Olmert aide indicted in double-billing affair
Aviad Glickman
Published: 16.07.09, 13:20
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1. ohlmert's aide
sas ,   israel   (07.16.09)
i want to see OHLMERT indicted. the man is a thief, a criminal, a lier. he HAS TO GO TO jail.
2. indictment
alexi   (07.16.09)
Olmert's wife should feel good coming from a holocaust background,that according to the indictment of risbi, olmert took holidays on the money ripped off from yad vashem, a holocaust memorial organisation. While alicia an ehud were holidaying in europe and stolen money, the ashes of the dead were murmuring under their feet. What contemptible people. And ehud was entrusted by haaretz to lead israel in negotiations-are you out of your minds? He would sell his kids for a fancy watch!
3. jewish leaders fiddling money around...nothing new...
adam ,   london   (07.16.09)
israel and jewish leaders have always had a great long history with money scandals. no big deal if israelis on this website, (in the talkbacks), aswell as people on the jpst site can praise madoff , and defend a rapist ex minster, olmert is defo going to get away with it though his somewhat right centric political stance makes him more vulnerable then the other nutters.
4. #3 And yet your own govt. got caught with their hands in the
cookie jar too. ,   Scandolous yes????   (07.16.09)
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