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Big Sky country gets a mikvah
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Published: 18.07.09, 07:55
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1. gay rabbi couple to run mikvah; segregation solved
observer   (07.18.09)
2. Without any regard for building codes...
Lama Aliti ,   Israel   (07.18.09)
or local laws, chabad turns private homes in residential neighbourhoods into illegal houses of worship and community gathering places. No regard for others, or the community at large. Same thing in the occupied west bank... illegal settlements.
3. You can't 'teach' a baby to swim
Ypip ,   Canada   (07.19.09)
Guide them as a kangaroo maybe
4. just wondering, if u add bubbles you
ghostq   (07.19.09)
can turn that thing to Jacuzzi, and charge more, mmm... I will offer myself for supervisor.
5. to #1 we all know you want to go there,
ghostq   (07.19.09)
but you don't have anybody to go with.
6. Chabad & Coca Cola "The real thing"
Moshe ,   Gush Etzion, Israel   (07.19.09)
BS"D Not suprising that Chabad will go to Montana as a center for 5 gigantic surrounding USA states.There must be many former Jews from NY,LA and in between who went out west for spiritual values,and are far from Judaism because nothing authentic is out there. Now they have a free choice & many Jews love the warmth and joy that Lubavitch gives.I know of a married couple who visited their former home after many years in Israel to find "a Chabad center" where nothing ever was. Today they have children of their own who opened Chabad centers in exotic foreign countries to any Jew who wants to visit .
7. does anybody know?
Mari ,   out West   (07.19.09)
does anybody KNOW where Montana is- and how far to the next big city? Big Sky is a great name for 'in the middle of nowhere'- I love the country, but it is as far from amything Israeli as you can probably imagine, LOL
8. #2 Lama
David ,   USA, exile   (07.20.09)
You obviously no nothing about America. There is no such thing as an illegal house of worship here. We have freedom of religion. There are thousands of congregations from all religions meet in homes. Some on Shabbat, like myself, and many others on Sunday. Fault finding is sometimes really tough huh?
9. #6 Moshe
David ,   USA, exile   (07.20.09)
All one needs to be Jewish is a Torah and a nefesh.
10. ghostq
Are you offering to go with him?
11. lol to #10 sure y not but I am not buying the beer.
ghostq   (07.20.09)
he will have to buy the booze, mmm I thought of inviting you as well but since I don't know your name, I can't., I don't invite strangers.
12. Welcome Rabbi! Lama #2 good try.
John ,   Spokane Washington   (07.21.09)
Bozeman's a great little city, and this E. Washington goy is glad to hear Chabad is active there, mikvah and all. Welcome to the great West, rabbi Bruk! Glad to have you on board! As for Lama - you're welcome too. You might learn a little about freedom of religion, about the USA, and about the reason some folks don't buy into that "occupied West Bank " and "illegal settlement" poison you're so filled with. Lose the hate - it wrecks your life.
13. to #12 spokane is lovely chritian comunity
ghostq   (07.21.09)
y to send thos freeloaders there? go to new york or something leave thos areas with pork restaurants be.
14. keep up the great work chabad
hal tripp ,   la paz, bolivia   (07.22.09)
from vietnam to chile, the chabad movement are doing wonderful things, god bless them.
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