Netanyahu mulling UN speech
Itamar Eichner
Published: 16.07.09, 09:53
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1. Send Larry, Curley & Mo, No! Better still; Groucho, Chiko &
Harpo . . .   (07.16.09)
2. Send Borat! ;)
3. What's the point?
Sarah ,   New York City, USA   (07.16.09)
The instant Netanyahu or Peres (or any other Israeli, for that matter) gets up to speak, two-thirds of the representatives will get up and walk out. Israel should contemplate boycotting the opening of the General Assembly. There is nothing to be gained from listening to the annual anti-Semitic, anti-Israel, anti-Zionism diatribe that the opening of the General Assembly has been for the past forty years. The U.N. is a joke. I guarantee you there will be no discussion of Iran, no discussion of North Korea, no discussion of the Sudan, no discussion of Chechnya, no discussion of the Congo, no discussion of Pakistan, no discussion of Afghanistan, no discussion of Somalia ..... and a heckuva lot of talk about Israel. My tax dollars at work .....
4. ME ...
allan ,   rosh haayin   (07.16.09)
Pick me, i'll go..! and I hope Bibi does go and shows the world what a moron the Iranian president is.
5. An insult to Israel
DT ,   TA Israel   (07.16.09)
Don't insult Israel by attending the UN or yourself.
6. Boycott Israel, and BOYCOTT NetanYAHOO
adam ,   london   (07.16.09)
if Israel has elected an Prime Minister, who after already serving a term has STILL not accepted the notion of a Palestinian state, but who wants to create a Aparatheid like system, were Jews living in the WB never meet the ArabMajority, and who steal all there resources, dump there waste into fertile Arab Landscapes, and build "settlements" ontop of hilltops,,,,,who in the world can take serious anything Israel does?? Israel like many times in the past, wants time and more time. Time to expand there illegal colonization project, (note im not using the term settlements as it is incorrect) and to Judify Palestine. He has been on TV lying through his teeth about how Iran is Nazi Germany,,,REALLY?? Iran has concentration camps? Iran wants to kill Jews? Sure, thats why there are Jews there areJews in there parliament! and groups like the Karta hugging him. If the Muslims wanted to destroy the Jews, the HOLOCAUST would have happened in the Middle East and not EUROPE. Everyone needs to take a step back, and look at this extremist racist radical jew for what he really his! peace... hope I gt some hearts beating!! Note its YaHOO who uses Nazi terms like Judenrein to describe the WB, but yet doesnt accept the right of return of the Palestinian who left in nakba of 1947. Disgrace
7.  #6 same old boring speach about Israel apartheid bull
rachel ,   usa   (07.16.09)
Don't give yourself so much credit ...your no Einstein can only blame yourself for your brainwashed brain ....are all the women all wearing burkas yet in londonistan?
8. #6 63% of Israelis polled ALSO don't want 2 states.People
voted for Bibi--NOT ,   Livni, so shut-up!   (07.16.09)
9. He should start his speech by saying "The devil himself is
here today, he has ,   come out of Iran".   (07.16.09)
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