Ministers to review revised 'Nakba Law'
Aviad Glickman
Published: 18.07.09, 17:29
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1. No security threat what so ever...
Rami of Nazareth ,   Israel   (07.18.09)
While I'm crazy about the idea of commemorating "Nakab". I don't see any security threat by people peacfully demonstrating, yelling and screaming.. then going home...!! Haridi riots in Jerusalem are a much greater violation that this.
2. Destroying Iqrith and Ber'em is a crime
Rami of Nazareth ,   Israel   (07.18.09)
The two christian villages in the north, Iqrit & Bir'em, where destroyed by the IDF and empties of their Christian residents well after 1948. Up till this day residents are not allowed to go back, only the cemetry and two churches are still standing. Thisi s a shame on the jewish state.
3. Whomever "celebrates" Nakbah Day...
The Doc ,   Haifa, Israel   (07.18.09)
... declares that he/she is against the existence of the State of Israel and as such, we have FULL NATURAL RIGHT and NATURAL OBLIGATION to defend ourselves and our democracy against these home-grown genocidal anarchists - whether they are Jews or non-Jews. Democracy and Freedom of Speech are NOT a card blanche for Anarchy, Vandalism, Violence and calls to Terror regrdless of the tons of vicious double talk, lies, disinformation and racism used by those against Israel to justify their visceral hatred and drems of destroying Israel from within.
4. #1 No security threat what so ever - REALLY!
The Doc ,   Haifa, Israel   (07.18.09)
First - I agree that Haredi riots should be treated with the same severity (or more) than similar non-Haredi riots. Second - I do NOT agree that "people peacefully demonstrating and screaming..." etc, is not a threat. It all depends WHAT they are screaming and what they are demonstrating for. Would you agree to have Neo Nazis "peacefully demonstrate" and scream racist slogans like "Kill all the Arabs" or "Arabs have no right to exist"? I think NOT. So these Nakbah demonstrations are not so "peaceful" as you are trying to protray them - on the contrary, they are violent and call for the destruction of Israel. And we KNOW what kind of instructions the organizer give to the demonstrators and how well they are synchronized with the most rabid anti-Israel Arab Members of Parliament and some of the Muslim Bortherhood terrorist movement. We are not blind or deaf and we do not put our heads in sand anymore. We have our eyes wide open and ready to defend ourselves and our way of living on our ancestral lands regardless of who attacks us. Don't ever doubt our understanding of the situation and our resolve and determination to resist any plans or actions of genocide against us, Rami.
5. No one says that they can't acknowledge it just that Israel
Eric ,   Tel Aviv   (07.18.09)
Contrary to what MK Agbaria thinks, no one is saying that they can't acknowledge it just that Israel's government need not pay for such. As long as you are taking money from the Israeli government they you should not be allowed to use it against Israel.
6. Are they going to try enforcing this on schools too?
Eric ,   Tel Aviv   (07.18.09)
Will the government cut off funds to schools that teach the wrong version of history? After all they are "government-funded bodies" When will they try this on the rioters in Jerusalem?
7. Islam is racist and fascist rolled up into one.
Fact of Life   (07.18.09)
8. The Israeli Arabs are “Palestinians”.
Ron B. ,   Lod   (07.18.09)
The Arab minority in Israel, which amount to over one million souls ( 20% of the total population) has been undergoing a process of islamization and “Palestinization” in the past few years which has brought it much closer to Fatah and Hamas positions in their conflict with Israel. The leadership of the arabs in Israel has submitted a list of demands that if adopted, would put an end to the Jewish nature of the state. More about the enemy within at :
9. "Incitement to racism" will come back to YB in the leg
Jacob ,   Cambridge, UK   (07.18.09)
since that's a large part of their political platform.
10. Americans
ben Ish   (07.18.09)
How many Americans would support a day of mourning for the disastrous declaration of independence on July 4th?
11. the real arab threat to security hasnt been addressed
zionist forever   (07.18.09)
One of the most important issues this bill doesn't seem to be addressing is the arab MKS. They always act anti Israel, they publicly call independence day nakba day and they either organise or attend as MKS ( not individuals ) nakba demonstrations. Even when its not nakba these MKS use their position to go visit enemy states and have intimate conversations with enemy leaders. They take part in stone throwing demonstrations whenever the arabs have a problem. They publicly support and encourage others to support terrorists but nothing is ever done about them. They say on the record Israel has not right to exist as a jewish state. Why are we concentrating on a bunch of nobodies and make things hard for them because they hold nakba demonstrations when we LEGALLY let these MKS act as enemies and they get a nice comfy paycheck from the taxpayer for it. Bishra who used information gathered as a result of his position helped Hizbullah and he is still eligable for his MKS pension if he choses to draw it. the security threat is in the Knesset not the average arab commemorating nakba day.
12. arab mk's
ben Ish   (07.18.09)
it has always amazed me the stupidity of having Arab MK's to begin with. No matter what country you are in, minority populations are ALWAYS aligned with their own ethnicity first, and nationality second. So, it is naive to think that any Arab MK is going to put Israel first over -any- Arab issue simply because they are a minority.
13. Ether Rami is loyal israeli or...
Rehavam ,   Israel   (07.18.09)
Hamastininan and NO place for you in Israel. Period!
14. #10 ben ish
David ,   USA, exile   (07.19.09)
Some questions for you, Did you read the article? I found nothing there about America. What does America have to do with the subject of nakba? What do you find disastrous about the Declaration of Independence? Why are you picking on America? Do you not have enough enemies on your borders and in your cities? For instance, the ones the article is about? Are you ignorant or is it my imagination?
15. What about the Neutrei Karta and their ilk...
Dorothy Friend ,   Tel Aviv   (07.19.09)
...that mark Independence Day as a day of mourning with sackcloth and ashes, burning Israeli flags in Jerusalem. Or are they to be tolerated because they are Jews?
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