Soldiers say received orders to shoot first, worry later in Gaza war
Published: 15.07.09, 00:33
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1. Self Defense
Yigal Levenson ,   Toronto, Canada   (07.15.09)
If someone comes to kill you, you kill them first...basic rule of humane self defense! Good job IDF at prioritizing!
2. Many Rocket Strikes were Bogus
Peter Morris ,   New Zealand   (07.15.09)
As part of the policy to confuse launchers of rockets from Gaza many attacks were duplicated so that the actual rockets fired was reported as much greater than occurred. This in particular the rockets that supposedly hit schools and kindergartens which had the effect of drumming up support for the IDF. In one case a soldier threw a rock through the window of a kindergarten to enable it to be reported as an "attack" on a kindergarten.
3. Shoot First Worry Later
Goliath   (07.15.09)
The policy proves the cowardice of IDF soldiers in facing heroic mujahidins.
4. Testimony has a technical definition
R M Rich ,   Montclair, NJ   (07.15.09)
You use the term testimony in an unfair and misleading fashion. That term denotes a statement made under the penalty of perjury and subject to cross examination. That was not done here,
5. silent soldier protest
alexi   (07.15.09)
This is a page out of olmert son's book of protesting the idf. When you suffer amputation off limbs by hamas bombers you complain. So when the IDF protects you, yoiu still compalin. You make me sick, you bunch of olmerts. Of course you use massive firepower, phosphorus, neighbours rather than wait and get your head blown off you bunch of shmucks. And hamas and hezbollah fight fair???!! You idiots. IDF has to use asymmetrical brutal methods to combat hezbollah terror.You make me sick!
6. lies creation is a good funny story
Dov ,   cap-argentina   (07.15.09)
another evidence of the enemie´s power, by the creation of this funny story with no names and in the dark, intending damage IDF qualities, why do not talk about Hamas terrorist actitude, attacking everyday for 8 years with rockets and missiles, killing inocent jewish civilians, and many others colaterals , Do not forget that Israel act in self defense, we were not the agressors Put this article in the media really make me think that something is not very clear, i like plurality but no with bad intentions. Everybody know about the moral, respect and the ethic of IDF. With faith and hope, Shalom
Jorge ,   Tegucigalpa   (07.15.09)
With friends like those in the Israeli press, who needs enemies, as long as you see your names in the prints, and make Israel look bad, there you go.- That is beign more papist than the pope, and our enemies just click forward what you print, it is hard to be a Jew, because of some of the Jews we have.
8. shoot first, worry later
Ale ,   B. Aires Argentina   (07.15.09)
It's just another leftwing-bullshit. It's false. I mean: UNFORTUNATELY is false. A question: is our dear Mr President Obama after this media-operation, or some other else?
9. Didn't we already go through this?
Danny   (07.15.09)
with the "testimony" from that military college?
10. Even a broken clock is right twice a day
William ,   Israel   (07.15.09)
Like statistics and other narrow perspectives used by these Leftist groups, if you narrow any piece of information down enough you can prove just about anything, including the sun revolves around the Earth and the Holocaust never happened. This is true in this instance also. These groups tried this immediately after the Gaza War, by focusing on a few disgruntled soldiers, hoping their status as soldiers would take center stage over their motive and the fact they weren't officers. It's on the same level as Iran inviting Nuterei Karta to the Holocaust Denial love-in to show the world that even a Jew agrees with the Islamists. It's all crap and should be taken with a 10kg block of salt.
11. Pal Rights group stated 1417 people dead, 946 civilians
William ,   Israel   (07.15.09)
But other independent groups and journalists put the overall number lower, and civilians at less than 30% of total.... that's because groups like RAI - Italian Radio didn't count people already dead before the war, or dead of old age, or terrorists dressed in civilian clothing....and DID listen to Gazan families who complained of Hamas using their houses as weapons depots, and families as human shields. Get your story from Hamas, and you'll never see the truth.
12. Better judgement requires a deal of wisdom to back it up
Ypip ,   Canada   (07.15.09)
13. A command isn't an urge
Ypip ,   Canada   (07.15.09)
Where'd that come from?
14. as opposed to Hamas, where it's...
Greg ,   New York City   (07.15.09)
shoot first...worry never.
15. When I served in Iraq, I pulled the trigger on 97 terrorists
I'm home to tell ,   about it.Shoot first   (07.15.09)
16. Sound advice
Sarah ,   New York City, USA   (07.15.09)
In light of the fact that Hamas terrorists hide among civilians and civilians have been -- and continue to be -- routinely utilized as suicide bombers. Exactly the instructions given to U.S. soldiers in Iraq. Shoot first, worry about the consequences later. Is there a problem here? I think not. If that is how Hamas chooses to wage war; that is how Israel must respond. I'd rather see one thousand dead civilians than one dead Israeli soldier. Sorry. That's just how it is. In every war zone, everywhere. Prove me wrong. Hamas set the terms of engagement in the Gaza campaign, by hiding weapons in civilian centers, taking refuge in hospitals and schools and using those hospitals and schools to fire at Israeli troops. I feel sorry (sort of) for the Gazan civilians .... but .... wait a minute! Didn't they vote Hamas into office in a landslide victory? Sort of like German citizens voting the Nazis into office in a landslide victory. Did the Allies care how many civilians died in Dresden? Or in the constant carpet bombing of Germany? Why no. They didn't, did they? One reaps what one sows. Turn Israel into the "villain" as much as you like -- history -- and the rules and practice of war -- prove Israel acted no differently from the Allies in World War II. And we are kind of proud of the Allied victory in World War II, are we not? Yeah. We are. We put an end to an enormous evil, admittedly at great cost to civilians in Germany. Hamas is an enormous evil. Anyone that argues differently is plain stupid.
