
Copious videos of Hizbollah firing rockets from houses and villages. And of course NONE of the major battles occured in villages. Congrats on the election, note you got the same percentage of the vote as Saddam and Assad did in his day. Same percentage as Mubarak gets and only slightly less than kim cheong il. Wierd how no other - real - democracies ever get anywhere near that level of support. Maybe they should learn leadership brilliance off Hizbollah, DPRK and Syria?
20. #18 And I suppose you voted again for a leader who hides in
cave?No brains on ,   your end. Blah,ha,ha   (07.15.09)
21. To: No. 17
Sarah ,   New York City, USA   (07.15.09)
No, I had it from a former college roommate who is with the U.S. State Department and is stationed in Beirut. I also had it from two other sources. Hizbollah a thorn in my rear? Oh, baby boy, thorns can be plucked out, now, can't they? Won't be long now. I trust you have noticed the 180 degree turnaround in the White House with respect to Middle East policy, have you not? Tee hee. More fool you.
22. #7-69,995 work accidents to go....
Cynthia ,   USA   (07.15.09)
I'm sure the IDF smelled you. They decided to allow your moment in the sun with the bug eyed child killer Kuntar speaking to a group of unemployed terrorist thugs hiding in the bushes. Like ghosts, it's a matter of time before you fade into obscurity. By the way, how is the rebuilding of Lebanon going. It's been three years. What's taking you so long?
23. Israel is best- Watch those
Interesting to watch 1) 2) 3) 4)
24. Israel is the greatest
27. #23-#26 Hezbollah
You can put lipstick on a pig but it's still a pig.
28. no.7
hebrew prophet ,   israel   (09.05.10)
But what is Hezbollah as it was once called Amal,Shiite killing machine answerable only to Allah,responsible for heinous acts of barbarism and violence in Beirut ,after the Palestinian rabble fleeing the Black September King Hussein of Jordan 1970 ethnic cleansing of the Hashemite kingdom ,arrived in the squalid refugee camps of Sabra and Shatila and upset the status quo of the Phalange and their control of these camps ,resulting in more barbarism and violence after the 1982 assassination of Gemayel ,the Phalage leader and about to be Lebanon,s new Prime Minister ,by the Amal/Sryian/Iranian axis of interference and evil in Lebanon for more tha four decades,try again coward ?
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