A new diplomatic approach
David Saranga
Published: 16.07.09, 18:58
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1. Watch this Video - Saranga Talking about Twitter
Avi ,   Israel   (07.16.09)
Watch this video and hear David Saranga, Consul for Media and Public Affairs at the Consulate General of Israel in New York, explain at a recent conference how Israel is using Twitter as an effective public relations tool. http://wejew.com/media/4834/Israel_PR_Offensive_in_140_Characters/
2. Soldiers Speakout
Love of the Land ,   Israel   (07.17.09)
Using the medium. Many IDF soldiers feel a deep sense of injustice at how some are misrepresenting them and the IDF. We want to tell you, the public, about our personal experiences. Listen to our stories on this site. http://calevbenyefuneh.blogspot.com/2009/07/tv-news-report-on-wwwsoldiersspeakoutco.html#links
3. Public is smarter and facts are facts
Observer   (07.17.09)
People of the World see this: There were people living in Palestine, Arabic speaking, majority muslims, with large Christian minority, and small Palestinian jewish community that is also Arabic speaking. 100 years back colonialists and zionists decided to claim the land and settle it... and the problem started then claiming the right of ownership of the land and accusing its inhabitants of not being its legitimate people without any evidence except those that are ideological. The nature dictates that indigenous population will protect their land from what they perceive as foreign colonialist. Even the most primitive creatures will want there own territory, and urinate to make sure others do not come close! How about people who have brains and see others coming from every corner of the world to take their place. Simple isn't it. Does not need a lot of PR to convey.
4. observer - & of course...
oferdesade ,   israel   (07.17.09)
...what made those droves of fascist imperialists zionists flock to this forgotten backwater was the christian love of their fellow neighbors. they were so well-loved by their well-meaning brethren that they decided to spread the word of western love and harmony, teach the local population in zion how to perpetrate pogroms and holocausts and restricted-membership clubs... shame the locals took the lessons so much to heart; we could have had a good thing going.
5. child killers
khunter ,   canada   (07.19.09)
the world dislikes people who use their soldiers to kill children
6. #5, Bravo!
Chuck ,   Canada   (07.19.09)
I agree completely. Palestinian terrorists are disgusting. And to think, they are being promised a country based on decades of spilling innocent Jewish blood. International law now apparently rewards cold blooded murder with statehood. Disgusting.
7. It's not about the masses, it's about the message.
James Hovland ,   USA   (07.20.09)
We are watching 100 years of Zionist propaganda fall apart as an inevitable result of the era in which we live, a few commenters on the net are not going make the difference. The truth is simply not on Israel's side. People are aware of Israel's internet soldiers, and the play book. Pro-Israel comments have lost all credibility. Paid propagandists is all they are.
8. Positive Use of Online &Social Media
pamela chaiet ,   reston,usa   (08.05.09)
I could not agree more with your comments in" A New Diplomatic Approach". We should use the new internet tools for creating dialogue and to foster a better understanding of Israel's goals and ideals. Let the people of the world see the normal , the exceptional and the inclusive aspects of Israel's vision for the future. This reality can only make mindless hate a foolish quest when truth offers such a superlative perception.
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