17. And what's the problem here?
Billy Bob ,   Tulsa, OK   (07.15.09)
So, isn't that what our holy brothers (and sisters) in the IDF are suppossed to do? Whats the chiddish?
18. 'Activist' Group... another group of lefties bashing Israel
Bob ,   Boston USA   (07.15.09)
What is it with these left wing 'Activist' groups? Israel and the IDF finally defend the citizens of Israel, after eight years of rocket attacks on her civilians in the South, and hit back hard at the devils of Hamas... and the Jewish lefties (and oh so civilized Europeans) jump down Israel's throat. The lefties insanely give a pass to the murderous crimes of Hamas while bashing Israel for fighting back. They all need serious psychiatric help.
19. shooting
colin   (07.15.09)
Whoever gave the orders to shoot first and worry later to minimise casualities muct be awarded the medal of honour. He is doing his soldiering as written by nature. Hope this order will become the basis for the whole future.
20. Soldiers say.....
Marco ,   Spain   (07.15.09)
Israel is a criminal state. "Soldiers say shoot first worry later....". I rest my case.
21. OUTRAGEOUS! They begged for a war after years of warnings!
ned ferks   (07.15.09)
The fighters positioned themselves amongst, and fired rockets from densely populated areas in the hope that the humility the Jews are known for would save them while the attacked - and now - a handful of pussy-assed brainless heart-bleeder traitors are whining!
22. Good job! that is exactly what you do in war!
ari   (07.15.09)
glad to hear that the IDF did things right
23. The Israeli Defense Forces are accountable to a ...
Ron B. ,   Lod   (07.15.09)
The Israeli Defense Forces are accountable to a democratically chosen government. For months Hamas has been raining down rockets on Israeli civilians. Like all terrorist attacks, the aim is to spread fear within free societies, and to paralyze its leaders. This Israel cannot afford: no sovereign nation can sit by while its civilian population is attacked. Hamas knows this and understands something else as well: In the 21st century, when democratic states respond to terrorist attacks, they face a terrible handicap. It’s true that Israel’s conventional superiority means it could flatten Gaza if it wanted. But the Israeli Defense Forces – unlike Hamas – are accountable to a democratically chosen government. No matter which party is in the majority, every Israeli government knows it will be held accountable by its people and by the world for the lives that are lost because of its decisions. That’s true for lives of innocent Palestinians caught in the crossfire. And it’s also true for the Israeli soldiers who may lose their lives defending their people. That also explains that Israel reaction is never “disproportionate” as explained at :
24. Smells like the usual Arab&Euro-sponsored leftist BS
The Punisher   (07.15.09)
We should run an inquiry into the funding sources of all these "human rights" Non-Government Organizations. Their reports usually quote a lot of weeping Arabs and a few misguided lefties from our side. And since they're NGO their credibility can't be questioned. Even their rhetoric is similar to the Arab propaganda networks. The Red Cross concluded that Israel's use of white phosphorous was legal. Do you trust "Breaking the Silence" more? Does anybody break Hamas silence?
25. Complaints, if at all
Robert Haymond ,   Ashdod, Israel   (07.15.09)
credible by "Breaking the Silence" (who hide behind anonymity) don't make sense as one of the the intents was to make sure that Israeli soldiers were confronted with minimal risk. I'd be thankful for the attitude of the armed forces had I been an Israeli soldier. As to civilian damages and deaths, I have a lot less sympathy for them as compared to Israeli citizens residing in the southern part of Israel (where I lived) who were indiscriminate targets of Hamas missile launchers. The intent of Operation Cast Lead was to stop Hamas from attacking us. It appears to have worked. Congratulations, IDF, from one appreciative Israeli!
26. Did American GI's during WW2 bother with this navel gazing?
Kyle ,   Southpark, CO, USA   (07.15.09)
We are at freaking war.
27. Soldiers are not social workers, and Gazans voted for terror
Genuine Tosefta ,   Tveria   (07.15.09)
they received what they deserve
28. Or is it present report first, worry later?
David ,   Melbourne   (07.15.09)
29. the problem is
suad ,   gaza   (07.15.09)
they do not worry first or later .. i think they lost their way .. to do the right you must be worry in the first or second or the last step . may be even animals feel some worry when they attack or do you think gazans had not worried now or then or forever ... stupid men who think that the power would be with tem forever so he do not worry about shooting killing or about himselfe or his children
30. Gaza
Rob ,   dallas texas   (07.15.09)
I watched some of the attacks live on a webcam. You couldn't see the actual people being killed. You could hear the bombs going off and the machine gun fire. I did see the telltale plumes from white phosphorous ordinates used by the IDF on the human beings of Gaza. This invasion of Gaza was wrong. The act is indefensible in the eyes of the rational world.
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